If you wonder, how to start a photography business in India, you are at the right place! Photography has been an integral part of life of Indians; there is no such occasion when one doesn’t want to capture photos for memories. Previously, film based photography which was the one and only source to click and capture memories. With upgradation of film based cameras to digital cameras, memories have become easy to store. With this upgradation, the camera company’s Kodak and Konica have been under great pressure and alarming situation arouse for them to upgrade their version of cameras to digital ones. Photography is a great art, to record and capture at correct moment at the correct time.

Social media has been one platform which has been a game changer for digital photography to encourage and engage more youngsters in the art of photography. Digital cameras in the mobile phones have been bang on; one can easily click and store photographs with no hard copy required. The photography business in India has been one of the businesses which is in great demand with low investment requirement and also provides great exposure to the outer world. India being a land of wonders, great nature places, monuments and touring places and thus, it is natural that photography business in India is growing generating revenue over 1 lakh crores and that too increasing at 25% yearly.

New budding entrepreneurs have been provided a platform to polish and showcase their photography talents with the advent of digital photography. There are few of the best photographers, who are known for their art of photography: Joseph Radhik, Dinnesh Kumble and Tarun Khiwal. These photographers have made their career and have achieved fame in the field of digital photography. To start up and make a career in photography, one requires estimated capital of around 10 lakhs, which is comparatively the minimal capital requirement for setting up a new business. The requirements for photography business would be one digital camera, different lenses to click from different angles, other equipment’s which require support, lighting and also a laptop. Marketing would be an integral part, which needs to be take care of. Social media presence could be utilized fully to generate awareness for the new business to be setup. Creating an own website and uploading pictures clicked could be of great marketing deed. Signing up or shaking hands with a professional photographer or marriage agencies would the on-going business and incoming profits.

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Any business which is newly set up requires registration; digital photography business having turnover of over 10 lakhs could be registered as Limited Liability Partnership. One can single handedly setup this business but in order to set up a LLP business, one can have a limited liability partner to start with; the partner could be a nominal person being a family member or a friend.LLP business needs to be registered in order to provide authentication to the business. Service tax registration is a must for every new business setup having turnover more than 9 lakhs, once the turnover exceeds 10 lakhs, the ownercan then charge 14% of tax  on the total amount of bill.


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