Are you planning to start a business in Bangalore? Bangalore is a mixture of various cultures. It is a hub where you can find a lot of software based business opportunities and also a lot of arts and dance classes. If you are ready to be creative and hardworking you can start your own business ideas in Bangalore and make a considerable profit within a short period of time. It is the fastest growing city in the continent. Thus, growth of your business would also be very high. This article talks about profitable business ideas in Bangalore.

Best Business Ideas & Opportunities in Bangalore:

Below is the list of 10 small ventures that require less investment while giving better ROI with a potential for rapid growth!

Organic shop or health product shop

Investment: 60,000 to one lakh

ROI – 3 to 4 years

Bangalore is filled with people who are seeking health food products and organic items. If you are ready to invest considerably in procuring high quality products, you can catch the market in no time. The main expense is procuring the right inventory. You need not have a very great ambience. You would obviously need a good brand name and home delivery service. In the hustle city life of Bangalore, people would always prefer a business with an online store and free home delivery. You can reduce the time taken for breaking even, if you could merge with any fitness studio or gym.

Moped or bicycle rental shop

Investment – 40,000 to 50,000

ROI – one year

Are you aware of the number of tourists who visit Bangalore every year? You would be aware of current traffic in the city. People usually opt for renting mopeds or cycles for a week or so. Thus, if you are able to portray your business in association with tourism, you can easily increase your business opportunities. Moreover, there are a lot of people who are ready to take up cycling to reduce their weight or stay fit. You can associate your rental shop with a fitness club or create any event to increase the popularity of your store. Popularity is the key.

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Event management services

Investment – 10,000 or less

ROI – 1-2 years

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This is a business that you can start with very less capital. If you have a good network of various service providers like caterers, decorators, orchestra and others, you are on business. Bangalore is a place where there is always some event happening. Most of the corporate events are outsourced to event management companies. Since the corporate companies would take care of all the finances, you need not invest a lot in this business. But, having a good network would keep you in business. The speed of growth depends on type of projects you get.

Software classes

Investment – 30,000 to 50,000

ROI – 3 to 4 months

Bangalore is the hub of software companies. A large crowd of youth is desperately trying to get into a corporate job. You can make profitable business ideas out of this desperation. Lease a few computers, chairs, desks and a blackboard. If possible, you can turn a room in your house into classroom. This would reduce the initial investment. Start a class that teaches important software and programming languages to students. If you do not have knowledge in these areas, you can hire two instructors. If you are able to get hold of ten students, you can break even within a few months.

Coffee shop or cafe

Investment – one lakh to five lakh

ROI – 3 years

People in Bangalore love coffee. More than this, people are in search of a formal place where they could talk business or have a small get-together with friends. If you are able to provide a good ambience, different types of coffees and other delicacies, you can stick to this market. Increasing your business opportunities depends upon the type of promotional activities you conduct in favour of your shop. You can partner with international brands if you are able to spend a considerable amount of money in real estate.

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Telecom consultancy

Investment – 50,000 to one lakh

ROI – 4 months to one year

The city is filled with software companies, you can start up a telecom consultancy for companies which are ready to outsource their marketing processes. Most of the telecom consultancies are paid per revenue generated. If you are ready to spend a considerable amount in hiring candidates, you can generate good revenue. Your growth depends upon type of projects you get and the output you provide.

Talent hunter or recruitment service

Investment – 75,000 to one lakh

ROI – 3 months to 6 months

With many companies operating in the city, need for recruitment is very high. You can start a business where you prepare testes, assessment exercises and other recruitment processes to shortlist candidates for companies. If your candidates get selected in the company, you would get a commission from them. You can also get a monthly fee from candidates.

Travel guide with agency

Investment – one lakh to 1.5 lakh

ROI – 3-4 years

A lot of tourists visit Bangalore. You can create a business where you customize trips for the tourists. You need to invest largely in transportation. You need to maintain a network with hotels, tourism attractions and others. Your online presence is very essential and you need to spend considerably on creating a good and informative website.

Confectionery and bakery

Investment – 70,000 to one lakh

ROI – 1 -2 years

No matter what city it might be, chocolate and baked goods are always people’s favourite. Equipment for preparing the baked goods and other products are costlier and thus, initial investment is very high. If you are ready to invest more, you can add home delivery services to your clients to increase your business opportunities in Bangalore. If you can produce high quality products, you can break even within a very few months.

