Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Good Business Ideas in India

good business ideas in india

India is home to a massive prospect of successful businesses added up by the market size. Considering the market size, one can earn in attractive figures by serving to a huge population irrespective of business category. In such scenario, going on for own business may be favorable rather than finding a job. If commencing capital is the problem, there are plenty of businesses which don’t need much capital and still can be counted among good business ideas in India. The population benefit given by India is such that even a small business, which doesn’t necessarily need to be a unique one, can allow you to serve a big crowd. As such, that small business can also be counted as a good one in terms of income. On saying Good Business Ideas, one may presume that the business has a good income, maintains a proper goodwill and has some social obligations fulfilled. Keeping these major features in mind, here is a list of 10 good business ideas that you can look forward to for being established as a businessman:

Sweets store:

Investment: Rs 50,000- 70,000

ROI: 8 months

Sweets form a part of everyday meal for those who are addicted to it, and the population of such people is high in India. If not every day, people consume it very often. Above that, events and celebrations are incomplete without sweets. The South Asian culture of having some sweets before initiating any work or business makes it a must for the Indians. Nevertheless, India also witnesses plentiful of festivals. There is one thing common in voluminous festivals of different religions in India, and that is sweets. Guests enter houses with sweets, couples enjoy their dates with sweets and children celebrate their birthdays with sweets. This helps any person to start a sweets store with very less fear of failure. Above that, it is a business requiring a small area of operation and a small capital. You may grow big with several stores as branches at separate locations.

Secondary assistant:

Investment: Rs 30,000- 40,000

ROI: 4 Months

Big organizations hire assistants to handle day to day works and make business operation efficient. However, small organizations may not be able to afford such assistants. And needless to say, the number of such organizations is high in India. In such scenario, you may serve as an assistant to more than one organizations by opening an office. You may also be positive towards lesser pay than that for the full-time assistant because you can compensate the deficit by serving plenty small organizations at once. This is not the toughest of tasks because all you need to do is fix meeting dates and places, arrange events, arrange travel for the managers, provide office inventories at the right time and so on. This requires proper skills and a good networking. Moreover, it requires a low investment.

Gaming center:

Investment: Rs 40,000-Rs 70,000

ROI: 6-7 Months

Who would not be interested in games? Some may love video games or indoor games and others may love outdoor games. You can start your own business of gaming center and attract a lot of people ranging from children to adults. You can make the area look huge by providing for snooker, carrom, video games, virtual games, mental development games, bowling alley and so on. The number of varieties you provide depends upon the size of capital you can afford. However, you can start small with a limited variety and expand later on. This can be counted among good business ideas considering the fact that it can serve any age group people.

All in one store:

Investment- Rs 100,000- 150,000

ROI: 12-14 months

How easy would it be for us if we didn’t have to enter multiple stores for varieties of things we need daily. People would obviously find it encouraging to enter a single door and find things they use from morning to night. You can start your business with a store that serves every household purpose. You can also add grocery items to the list. You may want to fulfill some social responsibilities as well with special offers at festive seasons or other occasions and items of seasonal attractions. Having items that comprise the emerging fashion and trend in the market can help your business run smoothly.

Home tuition:

Investment: Rs- 20,000-25,000

ROI: 2-3 months

If you have some good education, you can start your own business of home tuition. All it needs is some time for focusing upon the students. Your one or two students performing good is enough to aid for word of mouth advertisement of your business. One subject you are good at is what you need to start this business. In among the high population of students in India, you can easily find students who are in need of extra study guidance than that provided by their schools. On having enough networking, you can switch to your own tuition institute and start serving in a large scale. You may also want to hire some teachers and form your own big organization. And the best of it is, starting a home tuition doesn’t even need a reputed degree.

Yoga class:

Investment: Rs 10,000-15,000

ROI: 2-3 Months

Yoga is turning into both hobby and fashion in India. You can start a yoga class and make people gather every morning or evening for learning yoga. This is among those good business ideas which can be implemented even with only the resources you possess and with almost no fresh capital requirements. If you have a spare room in your house, it is more than enough to start this business in a small scale. With increasing clients, you can increase your services and area of operation. Helping people remain fit and healthy and making them meet others and develop friendship is in itself an act of social kindness.

Book Store:

Investment: Rs 50,000-70,000

ROI: 12-13 months

India is home to a number of renowned writers and those who want to enter this profession. Bigger is the population of those who have a hobby of reading articles, magazines, novels and books. Starting a bookstore can be among good business ideas in a place which is rising as a developing country and is giving optimum focus to literacy rate. You can keep varieties of books written by domestic or foreign writers. You may also want to keep books in your store targeting the age groups. You can make publicity of this business also by having a proper networking with schools and universities.

Fast food store:

Investment: Rs 40,000- 50,000

ROI: 4-5 months

Indians are well known for their spicy food. Almost every tribe and society loves spice in their foods. In such scenario, you can open fast food stores targeting some densely populated areas. The majority of the commonly consumed fast food in India are of spicy nature. A flavor of pickle adds up to the taste of those people. A fast food store can serve hundreds of people per day. This reduces your payback period of investment to just a few months. This business requires a little investment and can give a big return depending on the deliciousness of the variety provided by you.

Human Resource Provider:

Investment: Rs 20,000- 30,000

ROI: 4-5 Months

Large manufacturing organizations need a proper composition of laborers with other highly skilled manpower. Organizations have a trend of announcing vacancies for posts with separate offices and department. However, appointment of voluminous laborers is never easy for them. As such, you can start your business of providing the human resource. You may also have networking with job seekers and providers for higher level jobs as well. You can make this business count by working for the clients at a cost lower than what they had to incur if they managed the human resource themselves.

Budgeting manager:

Investment: Rs 30,000- 40,000

ROI: 4-5 Months

Not all businessman have the perfect knowledge of the proper investment or the best ways of procurement of funds. If you have a good knowledge of the corporate sector and financial effects, you can use it to start your business as a budgeting manager. All you need to do is provide consultancy service to your clients regarding finance. This is among the good business ideas also because finding a single big client can help you accelerate in a multiplied rate. You may also help them in their decisions of capital structure and investment in securities. Make your knowledge of the corporate sector count.

