Top 50 Best Startup Ideas In India

startups business ideas

Starting a business is not a child’s play. Every business has competitors, market factors, customer power, brand switching cost and so on. Start-ups are not some ideas printed on paper. HCL, ITC, TATA and many other multinational companies were once startup ideas. You need to create an idea by taking every market factor into consideration. Last but not least, the proposed idea should be plausible, sustainable and profitable. India is a very vast market that is attracting many players from international locations too. This country has resources and audience for numerous types of businesses and here are a few startup business ideas that would suit Indian market. Each idea has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and you ought to learn about those elements before investing time and money into it.

Top 10 Business Business Ideas in India

Restaurant franchise

Investment required: 7,00,000 to 20,00,000

ROI– less than a year

startups business ideasRestaurant franchise includes top international brands like PizzaHut, Subway and so on. The major part of the investment would be the franchise rent that you pay for the brand. There are a lot of food based startup business ideas like ice cream parlor, cafe, fine dining and specialty foods. The next main investment is space. Each franchise has its requirement in terms of space and you might have to show some financial security too.

Since it is a very famous brand, you need not worry about attracting customers. All you need is a good commercialized place where you can find people interested in the type of food that you are selling. The return on investment for franchise based startup business ideas would not take more than a year usually as the brand is well established and you would already have loyal customers even before you open your store. The one disadvantage for this type of startup ideas is that you would have to regularly pay franchise rent to the company (yearly or monthly as per their standards).

E-commerce solution provider

Investment required: less than 1,00,000

ROI– 1 year – 2 years

It is well and good if you are planning to start an e-commerce site. The problem is there are a lot of players in the field. You can turn this disadvantage to your advantage by starting an e-commerce solution provider. If you have knowledge about website development, SEO and payment gateway selection, you can easily start this business. Providing hosting services would increase the initial investment.

The major part of investment for this type of startup ideas includes buying software packages, advertisement in internet and hardware like internet modem, telephone, computer and others. You need not allocate a separate place for this business if you are starting it in small scale. As you grow, you can hire specialist in each platform and also start hosting services.

The other advantage in these types of startup ideas is that there are very few fully fledged e-commerce solution providers in India and numerous e-commerce sites coming up. If you focus on small and upcoming clients, you can create a large client base within a few months. Since it is pay per customer satisfied, you might have a long waiting period before you make a break even.

Tourism based rental services

Investment required: 5,00,000 to 20,00,000

ROI– 2 years

start a travel agency business in indiaThis is one of the start-up ideas where the location is very crucial. Are you located in a prime tourism spot in India? Does your location attract numerous international and local tourist every year? You can start this business. There are a lot of things that you can rent out other than cars and buses. Rental bikes, golf gear, tourist guides, fishing equipment and a lot more that are essential for enjoying a vacation in your area can be profitable.

If you are ready to take the business to next level, you can also provide rental apart-hotels and small lodging services. Providing rental space would increase your initial investment. Thus, it is better to have a business deal with a nearby rental place for commission for each customer that you send to them. Initial investment includes a business place in a peak area, equipment for rent and human resources for dealing with tourists. You can hire guide in on-demand basis. There are taxi drivers who work in on-demand basis too.

The power of competition for this type of startup ideas will be high since you would be located in a prime tourist area. You need to provide competitive price and unique product packages to attract customer. Online presence is very essential. Tourists who are about to visit a place would tend to make every arrangement before getting into the destination. You can have a simple site where people can book services prior to their vacation time.

Training center startup in India

Investment required: 50,000 to 2,00,000

ROI– six months

This is one of the few startup business ideas where you can find a lot of prospects. You have two options here. You can either start school/college based tuition center or for competitive examinations like CAT, GATE and others. Initial investment includes room for rent (if you are starting small in a room in your house, you can skip this part of investment), seating arrangements, teaching equipment and if needed, hiring a couple of trainers. With small scale ads, you can attract customers around you.

Even if you have ten students in a room in your house, you would end up breaking even within six months. If you are renting a larger room, you would need 20 students to break even in six months. If you satisfy a few students, the success of your training center would spread with word of mouth and you would have more students within a few months.

Training center is not just for academics. You can also create numerous other startup business ideas like computer training center, embroidery class, electronic repair training center or any other training based on the skill set you have or based on the type of trainers that you can hire. If you are planning for something more professional, provide high end computer courses like animation course, website building course, coding training and others. You can hire freelance trainers to train the students for one hour in batches.

