Why should you look for a new business idea in India to start your own business? Well, with a steady increase in the purchasing power of people, Indian industry is growing day by day. India has invested in almost every sector and area. Some examples: manufacturing, software, healthcare management, and education. India has acquired the position of fourth largest market, falling behind only the USA, China, and Japan. Indian Investors always get a high rate of return from their investments.  Other investors from all over the world have been keen towards the Indian market.

In India, you will find successful entrepreneurs from around the world. They got there because they said no to the conventional way job and started a business instead

If you are interested in small business ideas in India, and would want to start a new business, then I promise India will be your best platform. You will surely taste the sweet taste of success if you devote and dedicate yourself towards your goal.  As you already know, India is the largest growing economic center in Asia, so you must learn how to take advantage of new business ideas and establish yourself in the Indian market.

It is common knowledge that we are always seeking new business ideas; our main motto is “profit maximization from our running business”. For profit maximization, you must go through the appropriate planning and research– without this planning and research, you will not be successful.  

  • Choose an industry (IT, manufacturing, healthcare, education, etc.)
  • Complete practical studies before opening your business
  • Make your business plan
  • Register your business (mandatory)
  • Create a website
  • Make provision to pay tax (monthly, quarterly, or annually)

Top 10 New Business Ideas in India

new business ideas in IndiaTravel Agency:

Investment: 100000 onwards

ROI: 1.5-2 years

In India, the tourism sector is growing day by day. The tourism sector gives full employment to 40 million people. The industry has a projected growth rate of 7.9 percent from 2013 to 2023. Tourists from around the world love to visit India, especially to do research on Indian culture.

I want to say to the investors that tourism will give you fruitful results to your business. Opening a travel agency is good idea for you in India. However, you should focus on customer satisfaction rather than profit. If the customers are satisfied, then, ultimately, you will get valuable results for your business.

Suggestions and Advice:

  • Involve yourself in research and development
  • Conduct feasible studies
  • Make a plan
  • Go with practical approaches (market analysis)

Education Sector:

Investment: 200000 onwards

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ROI: 1-2 year

I am going to present you with some proverbs regarding education: “Education is the light of life”, “Education creates awareness”, and many others.  Education is important for everyone and without education, we would not survive. Personally, without it we would just be uncivilized. Remember, education is your main asset.

If you are well educated with a good sense of knowledge, and want to be a successful entrepreneur, then education is the best new business idea in India for you. It doesn’t matter that you need a bulk of capital. You can open any Montessori or primary school with a low investment.

What will you have to do?

  • Make a business plan
  • Feasible studies
  • Marketing research
  • Register
  • Create a website
  • Others (depends on needs and requirements)

Online Advertising:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

Online Advertising is really a new business idea for you. It makes you a successful entrepreneur. However, if you want to become booming in this industry, then you must dedicate, devote and commit to your job.

Why is it important and how does it make you a successful entrepreneur?

As we all know, people continuously use the Internet. There are many people, firms, individuals, and corporate houses that want to fulfill their goals through online advertising. Effective online advertising really does fulfill people’s goals. However, to become perfect in this field, you must:

  • Set your Goals
  • Develop a strategy
  • Orient yourself towards your objective

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Party Planning:

Investment: 150000 onwards

ROI: one- 2 years

In India, party is culture, especially in metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and others. People love to have parties for every reason, no matter how seemingly trivial or small. Whether it’s a birthday, job promotion, marriage reception, or anything else. More than that, if you are living in a metro city and you are capable of doing some business, then party planning is the perfect business idea for you. However, location matters in this business, so you need to choose the perfect location for your business. It is fruitful if you establish your party palace in market areas.

Jewelry Business:

Investment: 150000 onwards

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ROI: 1-5 to 2 year

India is a country of festivals and celebrations. Festivals include Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, Eid, and others. Celebrations include birthdays, weddings, and others.  I want to say you that if you want to invest in the jewelry business, then it is an awesome idea for you.

In the jewelry business, you will surely get a high rate of return from your minimum investment. October through November is the festive season of our Indian Calendar.

Food Courts:

Investment: 30000 onwards

ROI: 6 months 1 year

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future, but you don’t have a sufficient amount of capital, don’t worry. Opening a food court is a new business idea in India with a very low investment.

People have become very busy nowadays. They do not want to spend their valuable time in restaurants because it can be very time-consuming. If you are in metro cities and plan on opening a food court, then you will earn fruitful results.

Ayurvedic Medicine Store:

Investment: 150000 onwards

ROI: 1.5-2 years

People get fed up with allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine can be really harmful for some people. Some people cannot digest allopathic medicine and they need to search for other alternative options.

Opening an Ayurvedic medicine store is a great and new business idea for you because India is well known for its herbal and Ayurvedic products.

What will you have to do?

  • Get some ideas for this business
  • Prepare a plan
  • Complete market research
  • Implement your plan

Chocolate Shop

Investment: 25000 onwards

ROI: 6 months-1 year

Opening a chocolate shop is the perfect idea for you. It is a unique business idea with a very low budget. If you hunt for new business ideas, then this business certainly gives you profitable results. The demand for chocolate is always high during times of festivals and celebrations.

In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, chocolate shop businesses are really worthy and effective. If you open one in an area with colleges, schools or residential buildings, then it will be fruitful for you.

Suggestions and Advice

  • Try to establish your shop near colleges, schools and residential areas
  • Open near a mall or shopping centre

Tea/Coffee shop:

Investment: 50000 onwards

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ROI: 1-2 year

Opening a coffee shop is a new business opportunity for you. In India, drinking tea and coffee is culture. You will find different varieties of tea and coffee if you are in India. With very low investment, you can achieve a high return in this business.

Perhaps everybody in India knows who V.G Siddhartha is. If you do not know, he is the owner of India’s number one coffee shop, Café Coffee Day. Before he established Café Coffee Day as a small coffee shop in 2015, he was renowned as one of the best entrepreneurs in Asia. It does not matter how much you are going to invest; it only matters how passionately you are going to run your business.

Children’s Toy shop:

Investment: 50000 onwards

ROI: 1-2 year

India is the number one country in manufacturing out of all the Asian countries. India has the capacity to manufacture cost-effective toys for the people. In the major cities of India (Delhi, Kanpur, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad) you will see many toy manufacturing industries and factories.

Opening a children’s toy shop is a new business idea for you. It is really effective and valuable for you. As we know, children love to play with toys, so if you are planning to open a toy shop, then go for it. You will earn valuable advantages from this business.

Suggestions and Advice

  • Toys should be free of toxins and chemicals
  • Toys should be of good quality
  • Toys should be reasonably-priced

The aforementioned new business ideas will really help you to find new solutions for your career in India. Moreover, I want to say, if you are dedicated and devoted towards your goal, then no one can stop you from being a bench marker.

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    And also in the pharmaceutical section of IndiaBizClub which is a popular business portal here in India and China . I was amazed to have that industry in your article

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