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Top 10 Best Payment Gateway Options in India

Looking to go online with your business? You must offer your customers the option to book your service or product and pay online to quickly close the deal. And for that,  it’s essential to have a secure and fast payment gateway.

With so many exciting options available, it can be hard to find the most secure and suitable payment gateway. But we’re here to help. Here we list the leading payment gateways in India to choose from.

Best Payment Gateways In India

Look at their salient features and see which one suits your customers and business the best.

  1.  Razorpay
  2.  PayU
  3. Direcpay
  4. Cashfree
  5.  Paykun
  6.  PayPal
  7.  CCAvenue
  8.  Paytm
  9.  Instamojo
  10. Atom

1. Razorpay


Razorpay has shone through as one of the fastest-growing payment gateways in the last decade. Founded by an IIT Roorkee Alumni, the gateway manages marketplaces, facilitates, working capital loans and automates fund transfers and payments. It also shares invoices and manages recurring payments with ease.

The startup is valued at over a billion dollars and has managed to help over 8,00,000 businesses.


  • Special focus on Indian businesses
  • Provides 24/7 customer support and assistance
  • Supports a host of payment methods including debit cards, net banking, credit cards, wallets, and the trending UPI
  • RazorpayX- the company’s business banking arm ensures smooth end-to-end movement of money
  • You can get a payment button on your websites to accept payment within 5 minutes
  • You can flag risky transactions and fraud purchases using the Thirdwatch feature
  • Zero withdrawal fee
  • Mobile app registration for Android and iOS
  • 3-day settlements to your bank account

2. PayU


Another highly secure payment gateway in India, PayU has a wide range of payment options. The payment gateway is loved by businesses for its high-level security. It also allows you to access a secure wallet and pay bills online.

You do have to submit a large number of documents before registering on PayU. The onboarding process can be cumbersome for some users. But once you get the hard and soft copies approved, you’ll find it a breeze to work with.


  • Zero withdrawal fee
  • International payments supported
  • No annual maintenance charges
  • All types of domestic credit cards supported
  • Supports all major CMS systems
  • Mobile app integration possible with Android and iOS

3. Direcpay


A venture of the Times group, Direcpay is another reliable payment gateway that has gained prominence in recent years. You can receive both mobile payments and those through net banking on this user-friendly payment gateway.

The presence of Norton Security and PCI DSS certification makes Direcpay a good option for large transactions. You can also avail EMI options in the flexible payment process of the gateway. The registration is pretty simple and you can start receiving payments securely in little time.


  • Quick integration service
  • PCI-DSS certified gateway platform
  • Customized user interface as per your business
  • Variety of debit cards, credit cards, wallets, and UPI accepted
  • International credit cards accepted
  • Multi-bank EMIs available

4. Cashfree


Cashfree provides the largest number of payment options. This makes it the preferred gateway for businesses with international clients. You will get a whopping 75+ Netbanking options. There are eWallet options like Airtel, Freecharge and Paytm, Visa, Maestro, Rupay, and EMI options from Zest Money, and Ola Money available too.

Furthermore, it supports PayPal, NEFT, and UPI. It also has one of the fastest settlement times with payments settled in under 48 hours. You will also pay just 1.75% per transaction, which is among the lowest rates.


  • Zero initial setup fee
  • No annual maintenance charges
  • International credit cards accepted
  • Pay Later and other EMI options like Zest Money are available
  • Facility to bill subscription plans and customize them
  • Multi-currency support for over 32 currencies
  • Livechat support with dedicated account manager for each client
  • Integrations for eCommerce like Shopify and WooCommerce

5. Paykun

This is another secure transaction gateway to smoothen the payment process between customers and businesses. A host of local small to medium businesses has successfully set up their websites and accept payments quickly after closing deals using Paykun.

You don’t have to be a business to register with Paykun, though. The gateway allows quick registration for individuals, trusts, NGOs, eCommerce businesses, and more. Your customers will get a host of payment options when checking out of your site. The setup cost is zero, so you can start using it immediately.


  • No hidden charges or annual maintenance
  • Quick paperless onboarding process for everyone
  • Free integration of payment methods with your website or app
  • Option to retry failed payments for users
  • Complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
  • Friendly UI and Dashboard
  • Quick single-click full and partial refunds available
  • Zero withdrawal fee

6. PayPal


Easily one of the most popular and oldest payment gateways, PayPal has gained prominence in India too. The payment platform is available in over 200 countries and has a solid channel to provide secure transactions. Over 200 million people use PayPal regularly, making it a hugely trusted payment gateway.

