Kolkata is one of the major metropolitan cities after Delhi and Mumbai. It has a high population density with uncountable growth of various towns and cities. To support the growing population density, the city has come up with various businesses which are innovative as well as progressive. Kolkata offers scope for almost all types of businesses so one can establish himself/herself in the business world of Kolkata with a little effort. From the pre-independence era, Bengal has experienced a vast expanse of trade of commerce. Most of these trade relations have helped Kolkata to increase the business opportunities. Other factors such as the heritage and allis and galis have also encouraged the business opportunities of Kolkata with low investment. Amongst the various business opportunities, some of the best business in Kolkata has been listed down below in which, a constant rise have been observed.


  • Business of Car rentals


This business involves the reservations of cars for the customers. This business has gained a lot of popularity over time in Kolkata. It requires absolutely minimum capital and so, the profit percentage is also high. The only criterion of this business is to find an area which has its requirements like a populous area or an area with major business or private sectors.


  • Wedding Planning business


The population of Kolkata has more number of Bengali people who are very fond of big, fat wedding functions, which requires great planning. It includes various functions for two to three days with different types of decorations. Thus, the wedding planning business is never going out-of-date in Kolkata.

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  • Business of Broom production


Broom production has been a very popular business of Bengal since a long time. Broom or “jharu” is a daily need of the people of Kolkata and comes in varieties. Its production business does not include much cost and ingesting only a moderate sum of money is required for such a business. Due to its high demand, the broom producers and workers are experiencing a good business in Kolkata.


  • Travel Agency Business


Kolkata is renowned for its heritage, beauty and wonders. The city offers much to explore to its tourists. People from different states and even from different countries visit the City of Joy to witness the Ganges, bathing ghats, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Howrah bridge, Victoria Memorial, Coffee House and much more. Visiting so many places without a tourist agent is almost impossible in Kolkata. Tourist agents organise various kinds of walks, exhibitions, workshops and food festivals, which help the tourists to experience the essence of the city along with its culture and cuisines. Thus, the business of being a tourist agent in Kolkata is no less profitable than any other business.


  • Real Estate Business


A number of people in Kolkata have become millionaires from the real estate business. Such business usually includes the services of a broker who serve the need of the people who are in search of houses or apartments in exchange of a certain percentage of amount. Such business demands large contact circle and also includes buying and selling of different real estate  properties. These kinds of business include a great percentage of profit which can help one to earn money much faster than any other professions.

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