On the other hand, a different version of this idea is to provide management training to employees. This version would take at least five to seven years to break even if you are able to find one client after another. You would need a team of trainers, a customer representative or business developer who can communicate with companies to bag the project and professional course syllabus for practical training and so on. In such a venture, you might have to tailor the course to suit the client and this would need very experienced trainers in your team. This is one of the startup business ideas where you can find thousands of variants that would suit different niche of customers. The smaller the niche, harder it would be to find many clients. Once you have created a good impression, you can attract numerous customers every month.

Beauty parlor/Spa

Investment required: 1,00,000 to 10,00,000

ROI– 18 months – 30 months

start a beauty salon business in IndiaYou can find franchise in this field too. There are a lot of players in the field and best way to get more customers is to start up a franchise rather than an own brand. You should either take up professional beautician course or hire someone with a certification. The initial investment, space requirement and equipment requirements would depend on the franchise. If you are planning to start small, you can skip the space requirement and use a room in your house to set up the parlor. You would need best equipment and local advertisement to pull in more customers.

30% of the startup ideas fail within the first year due to last of customers. This is a best example of such an idea. The main reason is that you can find numerous competitors in the same street as yours. You should be unique and have competitive products to start with. Another element to consideration is word-of-mouth. The only way that your parlor could gain recognition is through word-of-mouth. If you end up spoiling one make-up session, you would lose a lot of potential customers.

Like every other startup business ideas in this article, this idea also has major prospects in different angles. You can create beauty products in your home and sell them to your customers. Since they like your sessions, they would be happy to buy products from you too. Instead of making, you can have high end products on your shelf too. You can also add men salon to your business as you grow to increase your customer base. In India, more and more men are interested in groom than they were a few years ago.

Online presence and social media advertisements are very essential. Discount coupons and attractive packages would pull in new customers. If you like to take your business to next level, you can provide hair growth treatments or add a photography studio for people to take pictures for matrimony sites and others.

Free blog platform provider

Investment required: 20,00,000 to 50,00,000

ROI– 3 years

A lot of people are looking forward for creating a blog for their personal needs. This is not a single business idea; it is a pack of startup ideas which would provide all necessary requirements for bloggers. Your business should provide hosting, domain, website builder software and others. You can create free and paid packages with varying features, sell relevant advertisements on personal blogs, charge for payment gateway usage, themes and other support for commercial site and so on. Your main income comes through advertisements you sell on other’s blog. Since blog is for free, you can take up the advertisement space.

There are a few players in free blog providing platform. If you feel too much pressure, remove commercial sites and provide services for just blogs. This way, it would be easier for you to focus on advertisements. You can easily find advertisements and get paid through Google. As you grow up, you can provide free themes, commercial solutions and even combine the idea of e-commerce solution (second idea in this article) along with free blogging.

Main investment is this type of startup business ideas is infrastructure. You need servers, hardware, software packages and others. You need a couple of specialists in each field. Advertisement is the key here. Every simple man in your audience should know that there is a free blog site in which he can express his views without spending money. If you play your cards right, you can soon become a large venture in this field.

Digital advertisement consultant/ SEO SEM SMM consultant

Investment required: less than two lakhs

ROI– one year to two years

If you are not sure what the title meant, you might have to hire three types of professionals for your business.  You would need SEO analyst, SEM analyst and SMM consultant. Your aim is to find clients who want you to advertise their business through Google ads or want their site to become popular. You can provide their ads, social media content and also work on their site to make them more popular in internet.

online business ideasWith more and more online stores and sites, everyone wants to be on the first page of Google and there are a few competitors for this business in India. The initial investments include human resource, infrastructure and computer elements. You might need a customer representative or someone very fluent in talking with clients in a professional manner into taking your business deal. You can find clients by randomly calling each entrepreneur to know whether they need publicity for their website.

If the customers do not see a hike in traffic in their site, they would retract their service. Thus, you would have a few months before you can make a loyal customer or lose them forever. You can also get international customers as India is a cheaper outsourcing market for them. You would need someone who is fluent in English in their accent. This is not a pioneer idea and there are higher players with similar startup business ideas and thus, it is important to grow a little before you reach out to international customers.

