“What kind of customer you want to satisfy?”, “Whom you want to serve?” These are few questions you need to answer before choosing to decide on one of the best business ideas available in India. The customers may be patients, students, buyers, traders, or others. Business deals with customers. To get the idea for any business, research and development about customer demand is a must. Business starts with identifying customer needs and ends with customer satisfaction. Therefore, customers are the focus of any business.

India, with a large growing economy and dense population, has great potential for a business in any field. This article discusses areas of big project businesses that provide better results than others. These best business ideas in India are briefly highlighted below.

Best Business Ideas:

  1. Hospital
  2. School
  3. College
  4. Bank
  5. Restaurant
  6. Real State
  7. Lounge and Bar
  8. Cinema Hall
  9. Information Technology
  10. Shopping Mall
  1. Hospital:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

Health is the most important thing in the world. Unless you have good health you should believe that you have nothing. No person in the world is completely healthy. In fact, everyone suffers from many diseases in their life time. If you visit any hospital, you can find long queue of patients. Thus, hospitals can be an important sector to invest in.

Opening a hospital can benefit individuals, society, and the nation as a whole. Also, there is no better work than serving a human being. Priority can be given to rural areas where the number of hospitals is low.

  1. School:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than 3-6 years

The second most important sector in the world after health is education. Loss of education means the loss of something very important in life. Education is more important than wealth. A well educated person can earn sufficient wealth in no time. Not forgetting, the role of education in health awareness. Without education we are all blind and can be compared to animals. Hence, establishing a school, can be a best business idea for you, if you are able to handle it.

Establishment of schools has great significance to determine the peace, progress and prosperity of the entire nation. Unless education reaches every corner of the nation, India cannot grow. With the growing population size, the demand for schools is also growing. This sector has profitable income and wide scope.

  1. College:
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Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

best business ideasMostly people drop out study after the secondary school level. Education is endless, continuous and an ongoing process. In fact, the future of India is in the hands of current students’ knowledge and skills. After the secondary school level the demand for higher education rises. The college level with a Bachelors and Masters Level also has a high demand.

In addition, a lot of students from other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries visit India every year in order to continue their higher level study. On one hand, this helps India to become renowned internationally. On the other hand, it helps to earn foreign currency and inflow of other income.

  1. Bank:

Investment: Above 2 billion

ROI: More than 5-6 years

In today’s rushed world, banks have become a basic need of human life. Banks are the largest of all financial industries and the most active players in secondary markets as well. The recession of 2008 was the outcome of inefficient banking practice and the world suffered only because of the inefficiency and negligence of the banking sector as banking has become an important element of the world’s economy.

Therefore, the banking sector can be another best business idea, if you have the investment, it takes. The things to keep in mind while starting a bank is that there is a threat of substitute products as all banks provide same service. Retaining existing customers and attracting potential customers must be taken into consideration.

  1. Restaurant:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

Food is essential for the mere survival of human-being and life. Restaurants are as standard as hotels. We can see a huge flow of customers in every restaurant. This is because everyone is fond of eating. Restaurants may be frequented for meetings, dating, outings, picnic programs, hunger satisfaction, or for lunch, dinner and meal programs. So restaurants have a good market share.

If the restaurant is in crowded area with a large population, no doubt, it can flourish in an effective and efficient way. Neatness and hygiene must be highly emphasized. Not forgetting about good recipes and food. Also home or office delivery services can be initiated to satisfy the need.

  1. Real Estate:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

Whenever we talk about business ideas, real estate investment comes in at the top of the list. This deals with any kind of building, houses, land or properties being managed, bought, sold, leased, hired, rented or transferred for gains. This sector has a higher profit and a higher risk. We know that the higher the risk, higher the profit and vice-versa.

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Recently, the real estate sector investment is in rapidly growing phase in India. Unlike other fixed assets, real estate keeps appreciating as it deals inland and buildings. So the chances of loss is low. Government laws and central bank policies can affect this sector to a great extent.

  1. Lounge and Bar:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

Lounges and bars, are definitely one of the best business ideas in India. During leisure time in crowded areas and big cities, people are fond of visiting lounge and bars. This can be a place for recreation, discos, dance parties and a place for relaxation. This service must be offered24 hours a day as people like to visit bars at night time too.

This business sector is urban centric. The availability of various kind of beverages should be priority. Apart from this the music, discos, and good food must be focused on as per the customers need.

  1. Cinema Hall:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

Every year many movies are made in India. The Bollywood industry is not only famous in India but has crossed national boundaries. We keep hearing of movie income exceeding 300 Crores. This can help us to imagine the prospect of cinema halls in India.

Mainly movie theaters are visited for recreation, entertainment, refreshment and relaxation. The same kind of environment must be created for customer satisfaction. Of course, the use of advertisements and internet play a vital role in public awareness of new movie theaters. Free tickets, free lunch coupons and discount offers may be offered for customer attraction.

  1. Information Technology:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than 5-6 years

Information technology is a vast area. It has unlimited reach. The IT sector helps to ease life making connections with across the world. Today, while staying in one place, we can shop from home, learn about international news, get the latest information, watch the World Cup in France, and enquire about our bank balance. The IT sector thus has unlimited advantages.

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The future of India depends on the flourishing IT sector. It is obvious that a country with a low use of IT will remain behind in every aspect. On the contrary, countries with a higher use of IT are sure to lead the world. Hence, the IT sector can be most the important business area. It may be linked with e-commerce, e-health, e-market, e-banking, online education, e-trade, online shopping and other areas.

  1. Shopping Mall:

Investment: Above 2-3 Lakhs

ROI: More than5-6 years

Human beings have innumerable needs. These can be food, clothes, jewelry, kitchen equipment, furniture, electronic equipment and many more. For these, they need to visit different places. In this busy world, shopping malls can help a lot by making all of these requirements available in a single place. This helps to save time, money and the effort of visiting many places.

Malls require research about the basic requirements of customers and need to make all required products available in a single place. Also, online shopping may also be offered for customers. Use of the latest tools, equipment and internet must not be forgotten.

All these are large scale and the best business ideas in India. These sectors play crucial roles in their respective fields for the convenience of society and the country as a whole. These business ideas, if started in systematic and scientific ways can lead India towards the path of success. They serve to increase the infrastructure development of the country. The future and prosperity of India depends on successful infrastructure development.

As the capital requirement for these businesses are expensive, they may be initiated in partnerships. To start a small business is very difficult. When it comes to such large projects, a lot of time, money and labor is required which makes it even more difficult. These projects are easier when carried out in a team. Moreover, detailed research and surveys must be conducted before starting these businesses. In addition, the source and amount of capital required must be determined.

Obviously education, learning, experiences, capacity and commitment must be analyzed in order to carry out such programs. The startup of such projects is not an over a night task. It requires patience and plenty of time. Similarly the return on investment (ROI) of such projects also takes a longtime. However, once initiated these sectors have long term profitability for generations.

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