India is the biggest growing economy, in the world, today. A lot of opportunities have emerged in India, over the years. There are various schemes to help start business. Most of the businesses have grown considerably with the help of technology and economic situations. Many businesses have tied up with big brands and have expanded their business in many cities.

Young generations have innovative ideas and their ‘out of the box’ thinking helps business to grow, at a faster rate. The profit margins could go up too, if the business is well planned and established. Below are some profitable businesses in India which could be set up in your city.

Auto Accessories Store: It is one of the most profitable businesses in retail sector. Everyone has at least one vehicle in their home, and thus, the demand for the auto parts is high.

Coffee Shop: Coffee shop is one of trending business in India. Adult groups in India like to hang out in coffee shops. If the interior is good and has good ambiance, then the coffee shop business can turn out to be a money spinner.

Medical Store:  Medical store in India is good business to start with. Profit margin in the field is also decent. The offers from the companies to shop owners make the business interesting.

Yoga Studio: Yoga is not only in trend in India, but abroad as well. With the increasing demand of Yoga, it is good source of income with very low investment.

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Organic Food Store: With the growing supply of adulterated food product and medically grown vegetable and fruits, demand for organic foods products has increased, over time. People have started to invest in this business and the return on investment is also good.

Tuition/Coaching Classes: If you are interested in teaching or hiring good teaching staff, start a coaching centre. This business is one of the most profitable in Indian market as education is regarded quite highly in the country.

Recruitment firms: Helping companies or business owner to fill in manpower vacancies is also a profitable business idea.

Real Estate: The real estate market is a real deal. With growing economic conditions investment in real estate business is profitable in all sorts.  This business could be done, without investing in property and working just on commission, if you have good network.

Grocery & Daily needs shops: Small retail shop for groceries and daily needs is a good business idea. Providing services like credit, home delivery, return if product is not good can fetch a decent income. Such shops have good relations with the clients and they usually don’t go anywhere else. So the big shopping mall and super markets don’t affect the clientele and business.

Computer Shop: The demand for computer has gone up in recent time. Every home, company or business has at least one computer working to help, in day to day activity. Opening a computer shop is a profitable business idea. The computer and servicing and repair could also be included on side to lure customer for after sale services.

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