Photography studio/ digital photography service

Investment required: less than one lakh

ROI– one year

Owning a DSLR would not make you completely eligible to start this business. You need professional equipment and years of experience in digital photography and related software packages. On the other hand, you can hire someone who knows these in less than 20,000 rupees. Location is very crucial. People would not spend time in searching for your particular store. You need to be in a prime place and an online site or social media presence is very essential. You can target marriage or other celebrations for photography services. Headshots, passport photos and many other prospects are present for this service.

Success of your business can be promoted by providing instant photography services. There are a lot of players in the market with high cost and you can thrive as a low cost option in India. Many people need instant photographs for numerous purposes and the best way to find good audience is to locate your store near places like recruitment agencies, schools and others.

If you are planning on taking your business to next level, you can provide related services like banner printing and designing, video services and so on. Selling related products like photo printing paper, album covers and others would provide more profit. Major investment cost for this type of startup business ideas would be the equipments. You can rent a small room and local advertisement is very essential. A person who is 20 or 30 km away from your store would not drive all the way to find you for your service. Your local population should be targeted first. Big banners, advertisement handouts and other attractive representation would bring in more customers on a daily basis.

You can convert this into numerous different startup business ideas by adding niche services. Most of the people take pictures either for matrimony, passport or job. You can provide online services where people can get your help in applying  for passport online, online job application, resume writing, matrimony registration and so on.

Computer centre / internet cafe

Investment required: 2,00,000 to 5,00,000

ROI– 18 months or less

how to start an internet cafe business in IndiaYou would need three to four computers with moderate speed internet. A few other hardware elements like headphones and printer would be essential. This is the base of your business. If you apply for a bank loan, you can easily get every electronic element in less than one lakh. If possible, you can also acquire second hand computer systems to reduce the overall investment. The next main investment would be seating arrangement. Each computer should be in a different room or cabin for privacy. Computer tables, chairs, AC or fans, lights, desk and computer for admin and waiting chairs would constitute basic seating arrangement.

The major investment element in this type of startup business ideas would be location. If your location is dead, your business has no probability of surviving. You need a place where a lot of people gather every day. The place should be filled with other businesses or residential complex. To attract more customers, you need to provide simple other services like photocopy, printing, stationary items, resume writing service, typing service, related computer products like computer accessories, printer ink and other. You can also have tie-ups with any repair service providers to improve your service circle.

If you have many residential complexes around you, add gaming consoles to your cafe to attract young crowd. You need not hire anyone if you are very savvy in basic computer operation. If you are able to get ample amount of crowd every week, you can break even before one year. You can also incorporate other start-up ideas along with this. If your location is near a school, add an ice cream parlour to your cafe. If it is near a business location, snack bar or a small coffee shop would help you get more attention in the area.

Recruitment agency/ HR consultancy

Investment required: 2,00,000 to 3,00,000

ROI– 5 years

Recruitment agency would need a computer, internet connection and a phone. You might have a hire another person, if needed. Thus, the initial cost of building the business is extremely low like many other small startup ideas that are listed here. But, for the first 12-18 months, you might be running business without much of revenue. Your revenue starts to grow as you close business deals with companies. Once your brand value increases, you would be easily gathering new clients and you would have a long list of candidates waiting to be placed by you.

If you are planning to purchase a franchise, the cost of franchise would be anywhere between 20 and 25 lakhs but, the return on investment would be very fast. You would also have to pay 5-9% of your earnings as loyalty fee. You can also join a recruitment network.

The success of your business will depend on hiring candidates for your clients as per their requirements. For every candidate that you hire for your client, you would be paid an amount. Thus, you would be working on commission per candidate. You can also hire freelancers to work under you for a commission for each candidate that they recommend. Research and contacting clients and candidates are very essential and thus, communication skill is very crucial here. You need not search for a place for this business. You can run it as a home based business too.

These ten startup ideas are handpicked for Indian market. These startup ideas have ample prospect and also do not need a very huge investment. Other top startup business ideas are matchmaking, organic food production, grocery store, renting commercial places, tailoring services and others. Remember that competition is everywhere. Do not jump into any of the above startup ideas just because it has been listed in this article. You need to be very open to market research and take every market element into consideration. For instance, if you are planning to start a supermarket, do not choose a location that is very close to a mall or where there are no residential complexes. Starting from location to the niche audience, every factor is essential for all startup ideas. Create a draft plan and get help from any market research company, if needed.