The population in Delhi has gone up in last few years. Being the capital of the country, Delhi has many advantages compared to other cities. It is one of the fastest growing cities, in terms of economy. The city has tourist visiting all over the world, which has helped the market to develop. Delhi has good business scope, if the business is meeting the demand in market. Setting up a business is not too easy as well there few factors to look into such as competitors, finance, place etc. Below is the list of few business ideas in Delhi.

Catering:  Delhi people are fond of eating. If a good quality food is provided to eat, the business is bound to be a huge success in Delhi. Catering homemade food and selling it online is a good idea to start with. Even tiffin services could be provided to bachelors and students. As a side business, party orders could be taken.


Coaching Center: Coaching centre business is at its peak. More 70% of the student populations attend coaching classes. If the teaching facility is good, then a coaching centre is great business idea to invest in. Delhi has many good colleges and schools, due to which student population has good number of migrants too. Few of the migrants move to Delhi just for coaching classes.


Tourism/Travel Agencies: Being the capital of country, tourists not only within country visit the city but many foreigners too, due to which tourism business is booming. If you have good knowledge about the city, then you could provide service for personal guide as well.

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Automobile: Sales and services for automobile have increased over the years. Whether it is selling new cars or trading in pre-owned cars, both business has equal demand in the market. On side selling parts for cars and bikes is also a good investment to increase your business.


Car Rental:  Not everyone could afford to maintain a car, so generally people prefer to use public transport, cab service or rent a car. Delhi has a large number of visitors all the time and thus, car rental services or cab services is a good business opportunity. Demand for these kinds of services has increased over the years, in Delhi market.


 Event Management: Delhi is a city, which is ‘alive’ in the true sense. People like to celebrate a lot, even on small occasions. Offering an event management service if you are good in organizing and have contacts then this could be the business opportunity, you may be looking for. You could help people to organize events like graduation party, farewell, baby shower, marriage, birthdays etc.


Buffet Restaurant: Buffet restaurants are something new to market. People like to eat by selecting food by their choices. If the taste provided by you is good, it has a decent location and if you have a proper strategy, then business is bound to be a success.


Real Estate: Finding a place to rent for staying or working is very difficult in Delhi. To cater to the needs of people in this area, it is good business opportunity. You can also work on commission by catering to the demand!

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