India is a country of explorations. Many people from different parts of the world come to visit India to experience its beauty and cultural diversities. India, being a vast country, has a number of attractions. So it is almost impossible for tourists to visit all the places without a proper guidance. In such a situation, starting a travel agency in India is always a good business option.


Over time, many travel agencies have developed that India has been ranked in the list of GDP as the 12th largest country for having a well-developed tourism industry. Moreover, it has also opened doors of employment for a large population of India. If you are about to start a travel agency in India, there are several measures that you need to take care of to become successful in the long run.


There are several advantages in the tourism industry which will help you to raise your profit margin with just the investment of time and some promotions. First of all, this type of tourism business can help you to become a government employee. Government also hires tourism and travel agents to increase the popularity of the heritage of India and also to improve the economic condition of the country. The agent needs to meet up certain requirements and maintain a particular office and certain number of staffs to promote the business to government level.


In India, there is a certain amount of percentage of tax that is to be charged by the agents from the customers. There are different rates depending on the total amount. The minimum tax charged for the services imparted by the agents is about 25%. So the travel agency business is much more profitable in comparison to other business in India as it helps you to earn much faster legally.

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However, promotions and services play a vital role in tourism business. To popularise your business, it is very important to promote it which involves a percentage of cash flow. Apart from your business taxes and registration fees or transactions, you need to keep ready a certain amount of money for the promotion purposes. As internet is very popular nowadays, you can hire a qualified web designer to design a website for your business which will boost your business. To satisfy the customers, it is also very important to take care of the services that you are going to provide them.


The deals and discounts you provide are going to determine the further position of your business. You need to provide some exciting deals and discount offers for the clients, which may excite them. As there is a lot of competition in this business, you need to check the various deals offered by them. Pricing your deal is a very important factor for your business. You should  also provide online booking facilities for the customers to avail the best deals and offers easily. Thus, it is important to take care of the above mentioned criteria to become successful in the tourism industry.




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