Pune is a technology based city. Since it is close Mumbai, business opportunities related to technology are very high in this city. Are you looking for more business ideas? This article talks about the top business ideas which would suit Pune city.


Investment – 25,000 -40,000

ROI – 10 months to one year

Since there are a lot of companies located in Pune and Mumbai, you can start a business in marketing. Your business motto is to acquire new clients for your client company by calling customers and explaining about their service. The company would pay you per customer or per project. The business idea’s growth depends on type of projects that you take. Initial expenses include computers, internet connection, small infrastructure and human resource.

Jewellery making

Investment – 15,000 – 20,000

ROI – 4-5 months

If you have a flair for making fashion jewellery, you can start this business. You need not spend a lot on equipments or inventory. Make a few samples and attract customers with them. You can create customized jewellery, based on your client’s request. You can learn this skill through internet too. There are classes conducted in Pune on jewellery making and you can attend them if you want to learn the latest techniques. If interested, you can start gold jewellery making business.

Property management

Investment – 5,000 to 10,000

ROI – 5 to 9 months

There are a lot of businesses opportunities in Pune emerging in Pune because the city is located near Mumbai. Most of the businesses look for rental spaces in Pune. You can help them find suitable work area and handle all the paper works for them. This is a little more than a real estate agent. Your job does not end with showing them properties. You also help them in documentation, lease paper work and other. You need a network of attorney, real estate dealers and others. The initial investment is low and the business idea’s growth depends on your networking skill. The initial period of this business might be dull. You need to patiently wait for clients.

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Professional housekeeping company

Investment – 50,000- 60,000

ROI – 5 months to 7 months

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There are a lot of malls, shopping complexes and companies rising in the city. This increases the demand for a professional housekeeping service provider. You need to spend on human resource, cleaning equipment, computer, internet connection and website. There are not many professional housekeeping service providers in Pune. This increases business opportunities for people who enter this sector. Remember that the business idea’s growth depends on how fast you acquire some corporate clients.

Web designer

Investment – less than 10,000

ROI – 1 year

With the boom in business opportunities in Pune, you can take advantage of businesses that are in need of a website. If you are well versed in website designing, you can start up a web designing business. The initial expenses would include buying computer, renting office space, internet connection, phone connection and few office equipment. Though the initial investment is low, the business opportunity’s growth would take considerable amount of time as acquiring new clients would take time. Make sure to keep your prices competitive.

Internet center

Investment – 30,000 to 50,000

ROI – 5 months to 6 months

Internet cafe or internet center is not new to you. You need a set of computers, internet connection and few printing devices to start this business. Your business focuses on providing internet services and other printing or photocopying services to your clients. You can also add other services like resume writing, paying bills, booking tickets, game station, coffee and others. You can experience more traffic if you have a wide range of services. Location is the key here. Choose busy business areas, college areas and commercial hubs to start your business. If you are ready to spend more, you can invest in Wi-Fi services. This would attract youth crowd.

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Staffing agency

Investment – 20,000 to 30,000

ROI – 2-4 months

No matter which city you live, there is always a need for human resource. You can start a staffing agency and help your client companies to fill vacancies. You can also provide relevant career skill training to candidates for a fee. If the companies hire the candidates you shortlisted, you would get a commission. This is a commission based work and thus, the speed of return on investment and business opportunity’s growth depends on success rate of the projects you choose. If you want high return on investment, you should acquire multinational companies or headhunting projects.

Telephone answering service or call center service

Investment – less than 10,000

ROI – 1 – 3 months

A lot of companies are in need of a team who can take up call for them from their clients. This is similar to call center job, but you would be focusing on small and medium businesses. Your initial investment includes computer, telephone connection, internet connection and human resource (if needed). You need not spend a lot on infrastructure. You can make use of an extra room in your house. The challenge of this business is acquiring clients who are in need of this service. Make sure to focus on small and medium level businesses initially.  Patience is the key for business opportunity’s growth.

English classes

Investment – 20,000 or less

ROI – 3 months

There is a large group of youth in Pune who are skilled in technical aspects but have a very low communication skill. Are you good at English communication? You can start your own English classes. Create a strong curriculum. You might not need to invest more in infrastructure. A few desks, a blackboard and few books would be enough to start with. As you acquire more students, you can develop your ambience. Breaking even is easy even if you could get hold of a few students initially. Advertisement is a must for this business.

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Retail shops

Investment – 2, 00,000 to 4,00,000

ROI – 3 to 6 months

Even though there are many online shopping sites, people still love a brick and mortar shop. You can start up your grocery retail shop and make a profit out of it. If you have a large area and are ready to spend considerable amount of money, you can also take up franchises. This would help to increase brand loyalty. You can decide your style of inventory. While choosing a location, make sure there are no malls nearby. A mall near your retail store can ruin your business.

Security solution provider

Investment – 25,000 to 60,000

ROI – 1-2 years

A lot of commercial structures are running in the city. All these structures need security resources. People are looking for a professional security solution provider. You can start your business with less than 10 security men. You have to spend on uniform, gadgets, weapons, insurance and others. Do not spend more on infrastructure. Your human resource is your asset.

These are the top business opportunities in Pune. Before you pick up an option, take your interest, passion, skills, strength and finance availability into consideration. Do not jump into a business just because you find it attractive. The business ideas in Pune you create should be unique and should solve a problem that your client faces. Study the market and analyze before you invest your money into business ideas. Last but not least, the return on investment would not start from day one. You need to work hard and be patient.


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