Many people in India dream to open their own business, including people who work in service sector! A lot of people aspire to open their own business. But people are getting confused on what business they can run! Below are few business ideas with low investment that could be opened in Indian market.

Gym or Fitness center – In today’s world everyone wants to be fit and healthy, in avoid doctors and medical expenses and to ‘fit in’. Gym or fitness centre is a good business idea with considerably low investment.


Event Organizer – Organizing events for people is another business idea with low investment. People want the party or event to be organized well and in their budget; present your idea and start providing services to clients.


Interior Designer – In today’s world, everyone likes to have their home well organized and decorated and thus, increase in demand for interior designer has increased over the years. If you have good network then you can start selling your designs to people.


Small Grocery Shop – Grocery shop is another good business which you can think. All you need is finance and a place to set your shop.  Few services like credit facility, discount, and home delivery could also be provided to boost the business.


Match Making or Wedding planner – Wedding planner or match making is another good business idea. The amount of money in this business is good, as people do not bargain or stand back at spending money on such occasions.

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Tuition Class – Education is on top priority on everyone’s list. People make their children to go to coaching classes to learn better and score well in exams. Tuition class is a very good business idea with low investment.


Mobile Shop – With the increasing demand of mobile phoned, investment in this business is also not bad idea. Provide customer with variation, after sale services, stylish accessories, repair faculty and the clientele will increase.


Ice-cream Parlor – People love ice-cream especially in summer; they love to handout with their family and friends in places, like ice cream parlors. Thus, an ice-cream parlor is also a good business idea.


Xerox & Book Binding – For this, business a place near school, colleges or office are best. On side, you could also sell stationeries.


Restaurant – Everyone loves to eat. If the restaurant has good ambiance, variety in food and good taste, the business is success. The profit margin in this business is considerably high.


Jewelry maker – Increasing demand of jewelry in the market has made its way in the list. If the design for jewelry is good and you want to invest in fashion world, then investment in jewelry business is a good idea.


Insurance Consultant – Being an insurance consultant is not easy but also not too hard. If you have good knowledge about insurance and market business then open up your office and start helping people.


Game Parlor – Kids love video games. A game parlor could include play stations, snooker, darts, carom etc. Kids and adults will like to hand out in such places. Also, some snack and cold drinks could be sold on side.

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Computer Shop – If you have good knowledge of computers, you can start your own computer shop.

Dairy & Sweet Parlor – Investing in diary and selling sweets is another good business idea with low investment.




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