One of the essential requirements that one cannot skip or ignore is food. Primarily, one thrives hard to earn his living, with food being on the top of the list. India is a country with 28 states and 7 territories with languages crossing 1500, with every community having its own style of cooking. India has been a land of variety of language, caste and creed, thus opening up great opportunities for food business line. Indians have been the ones who have been ever-ready to feast their taste buds. Starting from a vegetarian food, Chinese cuisine to Italian, Indians have adapted their taste buds to Indian as well as International food.


Self-owned businesses along with great number of franchises and outlets for drinks have been in vogue. Setting up a whole new business taking into consideration the raw material required and capital investment could prove to be a great job. An entrepreneur with capital at his disposal can have a new food restaurant setup; otherwise, taking up a franchise would also be a good option to be considered. McDonalds, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Dominoz are some of the franchises that have been running in huge profits in India compared to the parent country. Restaurants offering quick foods or what is called ‘fast food’ require minimal waiting time and also offer free home delivery are being chosen by a wider population.


Setting up a new food business would require throughout investigation of the restaurant to be setup, the niche market or area to be served and competitors to be competed with. Offering new variety of delicious food will attract new customers from different areas but to create setup and maintain the same rapport and goodwill is a task. When you ask for special Indian sweets, there are a lot of different types of sweets which you can have at your shop. A lot of Indian sweets are of Rajasthani or Bengali origin. When one has cravings for burger, one can visit McDonalds, while Pizza Hut, Smoking Johns and Dominoz are the some of the options for pizza lovers. However, there are a lot of new players entering in the market and thus, it’s going to be tough, going ahead, to maintain market share.

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Food business is one of the most reliable businesses to do in India. Starting a mess service from home could be a good option for housewives who would love to cook and wish to earn money from doing what they can do best. One of the best Dabba services are in Mumbai, Mumbai’s Dabbawala’s have been serving Tiffin services all over Mumbai since ages and have a systematic way in doing so. When it comes to opening up a restaurant or a business hotel, both the options deal with food but has great difference of serving and presenting. A normal restaurant would require attractive ambience to attract customers. However, business hotels/restaurants would require meeting rooms designed sophisticatedly and food menu to be exquisite. One of the biggest reasons for the rise in demand for food business is the busy life and tedious work culture and thus, the shortage of time.


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