Bangalore is a place for some of India’s leading scientific establishments. It has decent climate, gardens, lakes, architectural landmarks, malls, restaurants, pubs and many other business opportunities. The Bangalore culture has experienced a revival recently, exceptionally coming together of the old and the new. The Bangalore culture is the fusion of various cultures. Bangalore is one of the India’s IT hubs in terms of jobs and education. In Bangalore, there are people from across India living and made it their home. To begin a business in Bangalore, a person needs to be creative and persistent. Given below are few business opportunities in Bangalore to start your business:

Delivery Service: People in big cities like Bangalore do not like to go out for shopping, especially if the weather is adverse. Home delivery services surely a good business. Get a contract with few joints and shop owners and suggest services plan for them. There is good money in such businesses.

Health Food Shop: It’s the best time to think about fitness and healthy living to avoid doctors and medical expenses due to which most of the people prefer to buy healthy and organic food. Bangalore is a city which has few healthy food shops, across the city. Increase your network with gyms, do seminars and good advertisement, to make this business, a success.

 Fast Food Restaurant: In a city with many exotic cuisines and restaurants and cuisine, people look for new places to eat for good taste and variety in menu. If you are interested in providing such cooking, fancy food and a good taste in food, then fast food restaurant is right option for you.

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 Car Repair Service:  if you find a good mechanic and have contacts with dealers then a car repair shop is very good business to start. You could also offer to fix bicycles and two wheelers, as they are frequently used by many people.

Event Management: Bangalore is a city with variety of people and different cultures. People are interested in arranging good parties and events. These events range from first-birthday parties, political fundraisers, farewell, anniversaries, fashion shows, new product launches, meetings, and reunions.

Mopeds/Bicycles Hire:  You can decide to set up at a bike or two wheeler rental service to cheer the tourists to have a good view of the city; also a tourist guide on side could help the business.

Coffee Cafes: Everyone likes to have coffee at cafes. Coffee is the universal favorite and people in Bangalore like coffee, lattes, cold coffee, cappuccinos, chocolate etc. If you are familiar with variety of coffee and know to prepare different types of coffee to lure clients then this is the perfect option. Open this business and start to earn money, every morning.

Baking Goods: In a big city like Bangalore, if you are interested in cooking and baking cakes, pastries, sweets and snacks, you could think to hit market and sell homemade baked wonders. In a short time, this business could pick a speed and start providing returns on your investment.



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