These are ten Good Business Ideas in India which you can follow to start as a businessman. However, there are plenty of other options as well and moreover, the success of your business doesn’t depend on whether it falls in this list or not but heavily on how well you execute your business skills. Every business needs a big commitment of effort, dedication to work and passion in the way you do the work. The biggest benefit India provides you for your business is the size of the population and the variety of choices in the population. Adding a simple but unique flavor can help your business flourish very fast and outweigh other similar businesses.

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Best Startup Ideas In India

startups business ideas

Starting a business is not a child’s play. Every business has competitors, market factors, customer power, brand switching cost and so on. Start-ups are not some ideas printed on paper. HCL, ITC, TATA and many other multinational companies were once startup ideas. You need to create an idea by taking every market factor into consideration. Last but not least, the proposed idea should be plausible, sustainable and profitable. India is a very vast market that is attracting many players from international locations too. This country has resources and audience for numerous types of businesses and here are a few startup business ideas that would suit Indian market. Each idea has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and you ought to learn about those elements before investing time and money into it.

Top 10 Business Business Ideas in India

Restaurant franchise

Investment required: 7,00,000 to 20,00,000

ROI– less than a year

startups business ideasRestaurant franchise includes top international brands like PizzaHut, Subway and so on. The major part of the investment would be the franchise rent that you pay for the brand. There are a lot of food based startup business ideas like ice cream parlor, cafe, fine dining and specialty foods. The next main investment is space. Each franchise has its requirement in terms of space and you might have to show some financial security too.

Since it is a very famous brand, you need not worry about attracting customers. All you need is a good commercialized place where you can find people interested in the type of food that you are selling. The return on investment for franchise based startup business ideas would not take more than a year usually as the brand is well established and you would already have loyal customers even before you open your store. The one disadvantage for this type of startup ideas is that you would have to regularly pay franchise rent to the company (yearly or monthly as per their standards).

E-commerce solution provider

Investment required: less than 1,00,000

ROI– 1 year – 2 years

It is well and good if you are planning to start an e-commerce site. The problem is there are a lot of players in the field. You can turn this disadvantage to your advantage by starting an e-commerce solution provider. If you have knowledge about website development, SEO and payment gateway selection, you can easily start this business. Providing hosting services would increase the initial investment.

The major part of investment for this type of startup ideas includes buying software packages, advertisement in internet and hardware like internet modem, telephone, computer and others. You need not allocate a separate place for this business if you are starting it in small scale. As you grow, you can hire specialist in each platform and also start hosting services.

The other advantage in these types of startup ideas is that there are very few fully fledged e-commerce solution providers in India and numerous e-commerce sites coming up. If you focus on small and upcoming clients, you can create a large client base within a few months. Since it is pay per customer satisfied, you might have a long waiting period before you make a break even.

Tourism based rental services

Investment required: 5,00,000 to 20,00,000

ROI– 2 years

start a travel agency business in indiaThis is one of the start-up ideas where the location is very crucial. Are you located in a prime tourism spot in India? Does your location attract numerous international and local tourist every year? You can start this business. There are a lot of things that you can rent out other than cars and buses. Rental bikes, golf gear, tourist guides, fishing equipment and a lot more that are essential for enjoying a vacation in your area can be profitable.

If you are ready to take the business to next level, you can also provide rental apart-hotels and small lodging services. Providing rental space would increase your initial investment. Thus, it is better to have a business deal with a nearby rental place for commission for each customer that you send to them. Initial investment includes a business place in a peak area, equipment for rent and human resources for dealing with tourists. You can hire guide in on-demand basis. There are taxi drivers who work in on-demand basis too.

The power of competition for this type of startup ideas will be high since you would be located in a prime tourist area. You need to provide competitive price and unique product packages to attract customer. Online presence is very essential. Tourists who are about to visit a place would tend to make every arrangement before getting into the destination. You can have a simple site where people can book services prior to their vacation time.

Training center startup in India

Investment required: 50,000 to 2,00,000

ROI– six months

This is one of the few startup business ideas where you can find a lot of prospects. You have two options here. You can either start school/college based tuition center or for competitive examinations like CAT, GATE and others. Initial investment includes room for rent (if you are starting small in a room in your house, you can skip this part of investment), seating arrangements, teaching equipment and if needed, hiring a couple of trainers. With small scale ads, you can attract customers around you.

Even if you have ten students in a room in your house, you would end up breaking even within six months. If you are renting a larger room, you would need 20 students to break even in six months. If you satisfy a few students, the success of your training center would spread with word of mouth and you would have more students within a few months.

Training center is not just for academics. You can also create numerous other startup business ideas like computer training center, embroidery class, electronic repair training center or any other training based on the skill set you have or based on the type of trainers that you can hire. If you are planning for something more professional, provide high end computer courses like animation course, website building course, coding training and others. You can hire freelance trainers to train the students for one hour in batches.

On the other hand, a different version of this idea is to provide management training to employees. This version would take at least five to seven years to break even if you are able to find one client after another. You would need a team of trainers, a customer representative or business developer who can communicate with companies to bag the project and professional course syllabus for practical training and so on. In such a venture, you might have to tailor the course to suit the client and this would need very experienced trainers in your team. This is one of the startup business ideas where you can find thousands of variants that would suit different niche of customers. The smaller the niche, harder it would be to find many clients. Once you have created a good impression, you can attract numerous customers every month.

Beauty parlor/Spa

Investment required: 1,00,000 to 10,00,000

ROI– 18 months – 30 months

start a beauty salon business in IndiaYou can find franchise in this field too. There are a lot of players in the field and best way to get more customers is to start up a franchise rather than an own brand. You should either take up professional beautician course or hire someone with a certification. The initial investment, space requirement and equipment requirements would depend on the franchise. If you are planning to start small, you can skip the space requirement and use a room in your house to set up the parlor. You would need best equipment and local advertisement to pull in more customers.

