Pune is a city in Maharashtra with lot of educational institutions. There are many MNCs in Pune as well. There are many historical buildings and few holiday spots, which the city hosts. Pune has many educational institutes, museums and hill forts. Pune is cultural and educational hub, due to which there are good number of visitor and migrants. Below is a list of business opportunities in Pune, which can prove to be very successful.

Office/Housing Space Real Estate: As a booming business city, many people need places to open shop and hang their business signs. Many migrants come for jobs to Pune and look for a good place to stay. If you have good places in mind and knowledge of properties, a real estate business is very good to start in Pune. Not only selling the property but leasing them is also an option here.

Call Centre:  If you have experience in back office, opening a call centre is also a good business idea in Pune. All you need is few telephone lines and a small office. If you have contacts, it will help you establish your business and increase the number of clients. There are many business owners looking for such services to outsource to.

Restaurant:  Hanging and eating out at restaurants with friends is an experience that people in Pune enjoy a lot. If the ambience is decent with good and food, variety of drinks, interesting decor then this business is bound to be very successful especially in Pune, with its large proportion of young people.

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Recruitment consultancy or Agency: Many people relocate to Pune in search of jobs. Providing a perfect match to the requirement is a service needed by every company or organization.

Franchising: Pune is a fancy city. Today people like to go for a brand name, even if they have to pay a premium for it. Opening a business, having a tie up with well known brand is a good opportunity.

Vehicle Rental or Cab Services: This business is a huge success in Pune. In the city most of the people do not own their own vehicle, renting a vehicle or cab services are in demand in Pune.  

Retail shops: Though there are people who shop online, there are many who still got to shops for day-to-day needs. For example, you can starting up a grocery retail shop and make a profit out of it. If you have a large area and are ready to spend considerable amount of money, you can also take up franchises.

Feedback Service: Feedback is important to improve and improvise. This is a business of simply taking feedback for clients! It is unique service which could be provided and which can be quite profitable.

 Buying & Selling Used Cars: This is another emerging business idea especially in fast growing cities. Not everyone could afford a new car; thus, you can buy used cars and sell them. This business could be done on commission as well without buying and helping a third party to sell and buy.

Pune is a hub of MNCs and with lot of business opportunities. Select your idea and grab the opportunity. Business to success in Pune requires patience and planning.

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