After Hyderabad became the capital of the Telangana, there are a lot of business opportunities to be found. Hyderabad is one of the highest tax generating cities. Hyderabad is also a tourist attraction place in India. There some world famous landmarks and traditional buildings, showcasing wonderful remainder of a diverse collection of architecture styles. It is famous for its literature, handicraft and arts, pearls and ornaments, music, films and its food.

There are numerous opportunities in Hyderabad, but it is not very easy to start a business here. The business should be established in a unique way and with a stable profit. Below are some opportunities in Hyderabad that could be worked upon.

Antique Dealing/Business: The city of Hyderabad has a lot of history and thus, there are plenty opportunities in this business. The business would require a lot of networking and investment. The profit margin in dealing with antiques is very good.


Stones & Gems, Jewelry Business: Although the business requires a huge investment, it could be done on a commission basis as well. A good idea is to sell third party jewelry online or in a small shop with your brand name on it. There is good amount of money in such a business, as people today are very fond of fancy jewelry.

Tourist Guide/Tour Agent: Hyderabad is a place with a lot of tourist attractions. The famous Charminar built 500 years ago is one of the oldest buildings! The city hosts the world famous Ramoji film city. A tourist guide agency is a business, which can prove to be very successful in Hyderabad. Simply having an office and knowledge of city’s history is required for the business.

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Second Hand Book Shop: With the kind of tourist attraction Hyderabad has, selling books is another good business opportunity here. Not everyone buys new books; a second hand book store is a good low budget business. Start a business with few specific categories and few maps of well known places. Few mementos of famous places and greeting cards could also be sold.

Vehicle Rental Service: Renting vehicle services is also a good business idea. There are not only tourist places, but also there are many MNCs in Hyderabad as well. Cab service here could also help to boost business.

Movers and Packers: As many people keep relocating to Hyderabad for work and jobs, packers and movers is the new business with good demand in the market.  Making easier for people to move or relocate is a service everyone wants. A temporary storage facility could also help the business.

Restaurant/ Food Truck: Hyderabad is a city of foodies. The famous Dum Biryani is specialty there. A food joint or small restaurant is good idea to start business. Restaurant is a considerably a successful and profitable business across country. Providing services along with food like home delivery, a place to handout could help the business.

Poultry Business: With the rising demand of food, especially chicken, an investment in poultry farming is a good business opportunity in Hyderabad.





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