There are a billion people in India and there is always a need for an important commodity: clothes and apparels. No business is easy to setup, when you do not have experience! The statement is veracious especially for the clothing business. Clothing business is considered one of the flourishing businesses in India, but it needs proper knowledge, investment and patience to see the business grow. Clothing business has various niche markets, which come in its prism. You can start a general clothing business which will include the raw materials or the unstitched dress materials. Otherwise, dealing in a single or multiple niches could be a great idea, as customers prefer shopping from a single business unit, providing a significant variety.

The trending clothes, the renewed alterations and styling in fashion which have become old: they could be taken up easily, when you open up a boutique. Opening up a boutique would entail a high budget as it includes great display, a  niche clothing line and a skilled tailor for creating a new cloth wear, every time. Clothing business on a large scale would require a place where one can open up a showroom to display the niche variety clothing along with the staff requirement to deal with customers. When it comes to dealing with direct customers, decent display of products and handling the customer well are the keys things to be added to the ‘to-do’ list. You can be a homemaker and can also take up clothing business and start from home.

Starting up a clothing business from home could be a great idea as the cost for hiring or owning a specific showroom is nullified and other work at home is not neglected as the business is itself at home. India consists of great diversity with different cultures and dressing sense. Thus, the fabric, designs and textures are very varied, rich and diverse. Anything and everything could be made fashionable just with the correct idea mix. Few of the best creative designers of India are Manish Malhotra, Manish Arora, Tarun Tahiliani and Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and many more. These designers have turned simple clothing into great fusion, which compliments the persona of the person wearing their clothing. You can work on giving the best possible clothing variety. As cloths are the first thing to be noticed and judged upon, it’s the first impression and that should be strong.

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