One of the relatively untouched sectors in India is the laundry business. Being a self-dependent people of a vast country, nearly a decade ago, this business was hardly in demand. With the change in the working pattern, things have changed and indeed for the better. The working member of the family is not just the males of the house; even the women have started showcasing their capabilities in professional lives. The housewives are not just housewives anymore and this call up the need of helping hand in the day-to-day chores. Laundry surely is one of the most important ones, as our personal impression lies in what we wear and how we carry ourselves.

The laundry business plan and setting up of the laundry business in India won’t be a tough job to do. The business plan would require minimal capital investment, reliable equipment, a place for laundry, detergent stock and some helpers. This niche market hasn’t been part of great business competition in the market and hence, they would gain higher profits with minimal capital investment. The need for help in laundry is slowly and gradually arising in every sector in India; it has already captured markets in big cities. This segment of business currently has less competition, which means the rates for these services can pretty much be to the whims of the business owner.

When we talk about the laundry business in India, it isn’t a popular service being provided. To attract customers and have a decent number of customer base, marketing is necessary. One can easily market his business online with the help of various social media channels and also take help of traditional marketing strategies, which include publishing in newspapers, banners and pamphlet’s and advertisements on television. This would bring up a large number of customers and higher would be the rate of profit. The scope of laundry business is to be increasing rapidly as the number of working women is increasing with the trend.

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The equipments required in laundry industry are of different varieties too; one can setup a full-fledged laundry for normal wash, dry wash and different equipments too and on the other hand, one can just put up few coin laundry machines to be operated. However the second option of getting a coin machine won’t attract many customers due to the availability of cheap automatic machines in market. One must start with the first option of having fully equipped machinery for a good laundry. Simply providing laundry services which mean receiving clothes on counter, laundering them and giving back to the customer won’t retain the customers for long. Value added services need to be offered, delivery services being on the highest priority, pick and drop of laundry must be provided.

Few more things to be taken care of are arranging for entertainment for the customers in waiting area and if possible, entertainment for the kids too who come along with parents. At least, a television set and some magazines could be made available. These things go well if the plan of setting up laundry business is set up well; every single detail has been thought upon and even the segment of the customer and area to be targeted plays an important role. In short, one must know to fulfill the need of the hour, in order to gain good returns.



















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