30% of the startup ideas fail within the first year due to last of customers. This is a best example of such an idea. The main reason is that you can find numerous competitors in the same street as yours. You should be unique and have competitive products to start with. Another element to consideration is word-of-mouth. The only way that your parlor could gain recognition is through word-of-mouth. If you end up spoiling one make-up session, you would lose a lot of potential customers.

Like every other startup business ideas in this article, this idea also has major prospects in different angles. You can create beauty products in your home and sell them to your customers. Since they like your sessions, they would be happy to buy products from you too. Instead of making, you can have high end products on your shelf too. You can also add men salon to your business as you grow to increase your customer base. In India, more and more men are interested in groom than they were a few years ago.

Online presence and social media advertisements are very essential. Discount coupons and attractive packages would pull in new customers. If you like to take your business to next level, you can provide hair growth treatments or add a photography studio for people to take pictures for matrimony sites and others.

Free blog platform provider

Investment required: 20,00,000 to 50,00,000

ROI– 3 years

A lot of people are looking forward for creating a blog for their personal needs. This is not a single business idea; it is a pack of startup ideas which would provide all necessary requirements for bloggers. Your business should provide hosting, domain, website builder software and others. You can create free and paid packages with varying features, sell relevant advertisements on personal blogs, charge for payment gateway usage, themes and other support for commercial site and so on. Your main income comes through advertisements you sell on other’s blog. Since blog is for free, you can take up the advertisement space.

There are a few players in free blog providing platform. If you feel too much pressure, remove commercial sites and provide services for just blogs. This way, it would be easier for you to focus on advertisements. You can easily find advertisements and get paid through Google. As you grow up, you can provide free themes, commercial solutions and even combine the idea of e-commerce solution (second idea in this article) along with free blogging.

Main investment is this type of startup business ideas is infrastructure. You need servers, hardware, software packages and others. You need a couple of specialists in each field. Advertisement is the key here. Every simple man in your audience should know that there is a free blog site in which he can express his views without spending money. If you play your cards right, you can soon become a large venture in this field.

Digital advertisement consultant/ SEO SEM SMM consultant

Investment required: less than two lakhs

ROI– one year to two years

If you are not sure what the title meant, you might have to hire three types of professionals for your business.  You would need SEO analyst, SEM analyst and SMM consultant. Your aim is to find clients who want you to advertise their business through Google ads or want their site to become popular. You can provide their ads, social media content and also work on their site to make them more popular in internet.

online business ideasWith more and more online stores and sites, everyone wants to be on the first page of Google and there are a few competitors for this business in India. The initial investments include human resource, infrastructure and computer elements. You might need a customer representative or someone very fluent in talking with clients in a professional manner into taking your business deal. You can find clients by randomly calling each entrepreneur to know whether they need publicity for their website.

If the customers do not see a hike in traffic in their site, they would retract their service. Thus, you would have a few months before you can make a loyal customer or lose them forever. You can also get international customers as India is a cheaper outsourcing market for them. You would need someone who is fluent in English in their accent. This is not a pioneer idea and there are higher players with similar startup business ideas and thus, it is important to grow a little before you reach out to international customers.

Photography studio/ digital photography service

Investment required: less than one lakh

ROI– one year

Owning a DSLR would not make you completely eligible to start this business. You need professional equipment and years of experience in digital photography and related software packages. On the other hand, you can hire someone who knows these in less than 20,000 rupees. Location is very crucial. People would not spend time in searching for your particular store. You need to be in a prime place and an online site or social media presence is very essential. You can target marriage or other celebrations for photography services. Headshots, passport photos and many other prospects are present for this service.

Success of your business can be promoted by providing instant photography services. There are a lot of players in the market with high cost and you can thrive as a low cost option in India. Many people need instant photographs for numerous purposes and the best way to find good audience is to locate your store near places like recruitment agencies, schools and others.

If you are planning on taking your business to next level, you can provide related services like banner printing and designing, video services and so on. Selling related products like photo printing paper, album covers and others would provide more profit. Major investment cost for this type of startup business ideas would be the equipments. You can rent a small room and local advertisement is very essential. A person who is 20 or 30 km away from your store would not drive all the way to find you for your service. Your local population should be targeted first. Big banners, advertisement handouts and other attractive representation would bring in more customers on a daily basis.

You can convert this into numerous different startup business ideas by adding niche services. Most of the people take pictures either for matrimony, passport or job. You can provide online services where people can get your help in applying  for passport online, online job application, resume writing, matrimony registration and so on.

Computer centre / internet cafe

Investment required: 2,00,000 to 5,00,000

ROI– 18 months or less

how to start an internet cafe business in IndiaYou would need three to four computers with moderate speed internet. A few other hardware elements like headphones and printer would be essential. This is the base of your business. If you apply for a bank loan, you can easily get every electronic element in less than one lakh. If possible, you can also acquire second hand computer systems to reduce the overall investment. The next main investment would be seating arrangement. Each computer should be in a different room or cabin for privacy. Computer tables, chairs, AC or fans, lights, desk and computer for admin and waiting chairs would constitute basic seating arrangement.

The major investment element in this type of startup business ideas would be location. If your location is dead, your business has no probability of surviving. You need a place where a lot of people gather every day. The place should be filled with other businesses or residential complex. To attract more customers, you need to provide simple other services like photocopy, printing, stationary items, resume writing service, typing service, related computer products like computer accessories, printer ink and other. You can also have tie-ups with any repair service providers to improve your service circle.

If you have many residential complexes around you, add gaming consoles to your cafe to attract young crowd. You need not hire anyone if you are very savvy in basic computer operation. If you are able to get ample amount of crowd every week, you can break even before one year. You can also incorporate other start-up ideas along with this. If your location is near a school, add an ice cream parlour to your cafe. If it is near a business location, snack bar or a small coffee shop would help you get more attention in the area.