PayPal has an open payment gateway for anybody to use. It supports over 100 currencies with the option to withdraw balances in 57 currencies. The payment platform is specifically for businesses accepting payments from abroad as Indian regulations don’t allow Indian credit card payments through PayPal.


  • Zero annual maintenance charges
  • Over 100 international currencies supported
  • Payments auto withdrawn to local banks on a daily basis
  • Excellent 24×7 support system for all kinds of queries
  • It takes just a few minutes to open a functional merchant account
  • Start accepting payment immediately post-registration
  • Most popular CMS systems supported
  • Mobile app integrations available for Android and iOS

7. CCAvenue


CCAvenue is one of the largest payment gateways in India, offering over 200 payment options including lesser-used ones like Amex, Diners Club, eZeClick, and more. The gateway also supports Indian businesses serving international markets with the support of 27 major currencies. That makes it a good alternative for PayPal in India.

The gateway offers a multilingual page with translations in over 18 languages for the convenience of your international customers. It does charge a flat fee on domestic payments as well as annual maintenance charges for startup accounts, but maintains security and user-friendliness.


  • Mobile payments accepted quickly
  • Recurring payments and subscriptions automated
  • Over 200 payment methods for all users
  • Fraud detection system available
  • Generates invoices for customers
  • International transactions and multiple currencies supported
  • Quick account activation within an hour
  • No setup fee

8. Paytm


Easily the most popular and highest valued payment platform in India, Paytm has now become a household name even in rural areas. It is synonymous with online payments in India. One of the main reasons behind its success has been its user-friendly service.

Just like its wallet and app, Paytm’s payment gateway is extremely easy to use. It supports all types of domestic credit and debit cards from over 50 banks. You can also avail of international transactions from the Paytm gateway at just 2.8% for international cards. It supports over 72 currencies.


  • All domestic and international credit or debit cards accepted
  • Minimal pricing of payment gateway
  • Over 72 currencies supported for international transactions
  • Same-day or real time settlements also available, apart from 1-2 days limits
  • It takes just 2 days to start accepting payments after registration
  • eCommerce systems like Shopify, Joomla, Opencart, Easy Digital, and more
  • Secure gateway trusted by millions

9. Instamojo


Instamojo is another successful payment gateway company with over a million active users. The platform has an extremely easy-to-use interface and is lightning quick. You can access over 100 payment options, making it extremely inclusive.

You can also accept payments on a monthly basis using the recurring billing facility included with Instamojo. Plus, you may integrate the gateway with multiple websites as well as mobile apps. The platform is excellent for small businesses and doesn’t cost anything for bank transfer or NEFT. It isn’t ideal for international businesses, though, due to the lack of support for multi-currency payments.


  • Electronic invoicing for all payments available
  • Quick and easy onboarding process available
  • Smart payment analytics
  • Subscription and recurring payment customization available
  • Live chat and tech support
  • More than 100 payment modes
  • No setup fee
  • Easy website and app integration for PC and mobile

10. Atom

One of the fastest-growing payment gateways in India, Atom has a user base of over 2.5 lakh businesses. With the integration of over 256 payment options including support for over 50 banks, Atom covers all types of payment options in India. The express checkout page of Atom payments makes payments extremely fast and secure.

Atom additionally has a high-security encryption system to ensure payments never get delayed or lost. The gateway also provides invoices to your customers after purchase to make the process clear and transparent. Customers also get the payment retry option in case of network failure, and so on.

You can also keep an eye on traffic and payments from the Merchant Console provided by Atom. The gateway also supports a multi-currency system to help you serve international customers.


  • Merchant console for business and payment analytics
  • Advanced security measures for large businesses
  • Easy integration to websites and apps
  • Quick payment retry options for customers
  • Express checkouts for quick hassle-free payments
  • You can generate invoices from here
  • Supports over 256 payment options

How to Select The Best Payment Gateway?


To save you from confusion, we have some tips you can follow to select the best payment gateway for your company.

Select A Smooth And Intuitive UI

No customer wants to be lost figuring out the correct way to make a payment. It is a general tendency for them to choose another site if they face the slightest of difficulties. That is a lost customer for your business!

