Travelling is an art and the ongoing trend, which is making the world explore this beautiful planet. Mastering in this business could fetch one great success and money. Love for travel and exploring new places could be one add-on for guiding in which niche or destinations you would like to start the travel business. When it comes to traveling business in India, one must know the places often visited, no matter what the climate is. Setting up a travel business in India won’t be an easy walk, a lot of things need to be studied and taken care of. Travelling customers could have different preferences; some might like travelling via road, via seaways or airways.

Travel business doesn’t include only travel knowledge; one can involve oneself into related travelling activities, which includes staying, needing guide for travel, exploring food places etc. Travelling business is a vast business to talk about; one can be the owner and run the whole travel business starting from booking tickets for travel to making arrangements for the comfortable stay of the tourists. On the other hand, a person who cannot make a significant investment can take up a franchise. However, taking up a franchise travel business will also involve sharing profits. Another way of travel business could be being an agent for customers, booking tickets and travel hotels for travellers. This way too, one can get over view of setting up business in travelling.

India being a land of great history and monuments and the decision of taking up a travelling business would be a great option to go with. The travelling business is the 12th largest employer in the country, which gives a helping hand in reducing unemployment. A person who has a lot of capital to invest can go with a private limited travelling agency. One’s passion for travelling and knowledge when added with good investment can create a great business. Another way of getting into travelling can be partnership with limited liability; one can join hands with an already setup a travel firm or a small scale firm planning to expand with less investment required and less liabilities. Moreover, a person can venture into booking tickets for travelling via buses, trains and airline tickets, wherein a person can gain a good amount of commission.

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For private firms, there is no audit done for turnover amounting below 40 lakhs yearly, however above this limit audit will be carried out which means the account needs to be kept tallied. For any services provided, service tax is imposed. Normal rate of service tax levied is 12.36%! However, small scale firms or sole proprietors having all over turnover not more than 10 lakhs can be exempted from service tax.

The target location and target people should be chosen to be worked in travel business in India. There are various places that need to be visited before leaving this sector. Some of them are Taj Mahal, Golden temple, Aksharhdam, Agra Fort, Ganges etc. When it comes to Team Garden Hill Sikkim, Yumthang Valley – Sikkim, Stok Range, Ladakh, Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji and Mizoram could come up with comparatively higher costs. The area of service provided will purely depend on the capital raised, market knowledge and correct strategy.



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