Recruitment agency/ HR consultancy

Investment required: 2,00,000 to 3,00,000

ROI– 5 years

Recruitment agency would need a computer, internet connection and a phone. You might have a hire another person, if needed. Thus, the initial cost of building the business is extremely low like many other small startup ideas that are listed here. But, for the first 12-18 months, you might be running business without much of revenue. Your revenue starts to grow as you close business deals with companies. Once your brand value increases, you would be easily gathering new clients and you would have a long list of candidates waiting to be placed by you.

If you are planning to purchase a franchise, the cost of franchise would be anywhere between 20 and 25 lakhs but, the return on investment would be very fast. You would also have to pay 5-9% of your earnings as loyalty fee. You can also join a recruitment network.

The success of your business will depend on hiring candidates for your clients as per their requirements. For every candidate that you hire for your client, you would be paid an amount. Thus, you would be working on commission per candidate. You can also hire freelancers to work under you for a commission for each candidate that they recommend. Research and contacting clients and candidates are very essential and thus, communication skill is very crucial here. You need not search for a place for this business. You can run it as a home based business too.

These ten startup ideas are handpicked for Indian market. These startup ideas have ample prospect and also do not need a very huge investment. Other top startup business ideas are matchmaking, organic food production, grocery store, renting commercial places, tailoring services and others. Remember that competition is everywhere. Do not jump into any of the above startup ideas just because it has been listed in this article. You need to be very open to market research and take every market element into consideration. For instance, if you are planning to start a supermarket, do not choose a location that is very close to a mall or where there are no residential complexes. Starting from location to the niche audience, every factor is essential for all startup ideas. Create a draft plan and get help from any market research company, if needed.

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 New Business Ideas In India 2017

new business ideas in India

Why should you look for a new business idea in India to start your own business? Well, with a steady increase in the purchasing power of people, Indian industry is growing day by day. India has invested in almost every sector and area. Some examples: manufacturing, software, healthcare management, and education. India has acquired the position of fourth largest market, falling behind only the USA, China, and Japan. Indian Investors always get a high rate of return from their investments.  Other investors from all over the world have been keen towards the Indian market.

In India, you will find successful entrepreneurs from around the world. They got there because they said no to the conventional way job and started a business instead

If you are interested in small business ideas in India, and would want to start a new business, then I promise India will be your best platform. You will surely taste the sweet taste of success if you devote and dedicate yourself towards your goal.  As you already know, India is the largest growing economic center in Asia, so you must learn how to take advantage of new business ideas and establish yourself in the Indian market.

It is common knowledge that we are always seeking new business ideas; our main motto is “profit maximization from our running business”. For profit maximization, you must go through the appropriate planning and research– without this planning and research, you will not be successful.  

  • Choose an industry (IT, manufacturing, healthcare, education, etc.)
  • Complete practical studies before opening your business
  • Make your business plan
  • Register your business (mandatory)
  • Create a website
  • Make provision to pay tax (monthly, quarterly, or annually)

Top 10 New Business Ideas in India

new business ideas in IndiaTravel Agency:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1.5-2 years

In India, the tourism sector is growing day by day. The tourism sector gives full employment to 40 million people. The industry has a projected growth rate of 7.9 percent from 2013 to 2023. Tourists from around the world love to visit India, especially to do research on Indian culture.

I want to say to the investors that tourism will give you fruitful results to your business. Opening a travel agency is good idea for you in India. However, you should focus on customer satisfaction rather than profit. If the customers are satisfied, then, ultimately, you will get valuable results for your business.

Suggestions and Advice:

  • Involve yourself in research and development
  • Conduct feasible studies
  • Make a plan
  • Go with practical approaches (market analysis)

Education Sector:

Investment: 200000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

I am going to present you with some proverbs regarding education: “Education is the light of life”, “Education creates awareness”, and many others.  Education is important for everyone and without education, we would not survive. Personally, without it we would just be uncivilized. Remember, education is your main asset.

If you are well educated with a good sense of knowledge, and want to be a successful entrepreneur, then education is the best new business idea in India for you. It doesn’t matter that you need a bulk of capital. You can open any Montessori or primary school with a low investment.

What will you have to do?

  • Make a business plan
  • Feasible studies
  • Marketing research
  • Register
  • Create a website
  • Others (depends on needs and requirements)

Online Advertising:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

Online Advertising is really a new business idea for you. It makes you a successful entrepreneur. However, if you want to become booming in this industry, then you must dedicate, devote and commit to your job.

Why is it important and how does it make you a successful entrepreneur?

As we all know, people continuously use the Internet. There are many people, firms, individuals, and corporate houses that want to fulfill their goals through online advertising. Effective online advertising really does fulfill people’s goals. However, to become perfect in this field, you must:

  • Set your Goals
  • Develop a strategy
  • Orient yourself towards your objective

Read: Top 10 Online Business Ideas in India

Party Planning:

Investment: 150000 onwards

ROI: one- 2 years

In India, party is culture, especially in metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and others. People love to have parties for every reason, no matter how seemingly trivial or small. Whether it’s a birthday, job promotion, marriage reception, or anything else. More than that, if you are living in a metro city and you are capable of doing some business, then party planning is the perfect business idea for you. However, location matters in this business, so you need to choose the perfect location for your business. It is fruitful if you establish your party palace in market areas.

Jewelry Business:

Investment: 150000 onwards

ROI: 1-5 to 2 year

India is a country of festivals and celebrations. Festivals include Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, Eid, and others. Celebrations include birthdays, weddings, and others.  I want to say you that if you want to invest in the jewelry business, then it is an awesome idea for you.

In the jewelry business, you will surely get a high rate of return from your minimum investment. October through November is the festive season of our Indian Calendar.

Food Courts:

Investment: 30000 onwards

ROI: 6 months 1 year

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future, but you don’t have a sufficient amount of capital, don’t worry. Opening a food court is a new business idea in India with a very low investment.

People have become very busy nowadays. They do not want to spend their valuable time in restaurants because it can be very time-consuming. If you are in metro cities and plan on opening a food court, then you will earn fruitful results.

