8 Startups Are Banned From Campus Recruitment : IIT Kharagpur

Kharagpur : Online Food order portal Zomato and investment firm GPSK are among eight blacklisted startup companies which are now barred from approaching for placements from IIT Kharagpur, as they have defaulted on offers extended to students at the  premium institute’s last year placement. Not taking this matter lightly and leaving as it is. IIT Kharagpur has decided from now on to screen and cross check all startup’s credibility before they are permitted to sit for the campus recruitment process. The Core panel, ‘’All-IIT Placement Committee for campus‘’ recruitment across all the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the country has banned 31 startup companies in total and banned them from recruiting students for a year after a flurry of complaints against the firms

According to an official at the premium institute, 15 students were affected last year after the startups that conducted the recruitment process and then cancelled their offers without proper ground, have been blacklisted. So far only ten startups have fulfilled the mandatory eligibility norms laid by IIT Kharagpur this year.

IIT Kharagpur
IIT Kharagpur

IIT Delhi followed this by inviting NowFloats Technologies recently. It was also stated that IIT Madras, Kharagpur, and Guwahati were also closely following the development, while IIT Roorkee and IIT Kanpur were not to left behind, After the public announcement of the ban on start-ups on August 25, it is vague as to why these IITs are inflexible on going back to these companies, which have affected the IIt students brutally. The All-IIT Placement Committee (AIPC) further declined to comment on this matter. Some time back the AIPC had withdrew the ban on Crayon Data. This annul was only applied on the company’s Delhi and Singapore branches.

IIT-Kharagpur Debasis Deb said, the final recruitment round begins in Fall December, among the several startups who had approached them but they have handpicked only few who are suitable and fit their new criteria. Decent pay packages alone are not the sole criteria for their entry anymore. They have to maintain and ensure a a relationship on long term basis with the institute, and assurance to secure the positions to those whom they have extended their offer letters as they value the presence of their alumni in the startup firms which are coming for the placement rounds. During recruitment process, Students are also wary of joining the startups with low credentials in the market.

Kaustubha Mohanty (Coordinator of the All-IIT Placement Committee) shared, they wanted to send a “tough message” to the companies who visit to recruit their students at IIT and then “dishonour their commitment”. According to a high level member of the recruitment and placement cell  from IIT-Bombay, they may issue another list of startups who will be disqualified from hiring from the premium institutes for more than a year or even permanently if need arises . “We will hold dialogues with the concerned team and the employment in-charge. But we are not completely sure at this phase,” the official added.

Mohanty ( who is also a professor at IIT Guwahati) Added, Startups that seeks to conduct recruitment rounds in IIT campus after the ban period of one year will have to first write to the convener of AIPC and explains why they couldn’t keep up their commitments even after handing out placement letters. Post this, they will be instructed to give a proper presentation and discussion with committee members

Complete List of Startups Banned by IIT so far:

  1. Zomato
  2. Zettata
  3. NowFloats
  4. ConsultLane
  5. Zimply
  6. PepperTap
  7. Portea Medical
  8. Babajob
  9. GPSK
  10. Hopscotch
  11. SmartTrak Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  12. Crayon Data India Pvt Ltd.
  13. Glow Homes Technologies Pvt Ltd
  14. Tescra Software Pvt Ltd
  15. RockON Technologies
  16. Grofers
  17. Tenova India Pvt Ltd
  18. Verity Knowledge Solutions
  19. ExcellenceTech
  20. Stayzilla
  21. Roadrunnr
  22. LexInnova
  23. LeGarde Burnett Group;
  24. Johnson Electric, Japan
  25. Mera Hunar
  26. Fundamental Education
  27. CashCare Technology
  28. Holamed
  29. IndusInsight
  30. ClickLabs
  31. Grabhouse