There is no formula for starting a successful business. You need to identify potential areas and venture with a distinctive strategy. Delhi is the capital of the country. The number of businesses that are currently being operated in Delhi is numerous. If you are planning to start a business, your business ideas should be unique and should be able to solve a current problem that people have. Are you planning to start a business in Delhi? Are you looking for business ideas that are suitable for Delhi market environment? Below is the list of top business opportunities in Delhi that have good scope and growth rate in today’s market.

Housekeeping services

Investment – 50,000 to 1, 00,000

ROI – 1-2 years

The city is filled with numerous commercial structures. Your business plan focuses on providing housekeeping services to commercial structures and hotels. Your initial expenses include human resource, equipments, website and a vehicle to transport the equipments to client workplace. If interested, you can add mattress cleaning services too. Speed of breaking even depends on type of clients you could acquire.

Verification services

Investment – 2, 00,000 to 4, 00,000

ROI – 2-3 years

Companies spend considerable amount of resources and time for background verification process during recruitment. Your business plan is to provide verification services for candidates that your client requests. You need to build a network of investigators, police and legal information provider. You need to spend more on information tools than infrastructure. A website would help to increase your customer base.

Digital printing services

Investment – 1, 00,000 to 2, 00,000

ROI – 15 months – 2 years

Starting from flex banner to pamphlet, your business should provide all printing related services. You can also extend your business by selling printing essentials or providing repairing services. Initial expenses include computer, internet connection, phone connection, samples, software packages, printing essentials, hardware for printing and scanning and others. Keep your price competitive to attract customers. Advertisement is the key for this business. Knowledge in graphic designing is an added advantage or you can hire a graphic designer.

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Auto components retail store

Investment – 5, 00,000 to 7, 00,000

ROI – 10 months to one year

There is 26% increase in number of automobiles in the city. India is one of the fastest growing markets for automobiles. This also increases the growth of auto components stores. Infrastructure and inventory are the two main keys for most of the business opportunities in Delhi. You need to spend considerable amount in staffing too. Your infrastructure should equip a repair area where your staffs can help clients to add components to their vehicle. An online presence is a must to attract more customers.

Chinese product resale

Investment – 50,000 to 1, 00,000

ROI – 6 months to 8 months

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Your business plan is to find a Chinese wholesale dealer who would provide you goods at a discount. You can start your retail store and sell it at MRP. This might look like an age-old technique. But, scope of this business is large and growth rate is also high. Learn about government regulations, taxations and other legal processes before starting this business. Remember that your growth depends on type of products you deal with. Not all products are welcomed in Indian market. Electronic items, perfumes and toys are the top chosen items in this business. Make sure not to fall prey into any fraudulent activities.

Traditional medicine store

Investment – 50,000 to 1, 00,000

ROI – 5 months to 7 months

Though a lot of hospitals and clinics have emerged, people still believe in traditional medicines like Ayurvedic medicines, herbal medicine and so on. There is a very high demand for traditional medicine. A lot of tourists too look for this service. You can expand your business by hiring a homeopathic or Ayurvedic doctor. Advertisement is the key for most business opportunities in Delhi. Make people know what you are dealing with. You can also tie up with yoga classes, wellness centre and others or you can start your own integration.

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Investment – 1, 00,000 to 5, 00,000

ROI – 3 months to 8 months

Your textile shop or boutique should not be one among hundred others. There are a lot of boutiques in the city and you should come up with a strategy that would differentiate you from others. Your inventory is your asset. You can focus of wedding related garments, low cost garments, formal attire, fashion garments or a mixture of all. The fashion is always changing. Your inventory should be able to satisfy trending tastes of customers or, you would be out of business very soon.

Advertisement and promotional offers are must to showcase your business. The first few months of this business can be very dull. You need to create a strong customer base to increase your growth rate.

Organic seller

Investment – 1, 00,000 to 2, 00,000

ROI – 6 months

There are thousands of people who are searching for a reliable source for buying organic food items. At the same time, there are many organic farmers too. You can stand as a middle man between those two and make a profit. You need to have a network of organic farmers who would be able to provide you products on demand. Your initial expenses include vehicle for transporting the organic food items from the farm to the market. You can also create a website and provide home delivery to acquire loyal customers. Digital advertisement and normal advertisements are very essential for improving business idea’s growth rate.

Uniform making business

Investment – 50,000 – 70,000

ROI – 7 months to one year

Do you have a flair for tailoring? There are a lot of schools in Delhi. Moreover, many business schools have brought up dress codes. Many corporate companies also have uniform for many levels of employees. You can tie up with those companies or colleges to get on-basis projects. You can also acquire one-time customers from your locality. Even if you could get hold of one school or college, you can break even easily and your business opportunity’s growth rate would increase.

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Home related service providers

Investment – 1, 00,000 to 1, 50,000

ROI – 4 months to 10 months

Do you know that people are always looking for services like handyman, carpenter, plumber, electrician, repairman, painter and other home related service provider? If you can provide a platform or website where they can hire these technicians through online booking, you have got yourself a business. For success in this business you need to create a network of various technicians who would work under project-wise compensation. Your networking skills determine success in this business. Your website is your key. You can hire a website manager who can handle the demands and take care of your website needs.

The above state business ideas in Delhi have a high growth. Growth rate is an important factor to consider while choosing a business. These business ideas are tailor made for Delhi’s current market condition. This does not mean that if you choose any one of the above stated business you can succeed. You need to analyze the market, choose the idea you like and work on your target. There would be a lot of competitors for your business. You need to stay different to capture the minds of customers. Before starting the business, learn about the current regulations, government procedures, business opportunity’s growth rate and taxation in detail. You might not be able to get all information for free. You can get in touch with any business opportunities information provider to get authentic information. Keep an eye for changes in the market. A small change can affect your business opportunities in Delhi tremendously.


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