Ayurvedic Medicine Store:

Investment: 150000 onwards

ROI: 1.5-2 years

People get fed up with allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine can be really harmful for some people. Some people cannot digest allopathic medicine and they need to search for other alternative options.

Opening an Ayurvedic medicine store is a great and new business idea for you because India is well known for its herbal and Ayurvedic products.

What will you have to do?

  • Get some ideas for this business
  • Prepare a plan
  • Complete market research
  • Implement your plan

Chocolate Shop

Investment: 25000 onwards

ROI: 6 months-1 year

Opening a chocolate shop is the perfect idea for you. It is a unique business idea with a very low budget. If you hunt for new business ideas, then this business certainly gives you profitable results. The demand for chocolate is always high during times of festivals and celebrations.

In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, chocolate shop businesses are really worthy and effective. If you open one in an area with colleges, schools or residential buildings, then it will be fruitful for you.

Suggestions and Advice

  • Try to establish your shop near colleges, schools and residential areas
  • Open near a mall or shopping centre

Tea/Coffee shop:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

Opening a coffee shop is a new business opportunity for you. In India, drinking tea and coffee is culture. You will find different varieties of tea and coffee if you are in India. With very low investment, you can achieve a high return in this business.

Perhaps everybody in India knows who V.G Siddhartha is. If you do not know, he is the owner of India’s number one coffee shop, Café Coffee Day. Before he established Café Coffee Day as a small coffee shop in 2015, he was renowned as one of the best entrepreneurs in Asia. It does not matter how much you are going to invest; it only matters how passionately you are going to run your business.

Children’s Toy shop:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

India is the number one country in manufacturing out of all the Asian countries. India has the capacity to manufacture cost-effective toys for the people. In the major cities of India (Delhi, Kanpur, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad) you will see many toy manufacturing industries and factories.

Opening a children’s toy shop is a new business idea for you. It is really effective and valuable for you. As we know, children love to play with toys, so if you are planning to open a toy shop, then go for it. You will earn valuable advantages from this business.

Suggestions and Advice

  • Toys should be free of toxins and chemicals
  • Toys should be of good quality
  • Toys should be reasonably-priced

The aforementioned new business ideas will really help you to find new solutions for your career in India. Moreover, I want to say, if you are dedicated and devoted towards your goal, then no one can stop you from being a bench marker.

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Side Business Ideas in India

side business ideas in india

Sometimes even with a job, you could feel short on money. If that’s the case then, you should involve in some side business and utilize your free time on that. This type of business can help a lot to get you some extra bucks and if it flourishes then you can always grow it as your main occupation. If you are interested or have always wanted to run a company, then having a side business can open doors to future opportunities.

Side businesses does not necessary have to be big; meaning it can be something you can do by yourself or with the help of few people and with small investment. When it comes to side business, people generally opt for online businesses. However, there are plenty of other things you can do beside this. Here are the top 10 side business ideas for you that you can start in India.

Top 10 Side Business Ideas in India:

  1. Stock market advisor
  2. Realtor
  3. Teaching services
  4. Interior Decoration
  5. Online jobs
  6. Rent and lease
  7. Event planner
  8. Equipment repairing
  9. Business plan service
  10. Making YouTube Channels

Stock market advisor

Investment: Rs. 0 – 20,000

ROI: 1 – 3 months

side business ideas in india
Side Business Ideas

Are you interested in the stock market? Do you have a good knowledge and understanding on stock investment and selection? If yes, then stock market advisor can be the best option for you as your side business idea in India.

You can develop some links, websites or open an office and start giving advises and manage stocks of entrepreneurs and business personnel. Similarly, there are some people who have enough money but due to their busy schedule and lack of knowledge in the stock industry, they might not have been able to utilize their money on investment despite having an interest in this field. Being a stock advisor, you can help these people on opening a demit account, selecting security options as well as creating portfolios and buying and selling stocks, and many more as required.

It might not be possible to get big clients at the get go, so, you can start out with beginners or normal people and help them manage their stocks.


Investment: Rs. 0 – 20,000

ROI: 1 -3 months

Another side business idea that has a broad scope is the real estate business. Apart from your daily work, you can manage, sell and purchase properties for various people. You do not need to spend your entire time on this like the professional real estate agents. If you have a good grasp about the real estate market of your neighborhood then you can do this job on your free time.

This sector also deals with property management which refers to the transfer of ownership of property. Selecting profitable investment decision, giving scientific advises to your clients on various matters related to real estate and similar others are some important responsibilities of a realtor.

Teaching services

Investment: Rs. 5,000 – 20,000 (More for those who are running a larger service)

ROI: 3 – 7 months

If you work in the day then you can start a teaching class in the morning and the evening time. It can be a good side business idea if you are interest in teaching and are good in particular subjects. It does not necessarily have to be related with school courses. It can be something like language classes, computer training classes or cooking classes. You can even hire some other teachers or coaches and run a teaching service. With a little investment, this will prove to be very beneficial for you. Fees can be charged on a monthly basis or upon the completion of the course.

Interior Decoration

Investment: Rs. 20,000 – 60,000

ROI: 4 – 7 months

In India, the demand for interior decoration is increasing rapidly. As an interior designer, you would be decorating the rooms of various offices and residents which could include a little to none construction work. There are plenty of people, especially in the city areas, who desire to hire interior designers for making their homes attractive and aesthetically healthy to live in. This is why, it is a good side business idea. As your clientele grows, your earning will also grow which later might help you to open your own designers’ firm.  

Online jobs

Investment: Rs. 5,000 – 10,000

ROI: 4 – 7 months

Now, this has to be on the list because online jobs today have become one of the most popular side business choices amongst various people in India. There are various hundreds of companies in and out of India who are constantly looking for writers, SEO specialists, and web designers to help them market their business. If you have decent level of the knowledge about this industry then you can open a small online company by yourself, hire some writers, designers and similar other personnel and help out these companies and make money by doing so. Many people in India have been benefiting from online jobs as their side business and so can you.

