Mumbai is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is the financial hub of the nation. Mumbai is one of the markets in India, providing opportunities to everyone to try their luck. Mumbai is place with a lot of population and is a city which is abuzz with financial activities. For a person willing to start a business, Mumbai is place to start one. To start a business in Mumbai, there is a lot of hard work and money required to make it successful. You need to study the area to start the business, financial planning, study of suppliers and many such things are required. Below are business opportunities in Mumbai, on a budget. Check the list and start your planning to run your own business.

Beauty & SPA: In today’s world of competition, it is very important to look good and charming. Nowadays, not only women take care of their bodies and skin, but men are highly interested as well. With proper services and variety, the business could be a good success.

Dealing in pre-owned cars: The people who cannot afford to buy new cars or people, who don’t go for new cars, prefer to buy pre-owned cars. Today’s economic situation has made his business, a good success. This business is a good opportunity in Mumbai due to changing lifestyle of people living there. Even this business could be run on commission and there is no need to buy the car first and later on, sell it!

 Restaurant/Lounge/Cafe: Mumbai is very famous for its quality food. A good restaurant, café or Lounge will be a success, if proper area is targeted. After long working hours, tasty food could help to relieve stress. Variety in food and drinks could boom the business, even further.

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Tuition/Coaching centre: Education is necessary in today’s world, but when both parents are working, it is very difficult to pay attention to their child’s studies. With proper faculty and staff coaching centre, it is a very good business, in today’s world.

Interior Designing: People have money to spend in their pockets and they like to live in a neat and clean environment. Interior designer with their views and a person’s expectation decorate their houses and offices making this business successful in a low budget.

Web and graphic design company: With good knowledge of computers and modern technology, web designing is a very good business. Simply a few computers and an office ought to do it. If you have good network, start proposing plans on internet and help the business to develop. Today’s world is all about computers; this is a very good opportunity to take up, in Mumbai. Application development and maintenance could also be included.

Grocery stores: People don’t go to malls or big grocery stores for small things. Pick a good area and start the grocery store. With the help of few facilities like home delivery, discount of bulk purchase could help business to grow easily.

Select your business from above list plan it out. These are the best opportunity in Mumbai with low investment.


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