Apple acquires its first Start-up in India – Tuplejump

Apple Inc., the maker of iPhone series smartphone and a tech giant from Silicon Valley, bought a Hyderabad-based start-up called Tuplejump that uses artificial intelligence to read and handle big data. It is Apple’s first purchase in the start-up domain in India. Terms of the deal have been kept confidential. Tuplejump was founded by Rohit Rai, Satyaprakash Buddhavarapu, and Deepak Alur.

Rumours have it that Apple is interested in the “FiloDB” – an open-source project that Tuplejump built to efficiently put on machine learning concepts and analytics to massive quantities of complex data right as it is poured in.

Apple is on an acquisition spree with Tuplejump being its third acquisition in the machine-learning realm this year. In August, Apple bought machine-learning start-up Turi for US$200 million. Earlier this year, in January, it bought Emotient for an undisclosed sum. Both of these start-ups are machine-learning based algorithms that incorporate big data to provide better customer-oriented services. Turi deals with Siri personal assistant and related technologies whereas Emotient revolves around artificial intelligence to examine facial expressions to calculate out the emotions. Such acquisitions fuse well with Apple’s purchase of Perceptio in 2015 – Perceptio makes it possible to run artificial intelligence image-classification programs on smartphones without needing too much customer data.

Apple is playing big and long on artificial intelligence usage to collate data from complex data sets to give an impetus to its revenues since iPhones sales are on a declivity. Such manner of inorganic growth is critical as the taste and preferences of clients are always evolving coupled with intense rivalry in the smartphone market for its flagship model – iPhones. Tuplejump happens to be India’s start-up industry’s contribution in this growth story.