Rent and lease

Investment: Rs. 4,000 – 20,000 (for initial maintenance)

ROI: 2 – 4 months

To run a side business, you do not have to open a firm, hire employees or do something that requires specific sets of skills. A side business idea can be as simple as being a landlord and lending your properties (rooms or houses) for others on a rent. This business is very profitable because in India, due to the growing number of migrants – such people are constantly looking for some place to live. Furthermore, you do not have to invest huge money either (apart from the maintenance maybe) if you already have some spare rooms at your place.

Event planner

Investment: Rs. 20,000 – 30,000

ROI: 4 months – 1 year

You can also adopt event planning as your side business idea. We find so many events taking place like marriage, seminar, workshop and others in India and people are constantly looking for someone who can plan these events for them and make it a great one. You can take the advantage of this and become an event planner. You will require a good time management and organizational skills along with some creative ideas to be a good event planner.

For this business, you must follow on different kinds of events and the proper rules and regulations associated with running these events in your business locality. At first, it might be a bit tough to find desirable jobs but on a long run, the money is great.

Equipment repairing

Investment: Rs. 40,000 – 80,000

ROI: 2 – 3 years

If you are good at repairing and maintaining various electronic and electrical equipment then you can continue this work as your side business. All the electronic an electrical equipment at some point will face with some problems and for that you need to take it to a repair shop. This is why, running such an equipment repairing shop could be beneficial to you.

Business plan service

Investment: Rs. 0 – 20,000

ROI: 3 – 5 months

All businesses need to have proper planning to run successfully. Good business plans help customers to know about products and services description in detail. It helps to determine company’s mission, vision and objectives. It helps in formulating good financial plans and project cash flows among many things. This is why, business owners take help from various advisors and consultants to help them out with making a good business plan. If you think your forte lies in this field then you should definitely make this your business, if not then your side business.

Making YouTube Channels:

Investment: Rs. 0-20,000

ROI: 4-10 months

Starting a YouTube channel can be another great side business idea. This might not sound as a tradition business idea that people would follow normally, but as YouTube is becoming a global phenomenon, you can use this website for earning money. You can make videos on some particular themes – something that people would love you watch and post them on your YouTube channel. Then, as your viewers and subscribers grow, your earnings will also grow.  Furthermore, if your channel becomes really famous then you might also be able to get paid for posting ads for various other websites and companies. For this business, all you will need is a good video camera and a good idea to make a video on. You can shoot anything during your free time but do try to make something unique and alluring.

So, these are the top 10 side business ideas that you can use in India. All these side businesses are great options for earning some extra money as they can be run with low investment and have good ROI. It does not matter which particular idea you go with but you need to be comfortable with that idea first. Otherwise, your business might not do that well. Similarly, you also need to manage your time effectively and not let your side business affect your main job. Remember it is always difficult to start-out on a new business but with proper dedication and hard work you can run a good profitable business in the end.

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas In India


Business is not an easy task. Before starting any new business, you have to complete several processes and procedures. You must be dedicated, devoted, and committed if you want to be a great entrepreneur.  More than that, you cannot be a successful entrepreneur without planning. Planning is an essential tool for your success. Experts say that low cost business ideas cannot develop without proper planning and preparation.

Low cost business ideas develop from the hard work and truthful attempts by the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur’s responsibilities don’t end there, though, as inception of a company is just a beginning. For a bright future and solid development of a business, the small business company or low investment business owners should follow tactical business advice from experts and gurus.

As we all know, India is a country of young people.  At present, there is a large number of young professionals and graduates who want to earn money with the smallest investment possible. As India’s economy grows, many foreign investors from around the world have invested and want to invest their capital and resources in India.

The best possible way to get business ideas is through your own creativity, knowledge, capability, and strength. You must believe in yourself; if you do not, then you cannot lead yourself towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Getting low cost business ideas is one of the easiest things to do, although working on and implementing these business ideas will be challenging for you. You must utilize your knowledge and abilities in order to achieve your goal.

India is the biggest platform for your career as an entrepreneur. If you are eager and passionate, then opportunity will definitely knock on your door. Here are some low cost business ideas and tips that will definitely help you to establish yourself as a great entrepreneur with minimal investment:

  • Come up with a business idea
  • Make a business plan
  • Go with business plan
  • Determine your potential market
  • Plan and estimate your budget
  • Plan time and place of marketing
  • Talk with your bank (if you do not have a sufficient amount of capital)
  • Approach family and friends
  • Make use of marketing and PR
  • Focus on customer service
  • Create a website
  • Purchase necessary equipment

low cost business ideasTop 10 low cost business ideas (India)

Liquor shop:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you have minimal capital to invest and want to establish any business, then a liquor store/shop is the best solution for you. A liquor shop is the best business for you in every possible way. However, you need a very low investment with a high chance of returning from your total investment.

If you’re talking about liquor, then you’re including wine, beer, champagne, vodka, soft drinks, and many other drinks. However, you must establish your liquor shop in a perfect location where you can earn fruitful results for your business.


You had better establish your liquor shop in a market place, rather than a remote area so customers can easily reach your liquor store.

Beauty Parlor:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1 year

If you have a low budget and want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you can open a beauty parlor. It is a perfect low cost business idea for you. There are many females in India who would love to open a beauty parlor and training center. India is a country of festivals and celebrations. We celebrate Diwali, Dusshera, and Krishnajanmasthmi throughout the year. People love to go to beauty parlors during the festival season, especially for weddings and other events.

You must hire a professional beauty designer in your beauty parlor. If you want to be successful in this business, then you must provide quality service to your customers.  You must commit towards your objectives.

Daycare Center:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you have a low budget and want to establish some business, then a daycare center is an excellent low cost business idea for you. The most attractive point of this business is that you can start it up from your own house.  More than that, you do not have to make a large investment on infrastructure. You will just have to acquire some toys, books, and other games for kids. More than that, you have to design your daycare center as per requirement of your kids. You have to be conscious and aware that kids should be away from electrical objects and devices.

