Tamil Nadu is one of the largest contributing economic states in India, having a large industrial base within it. Tamil Nadu has large number of industries and it is considered as more urbanized compared to others. Service sector in the state contribute 45% and 34% is covered by manufacturing industries. Due to this, there are a lot of business opportunities in the state. There are 113 industries in the state and the state is expecting the number to rise even further. Tamil Nadu has the more number of Small and medium enterprises. Below is the list of small business ideas in Tamil Nadu with low investment budget.

Yoga/Exercise Classes:  if you have interest fitness and could teach people to be fit and healthy, then a fitness or yoga class is a best business to start. Everyone likes to be fit, but does not want to go to gym to lift heavy metal; yoga is a perfect alternative for same. Get a hall and start teaching, give fitness tips, suggest healthy diets. On the side, healthy food could also be sold for extra money or you could teach few people who want to have career in the field. In your free time, you could also be a personal instructor for people, who to have classes at home.

 Car/bike repair shop: People in big cities prefer to go by their own vehicle rather than using public transport.  Car repair and maintenance in big showrooms is bit expensive. So if you have interest in cars and know them very well, then this business is very good to start with. You could provide services like on spot service, home pick and drop facilities in your business to make customer feel special.

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Fashion Boutique: Mixing Indian dresses with western cultures are specialty of fashion designers. If you trendy and have good knowledge about fashion, open your own Boutique and start selling your ideas. Women prefer to go to boutiques instead of expensive malls and shop for fashionable clothes.

Beauty Clinics/Spas: A relaxing time to work on your skin and beauty is something people usually do, in their free time. Open up your space and start providing those services.

Paint Ball Centre: You can set up a paint ball centre where on weekend; people could bring their children for fun and spend some quality time with them. Even now days, adults too prefer to play paint ball and the business has potential to grow multi-fold.

Dance School: There are lots of people who want to learn dance for weddings, professions, competitions etc. If you are a good dancer, Tamil Nadu is place to start a dance school as it has many service and industry sector crowd along with people who want to pursue dance, as a career. Rent a place and start teaching your moves.

Courier Company: You start a small courier company and start delivering packages where courier faculty is not available. A tie up with existing courier facility is also a good option.


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