Food and India seem to go together. Indian culture has been around for millions of years. After centuries of experimentation with food, Indians have developed local recipes. These recipes are not local anymore! A sweet from Bengal is found in Maharashtra. Similarly the Gujrathi Dhokla has many takes in Assam!  India as a nation was united by the British and thus, food was something which passed from its state or region of origin to other parts of the country. India has the largest amount of food diversity within its international borders than any other country in the world. While South India has a different style of cooking, the North has its own. The West and Eastern preparations are completely different from the other. Thus, when it comes to food ideas in India, there are quite a few


  • South Indian food- Move beyond Idli and Dosa, South India has to offer so much more. From the Rassam of Andra to the Fish in Kerela, South Indian Food is a foodie’s paradise. You can start your own chain of South Indian snacks, if you have the right combination of cooks and marketing skills. There are many sweets like Payasam,Kesari, Boondi which can be sold. You can try to add a local flavour to the food. To cite an example, if you are serving South Indian food, serving it on a coconut leaf, would be a big attraction.
  • Gujrati Food- You will find Gujrathis in all parts of the country. Gujrathis are quite famous for their food. Dhokla, Khakra, Fafda, Chewdo are all the items which are sold in every part of the country. If you want to open up a Gujrathi Restaurant or snacks center, you will be able to get a good profit out of it. If you open up a Gujrathi place, ensure that you serve Dal Khichadi and Kadhi.
  • Punjabi food- This is India’s favourite food! Who will not like thick gravy with butter and Paneer? Punjabi snack centres or restaurants are quite common, and thus, if this is the niche, you want to venture into, you need to steer clear of the competition of provide something better than your competitors.
  • East Indian Food- This is probably one of the largely uncommon cuisines in other parts of India. This is something which can prove to be a game changer, if you are looking at food business ideas in India. Opening an East Indian restaurant in a city like Mumbai or Delhi, having a decent set up and a good cook, is your way to profits
  • Food trucks and food carts- Indians love Western culture and food. They hog on burgers, rolls and pizzas and thus, you can think of having a food cart, which specializes in Western cuisine! Adding local spices will boost the profits and sale on your business.
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With the advent of globalization and lack of time, a lot of Indians now prefer to eat out rather than dine it. It makes perfect sense to be in the food industry in India, right now.


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