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Delivery services

Investment – 70,000 to 1 lakh

ROI – one year

If you have noticed the other business ideas in this article, you would have understood that home delivery service is the best way to attract customers. Why don’t you start a business from that aspect? Lease a few trucks or other vehicles at cheaper rate. Develop an online store that provides home delivery of fresh food items. Create a network with farms in the city and start your online grocery story. If you are able to advertise and reach many customers, you can break even easily with economies of scale.

This is the list of business ideas tailor made for Bangalore. If you are able to create a strong customer base, you can increase the growth rate beyond this too. Before you start any business, make sure to research about the market completely. Just because you found a business in this list, it does not mean that it would suit you. Understand your skills, needs and strength. Use business ideas which you think as a profitable one. You might need to exert a lot of hard work to fight competition and win a place in the market.

Bangalore is a place where there are many small and medium scale businesses functioning. You need to be both creative and resilient to run a business successfully. All these ideas are tailor made for environmental elements of this city. If you are planning to adapt it to any other city, take into consideration all the factors that might affect your business now and in near future.


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  1. Nice, I am already a business director and having an apparels business at Bangalore for past five years. I am more interesting in getting new opportunities if you guide me.


    1. Hi Ramesh,
      Greeting for the day.
      Nice to hear from you apparels business at Bangalore, now day’s people are crazy buying online stuffs, why don’t you try e-commerce. All the best.
      I am professional photographer based at Bangalore, if you require photoshoot you can contact me.


      selvan.wix .com/selvan

    2. Mr. Ramesh, work hard and eshtablish your brand on long term perspective and then think for diversion or else you may face problem.

    1. you can start a restaurant or a cafe..bangalore is vey much known for its food and crowd can start as a joint venture if you are new to it.

  2. Hey We can manufacture product for beauty shop.
    Range is skin care and hair care.
    High experience in business . Persons intrested in starting beauty shop can contact me.

  3. Hi, I have already started a Laundry business from January 2016, but I am not able to improve
    my business. I have created a website, we do doorstep pickup and delivery also. We are doing
    washing, Ironing, Drywashing with doorstep delivery. Please suggest, is this business is ok? is there
    any solution to get good profits?

    1. I think the issue is the reliability and marketing your brand. You should market it aggressively and give quality service to your customers.

  4. Hi ,

    Im Manju , currently I am working with Accenture but I want to learn more so I’m looking to do part-time business or job with 50k budget so anyone please suggest me or if you are already running business please ping me, I have good knowledge in finance and economics conditions and I’m a creative person .

  5. I am looking to set up a cafe in a prime location of Bangalore, a good one, can someone suggest the place and ideas and if there is a international brand that can be franchised as well?

  6. HI ,

    I am working professional and looking to start up a potential business which would serve as my second income, eventually would take this as my prime profession. Can someone suggest me a potential business in Bangalore with high ROI. i have an investment of about 4-5 Lacks..

    Ashish Katiyar contact: 9845751102

  7. Hi,

    I am Bharath Kumar, Completed my PGDBM in Marketing and Finance, currently a working professional and looking forward for some Business Ideas. Please suggest me some Business ideas for Bangalore location.


  8. Hi Ashish Katiyar,

    Before giving some suggestion or sharing my thoughts on businesses, I would like to tell a little about me.
    I’m basically from Karnataka (Tumkur) and staying in Bangalore since 2006. Currently working as an Email Marketing Manager in one of the worlds largest education company in Bangalore. Since long time thinking to come out from corporate culture and to do start my own business in Bangalore. So i had discussed with my friend circle as well as done some market analysis and finally came to know with average investment and without loss we can start few business. Now i’m sharing you the below startup business.

    Business Name: Super Market / Food Palace
    Place: Choose nearest any Apartment or crowded area.
    Service: You should be ready for home delivery service.
    Quality: Must maintain quality. Introduce organic products and create awareness about the products and benefits.
    Price: Compromise with Price first few months.

    I hope this will help you, pls let me know your thoughts.
    Email Me:

    All the best.

    Thanks in advance,
    Yogeesh C

  9. Hi Yogeesh,

    I work with an MNC travel company and come from a business family based out of bangalore. I would be keen to know more about the concept of business you speak about.

    Please email me :
    Alternatively mobile : +91 9986488085

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