India being a labour based country; most of the population is involved in direct or indirect business. The opportunities of business in India have been always increasing, providing bread butter to the needy. The business in India is not well organized; most of the income comes from agriculture and other non organized works that do not have a fixed pay and other benefits. When it comes to calculating the proportion of income yield by direct and purely business, it would be just 25% of the whole revenue of India.

One of the greatest benefits, business in 2017 will experience is due to the digitalization of media. Online portals for taking up businesses and providers of other services have been benefited the most. Marketing, these days, must include literature and images both; this makes the product or service, more attractive and attention seeker. With digitalization, marketing is another sector to take up new heights.


The need of the time has been rightly caught by the business sector. With great number of housewives taking up jobs and business, the requirement of online food availability with home delivery is felt. Grocery stores and ready to eat food from restaurants have been quite common in 2016. One can now also get meat from stores online! They can even get freshly made food, made in the kitchen and delivered straightaway. These e-commerce sectors have been growing rapidly at a huge pace; even those which started as startups have started earning decent income.


The year 2017 has come up with great opportunities for online business. Businesses need to upgrade the existing businesses for better networking and capturing larger chunk of customers. Equity funding online and investments online could be a great deal to get in, without investing, provided one must have knowledge of investments. Not investing a single penny, one can easily get huge profits, when it comes to shares and equity funds.

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Existing businesses have been aided by advanced technology further providing more opportunities to grow. The availability of online food and grocery shopping has made life easier and has generated employment, to a large extent. Let’s take example of famous stores online Big basket and have employed a lot of people for all tasks, in the logistical cycle from packing the parcel to delivering it. It not only provides employment but also about finding easiest way to complete the task.


For marriage proposals, one need not need to involve an agent or take help from relatives, to choose your life partner. Online matrimonial sites like have been a great change; there is a portal where you can know one person by yourself and then get married. All it takes to send a message from India to say, America, takes around 2 seconds, with Whatsapp and email.


Nothing is impossible when it comes to business ideas in 2017! Online and different business ideas have become easy with advancements and digitalisation. The financial crisis and demonetarization has opened up ways and has motivated people to think out of the box and invent new ways of earning.


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