In this fast forward generation, setting up a business or an idea requires great skills. One must be skillful and tactful enough to make 100 with a zero. One may find this thing positively surprising that we can earn great money by hardly investing some or no investment. There are a lot of ways to earn money that too without investing anything and just portraying your own talent. Gone are the days when one had to make arrangements for fund to be raised, place to be rented and a lot of money being stuck as a startup capital; the time has changed now.

One can start up with posting videos and literature on social network and earn money from them; this business may be a small scale when started but when it comes to long term benefits, people are currently earning millions from online businesses. Online business also includes setting up merchandise online or an online store and selling accessories. The online stores have been growing immensely as this saves the time of the buyer of a larger number of shops and that too with different payment methods available.

If you like to write and if literature is in your blood then you too have an option of earning online. You can be a freelancer; you just need to create your profile and mention the type of writing you can write, create an account with a well known website for the payment to be received and you are done. I am sure few years ago, no one would have thought of earning money could get so easier with up gradation of skills. All these do not require any additional cost for setting up business; all you need to invest is your skill. There are some more ideas which can be considered in the category of earning in business with no investment: some are babysitting, being a blogger, event planner, e-book writing, conducting online tutorial classes, and opening up an online boutique.

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One can take up online business on part time basis with their regular work too! A person doing a marketing job in a company can do a marketing consultants job online and supplement his income. If you have a good understanding of human nature and have the knowledge of psychology, you can take up an online consultant job.Things ranging from clothes, old books, baby and pet sitting, grocery or gifts online markets give a lot of opportunities! One can easily pitch in and earn a decent amount.









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