What will you have to do?

  • Hire some trained Montessori teachers
  • Create a favorable and peaceful environment
  • Provide quality service

Dance Instructor:

Investment: 30000 above

ROI: 6 months-1 year

Dance and music are interrelated to us.  Everybody would love to be a dancer at least once in his or her life.  You can be a dance instructor or open a dance class, without investing a huge amount of capital. A small amount of capital is enough to be worthy and fruitful for you. More than that, dancing and music are in our culture; many parents want their children to learn how to dance from an early age.

Ultimately, I want to say that if you want to set up a career as a dance instructor, then you will have plenty of chances and opportunities.

Fitness Center

Investment:   50000 onwards

ROI:  1-2 year

What will you have to do?

If you are healthy and fit, then you can achieve your objective, but if are not, then you will fail in your life. Presently, everybody is conscious about his or her health and life. There are many people who spend their time working to get in perfect shape and achieve the perfect body.

Opening a fitness center can be really valuable for you. Additionally, you don’t have to invest a great amount of capital in it. You just have to bring some equipment, a trainer, and some staff. People are always excited to go to fitness centers for self-betterment.  Also, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Wiki really help to connect you with your potential customers.

Catering Service:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you have earned a hotel management degree and want to establish your own business rather than doing a job, then a catering service is the best business idea for you. You can open a catering service and settle down with your life.

In the major cities of India (Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Pune, Kanpur, Bangalore, etc.) catering services are very effective businesses. With low investment, you can earn satisfying return within a short frame of time. It does not matter how much capital you are going to invest; all that matters is your dedication, devotion, and commitment towards your job.

Suggestions and Advice:

If you want some business ideas, then you can take suggestions and advice from experts who are already doing well in catering businesses.

Sports shop and coaching center:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

Earlier in India, people thought that their child should be engineers, doctors, barristers, lawyers, business people, teachers, and others; they never thought that their children should be sports people.

Presently, many people pursue careers as a sports people. They want to be cricketers, football players, badminton players, tennis players, and others. Some of the greatest players of the world are born in India: Sachin Tendulkar (cricket), Sahina Mirza (tennis), Saina Nehwal (badminton)…and these are only a few.

If you are a good sports person and want to make your career as a sports coach, then this is good choice for you.

What will you have to do?

  • Rent a place where you can open your shop
  • Make arrangements for sports kit.
  • Get a ground to train students

Cooking Class:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 6 months-1 years

If you have positive business attitude and want to establish yourself as an entrepreneur, then opening a cooking class is a good idea for you. If you are a housewife and very good at cooking, then I believe running a cooking class will give you a very fruitful return with a very low investment.

Pet Care:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 years

If you love animals, then this business will be really fruitful and effective for you. If you take low cost business ideas from experts, then they will suggest you start a pet care business. In urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad, veterinary graduates open up pet care businesses in order to provide benefits and advantages to people who have pets.  I am promising you that this business will give a fruitful return of investment to you.

Home Decoration:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

Every house needs decoration and, if you are creative, motivated, and capable, then you can make a career as a home decorator.  India is the country of festivals and celebrations. During the festivals and wedding times, people love to decorate their homes. You do not have to invest a large amount of capital for it. It is the perfect low cost business idea for you.

This is an evergreen business idea; this business requires skill, creativity, and convincing power, too.  You also have to get the perfect location for your business. Location always matters for anyone. Your office should be near a residential market place.

In summary, I want to say that if you want to be an entrepreneur with a low investment, then India is the perfect destination for you.


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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas in India

home based business ideas

There are many barriers that hinder your entrance into the business. You may not have enough time. Other possible hindrances can be the lack of money, skills, education, time, resources, support, partners, tools, equipment, the internet, experience and so on. If you have strong desire to work, these thing won’t restrict you from entering into business. There are many home based business ideas that you can start up easily overcoming all these barriers.

To start many types of home based ideas, you don’t need many resources. You can choose one of them that suits the best for you. Although, you don’t have time and you are busy in household work then you can start when you are free. Many businesses don’t require above mentioned resources to start. What you don’t have will limit your boundary to work. But start looking at what you have. Have you got hands to work? Legs to move? Eyes to see? Brain to use?

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Most Profitable business ideas in India

profitable business ideas

Many countries of the world have embarked on the globalization process. Due to globalization Indian entrepreneurs have reached each and every corner of the world. If you want to establish yourself as an entrepreneur, then India can be a great destination for you. This country will give you the best business opportunities.  You will be absolutely satisfied conducting any business in India.

In present business scenarios we find various young and dynamic graduates who are motivated to start their own business and they are always seeking profitable business ideas. They want ideas and suggestions from experts and business gurus.  They always motivate themselves by saying that it is a good time to start a business rather than just working at any white-collar job. If you have been thinking about running a business with great profits then you also have to be conscious of where you can get profitable business ideas. Many profitable business ideas are available from gurus, experts, and entrepreneur specialists.

By starting your own business, you will be your own manager and the boss of your own destiny. It can be challenging for you, however if you remain enthusiastic and devoted then success will come. You need to move through several steps and procedures outlined as follows:

  • profitable business ideasDefine your goals
  • Choose an idea
  • Establish your business name
  • Choose your team members
  • Create a business plan
  • Make an operational plan
  • Manage your finances and running costs
  • Get an accountant
  • Marketing strategy
  • Develop and launch of product

If you want to make your career in India as an entrepreneur, then you will need ideas for opportunities. Here are some options for you:

These all are popular businesses in India, however I am going to give you proper advice about which 10 businesses will fruitful, cost effective and profitable for you.

Profitable Business Ideas (Top 10)

1. Fast Food Restaurant:

Investment: 100,000 and up

ROI: 2 years

If you want to open a restaurant in India, then fast food restaurant can be profitable for you.  However, you can take profitable business ideas from an entrepreneur who already running a fast food restaurant. It provides you a good return with a small budget.  The startup cost is 100,000 and up, however it depends on you how much capital you are willing to invest.

