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5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India Right Now

There was a time when stocks and FDs were the chosen investment options for most Indians. But today, experts swear by a new investment option: Cryptocurrency Exchange. Cryptocurrency trading is continually on an upward spiral. More and more people are trading currencies like Bitcoin to gain huge profits. So there’s no reason for you to stay behind!

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, register on the crypto exchange platforms in India before you trade. But which is the right crypto exchange platform for you?

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Find out by reading about the best cryptocurrency exchange in India right now! 

  1. CoinDCX
  2. UnoCoin
  3. CoinSwitch
  4. ZebPay
  5. WazirX

1. CoinDCX


Are you concerned about your money’s security? Is the maker and taker fee too much for you? CoinDCX is the answer to your woes. Launched in 2018, CoinDCX is a Singapore-based company that has dedicated itself to the field of cryptocurrency trading. CoinDCX believes that cryptocurrency is the future of trading, and hence, is dedicated to providing crypto literacy globally. The company has grown immensely in just two years of business.


  • CoinDCX is simple to use and offers hassle-free trading.
  • It is a secure place to trade. Backed by some big companies like BrainCapital Venture, CoinDCX puts a stamp on the security issues.
  • They take prices as low as 0.1%.
  • CoinDCX gives you a choice to trade in over 200 cryptocurrencies.

Other than these, CoinCDX has features like free deposit and withdrawal of money and access to trading products such as margin and lending.

2. UnoCoin

If there is anything like future reading, UnoCoin is the future reader of Indian Crypto trading. Launched in 2013, it is the oldest crypto trading platform available in the country. UnoCoin is a device-independent trading platform. This feature adds to its flexibility. UnoCoin has enabled security features like two-factor authentication to ensure safe and secure payments. The company has been trusted by many crypto traders.


  • To ensure the security of the user’s details and money, UnoCoin stores the investor’s assets in cold storage. It is done in such a way that even the company’s employees can’t access them.
  • For more flexibility, Unocoin provides multiple options to choose from for depositing and withdrawal. Bank transfer, UPI, and Mobikwik are the primary ones.
  • UnoCoin has a smooth and straightforward interface to make trading in cryptocurrency accessible.
  • The charges on withdrawal of bitcoin are as low as 0.0005%. These are some of the lowest prices for BTC withdrawal in the market.

Other features like easy portfolio management, high cash liquidity, and hassle-free transfers make UnoCoin extraordinarily relevant and popular.

3. CoinSwitch


CoinSwitch is another popular cryptocurrency trading platform best for newcomers in crypto trading. Launched in 2017, CoinSwitch has gained its position among the top crypto exchange platforms in just three years. With more than 300 cryptocurrencies to deal in, CoinSwitch has established a name for itself in the market. CoinSwitch has many features to make customers feel at ease.


  • CoinSwitch allows the investors to transfer between one cryptocurrency to other without any extra charges. For instance, if you want to trade your Bitcoin for some Ethereum, you can do it with CoinSwitch.
  • It has over 300 cryptocurrencies to choose from.
  • Using CoinSwitch is easy and convenient. It takes three easy steps to get started.
  • CoinSwitch has an automatic filter that compares the rates of different crypto exchanges and shows you the best one.

Other than these, the intuitive and straightforward design of the CoinSwitch website makes it smooth for users to get started.

4. ZebPay


ZebPay is a known name for crypto exchange throughout the country. It is a wallet-based crypto exchange with over 6 years of experience. Launched in 2014, ZebPay is one of the oldest crypto exchange platforms in the country. It has significant experience in cryptocurrencies and promises to give the best deals at minimum brokerage cost. Its multi-platform interface makes it all the more accessible. ZebPay’s popularity is due to the continuously evolving designs and its ability to keep up with time.


  • It is a wallet-based crypto exchange app. The ease of use of wallet-based apps attracts more people to crypto trading.
  • It complies with the KYC rules of the government to ensure absolutely no fraud. With KYC, Zebpay ensures that no suspicious person uses it.
  • ZebPay keeps 98% of its investor’s assets in cold storage, making it highly secure.

Apart from the above, ZebPay gives features like transactional alerts, a smooth user experience, and wallet-based trading.

5. WazirX


Do you want the option to trade through UPI or e-wallet? WazirX is the place for you. WazirX is the most used Indian crypto exchange platform. Launched in 2017, WazirX has earned a name for itself due to its excellent customer service. With time, the popularity of WazirX is growing. The platform is being used by both new and experienced traders to help in their journey of crypto exchange. WazirX has some features that no other firm/app has been able to replicate.


  • You can transfer your cryptocurrencies to the WazirX wallet for instant withdrawal of your crypto assets.
  • You can look for traders and experts to work for your portfolio. Giving them a fixed percentage of your profit can help you earn more efficiently.
  • Get 50% of the trading fee as a reward in their referral program.

Apart from these, WazirX provides 24X7 customer support, safe transactions, and a simple profile setup.


Above are some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Using any of the given will be a perfect start for your crypto trading career. Just make sure you’re conscious of measures and the terms and conditions of each of these platforms. Jump on one of them today, and start reaping the rich benefits of cryptocurrency exchange.

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