This is why, it’s crucial that you choose a payment gateway with an interactive user interface. It should also have intuitive features like the option to remember credit card numbers. Plus, it shouldn’t have very small fonts or a lagging problem on mobile devices. Another factor that drives away consumers is registration before payment. 25 percent abandon their shopping carts only because they don’t want to register just to purchase the product.

A poor UI for a payment gateway looks unprofessional. It can even appear fishy and create distrust amongst your customers. So before finalising a payment gateway for your brand, browse through different ones to check out their UI. You can even request a trial from some brands if you aren’t sure just by looking. Choose one that completes payments in the least number of steps, is highly interactive, works well on mobile devices, and looks appealing.

Accept All Forms Of Payments

There are so many options for online payment nowadays: UPI, Debit, Credit Cards, wallets, and Net Banking. Your customer can prefer any of them. What will make you win the online shopping game is the variety of payment options your business offers.

Choosing a gateway with multiple payment options helps you ensure maximum customer convenience. It enhances the user experience, which ultimately builds a good brand image.

Multiple payment options are a great way to lure in new customers. If your business transacts internationally, ensure that your chosen payment gateway also accepts international cards and payment methods. These usually include American Express, Mastercard, VISA, and Paypal.

Ensure Security

Ensure Security

Security is the primary concern for online transactions. The customers put their complete trust in the gateway to deliver their payment successfully. Having an insecure gateway can tarnish your brand’s reputation quickly. If your brand is responsible for customers’ data breach because of an insecure gateway, you might even land into legal trouble.

Having a secure payment gateway is also crucial for you. You will be required to make your payments through this gateway too. With the online world replete with fraudsters, you need to ensure a gateway that has multiple security measures. These include two-factor authentication and encryption.

Look for a payment gateway with some reputed security certificate. If you’re not sure about security credentials of a gateway, contact its customer care. Also, check customer reviews for that gateway along with past history of data breaches. Choose one that looks the most secure. 

Analyse Transaction Costs

Every time a payment is processed, transaction charges are taken by the gateway. The payment gateway charges in India aren’t fixed and vary according to the brand. Generally, these charges are taken from the customers. If the charges are high, the effective cost of the product will increase. This will reduce the chances of your customer purchasing it.

Choosing a gateway with the minimum transaction cost is crucial. But make sure you don’t end up with an insecure payment gateway just because you were looking for a cheaper one. A good balance between security and transaction costs is ideal.

Choosing a payment gateway offering to conduct transactions at a low cost is beneficial for you too. If you ever make payments or refunds using the same gateway, you too will have to pay less. So go through a comparative list of the payment gateway charges of different brands and choose the one that looks the most promising.

Look At Ease Of Refund

While shopping online, many customers fail to judge if the products fit them because they can’t physically analyse it. So, they often end up returning the products purchased. And naturally, they want their money back.. That’s where the importance of refund comes in.

You must choose a payment gateway that can refund the money quickly and efficiently. Smooth refund builds credibility and ensures the company has good trade ethics. And we can’t emphasise the importance of a good brand reputation enough.

Look at the refund settling times and costs that different payment gateways in India offer. Ideally, you should choose one that settles the refunds quickest. But if that alone makes the gateway too expensive, look for a balance between charges and ease of settlement. Also, make sure your brand’s website clearly mentions the refund processing time so that customers aren’t mislead.  

Is The Customer Service Good?

You don’t have a team of software experts waiting to fix glitches in your payment gateway. That’s the payment gateway provider’s job, and they should do it well.

The payment gateway you select must have round the clock customer support feature. This way, none of your customers will be troubled no matter when and where they shop from. Also, if you face any problems settling refunds, a good customer support will make things easy.

Good customer service also includes regular promotional offers and discounts. You can easily find out these details about a payment gateway provider by simply analysing their users’ reviews. So, the next time you go looking for a payment gateway provider, choose one that’s most responsive.


These were some of the most popular and secure payment gateways in India. You can check out their complete features on their websites and choose the one that suits your needs. Each business is different, and so is the audience. You might want to look at a payment gateway that offers support for international currency as well as foreign cards, if you have international customers. A payment gateway that covers all Indian banks and is secure would be good enough if your sales are exclusive to India.

So choose the ones that are most convenient for your clients without compromising on security.

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