 What you will have to do:

  • Arrange furniture and fixtures
  • Menu ( Pizzas, burger, Mo.Mo, chips, potato fries, pastries, coffee, tea, samosas etc.)
  • Hire a cook
  • Hire some staff

Opening a fast food restaurant can be a profitable business idea for you, however, you must remain conscious and concerned about the service quality of your fast food restaurant.

2. Ice-Cream Parlor:

Investment:   50,000 and up


 If you want to start a business and you only have a small budget then an ice cream parlor can be a profitable business for you in India. You can establish this type of business with a very low budget. You only need a small space and you don’t require any extra staff as you can manage by yourselves.

As we all know, India is country of festivals, we celebrate Dusshera, Diwali, Krishna janmasthami, Holi and Eid throughout the year. During festival times your business can generate great returns.

3. Coaching Center:

Investment:  100,000 and up


There are many proverbs regarding education. “Education is the light of life”.“Education is the key for success” and many others. It is a fact that we are meaningless without education and education is endless for everyone. If you are well educated and you have group of team members then opening a coaching center could be the best idea for you.

What will you have to do:

  • Recruit a group of teacher
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Books and library
  • Others


If possible, open your coaching center in a college area. If you open a coaching center or tuition classes in college area then more and more students will have the opportunity to use your coaching center.

4. Mobile Shop:

Investment: 100,000 and up

ROI: 1-2 years

If you are planning to open a mobile shop in India you will find it to be effective and fruitful for you. In India, you often find a mobile shop on every corner. The demand of mobile shops increases day by day. Therefore, starting a mobile shop is a profitable business idea for you.

Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, Micromax and IPhone are the leaders in mobile phones. If you have all of these brands in your mobile shop then you will ensure a good return of investment in a short frame of time. You can also stock accessories such as earphones, ear bugs, micro SD cards, chargers, power banks and others.

5. Card & Gift shop:

Investment: 50,000 and up

ROI: 6-12 months

Opening a card and gift shop could be the perfect idea for you. It is a unique business idea with a very low investment. If you are creative and innovative then this type of business will certainly give you a profitable result. The demand for gifts and greeting cards is always high during around Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings and festivals like Dusshera, Diwali and others.

6. Supermarket:

Investment: 200,000 and up

ROI: 2-5 years

If you take a suggestion from any expert regarding supermarkets, they will suggest that it could be a profitable business idea for you. Supermarkets are the best growing business in India.  A supermarket can offer you a wide variety of products and one can find almost anything there. You can get clothes, gadgets, mobiles, accessories, kitchen products, meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, and many other things.

What will you have to do?

  • Make a plan
  • Manage your finances
  • Rent a space
  • Recruit staff

7. Furniture business:

Investment: 200,000 and up

ROI: 1.5-2 years

The furniture business is one of the best and fastest growing business ideas in India. As we all know, in India there are an unlimited number of corporate houses and all corporate houses need superior quality furniture and fixtures. If you have a furniture company then you will really earn great results from your business.

What you have to do:

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and run a furniture business then you must open it in major trading cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune or any other.

8. Computer Shop:

Investment: 100,000and up

ROI: 1-2 years

Opening a computer shop is another profitable business idea for you. If you want to be a small and successful businessperson then a computer shop is a fine choice for you as computer shops are profitable. If you have technical skills and knowledge then you cannot only run a computer shop but also repair and maintain them.

What will you have to do?

  • Make a plan
  • Define your goals
  • Choose the best marketplace to establish your shop
  • Hire some staff as needed

9. Travel Agency:

Investment: 50,000 and up

ROI: 1-2 years

Travel and tourism is a growing industry in India. It is a great employment generator. In case you didn’t know, India’s travel and tourism industry provides 6-7 percent of the world’s total jobs.

Opening a travel agency can be a profitable business idea but it can be a challenging commitment for you.  There are countless travel agencies in India. In the capital city of Delhi you can find more than 1000 travel agencies. This means you must give quality service to your customers. Before opening a traveling agency, you must go through some legal procedures. Your organization must be certified by an international agency like ADTOI, IATO, and IATA.

10. Sweetshop:

Investment: 50,000 and up

ROI: 1-2 years

The sweets business is growing in India.If you look around you can find an unlimited number of sweets shop. Both adults and children love sweets and candies.

Planning is an essential tool for any business, you should never open your business without plan. If you have talent and make homemade sweets then this business will welcome you. You can also purchase sweets from dealers and sell them. There is high return on investment in this business. However, you need to ensure that you choose the perfect location.


  • Get a license
  • Choose the perfect location
  • Create eye-catching name that attract your customers
  • Fresh and hygienic sweets
  • Attract customers by providing attractive offers during festive seasons.
  • Quality of service
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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas in India

small scale business ideas

With India being in the pathway of reaching economic dominance, it has become an immersing ground for young professionals aspiring to make their presence in the business sector, with innovative ideas and entrepreneurship. For an initial phase of the business, you can start with a small scale and investment. These type businesses are termed as Small Scale Businesses. There are various companies and businesses in India, which started low as a small-scale business, but later developed into a multinational organization. Some such small scale business ideas, which are best suited for India are listed below:

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Most Innovative Business Ideas in India

innovative business ideas

There are innumerable business opportunities but which one to choose is quite a big question. Of course, you need to analyze your personal experiences that can best help you decide the correct business to start. Since the competition is tough, to beat the competition by starting a business is not enough. Innovative business ideas help you to withstand the competition and win the race. Don’t do different things. Do the same thing but using different and innovative ideas.

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FeaturedSmall Business Ideas

Top 50 Small Business Ideas In India

small business ideas

Starting a new business always starts with new business ideas. If the idea is profitable, then you have got a business in hand. But, not all small business ideas would work effectively. To give you a heads-up, here are a few business ideas for you with suggestion and required information. This is not an exclusive list of ideas. If you are passionate about an idea, you can always pursue towards it.

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