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Top 20 Best Startups in India

India has become a booming market for Startups and everywhere you go, you can see one startup or the other. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his Startup Standup India initiative, startups in India have become a really common sight. While it takes a lot of guts to start your own business, there are many other factors that affect its success. You need the right product, right funding, the right marketing, and so many other things to achieve great heights.

Factors that decide how well a Startup is doing-

Here are some factors that may help you in deciding whether a particular startup is as good as it promises to be-

  • Product or service- Countless startups in India have created some really unconventional products or services but not all of them have been successful. To stay ahead of the game, the product must here to stay, offering the best of everything.
  • Overall Funding- Without the right funding, no startups in India can see good days. The right funding gives you the freedom to try every idea you have in mind and bring out the best in you.
  • Marketing- The marketing strategy followed by a startup can either lead to astounding success or failure. Some startups in India which follow word-of-mouth marketing still do way better than others who have ads all over the place.
  • Customer Satisfaction- The most important factor that decides the success or failure of a startup is customer satisfaction. If a startup is not able to fulfill the requirements of a customer, what good is it? Customer satisfaction and good feedback are absolutely necessary to make a good name in the market.
  • Employee Growth- If you haven’t ever worked with a startup, you will be surprised to know the efforts that the employees put in to make their brand a success. If a startup is able to provide the best growth and opportunity to its employees, this is a huge success in itself.
  • Profit- Last but so not the least, the startups in India need to make a clean and good profit to survive in the market. Many great ideas of startups in India are not able to come out of their shell just because they are not able to make the right profit.

Best Startups in India-

Indian Startups have touched our lives in many ways for the last five years at least. With champions like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Oyo Cabs in the market, they have got the right inspiration. All they need is proper execution. So here is a list of the Top 20 Best Startups in India that you must know about-



Housing is the first map-based house hunting search engine in India. You will find photographs of every single property listed on their website. They offer a 360-degree view and aerial view of all properties. One of the best features offered by this startup is the price heat map, which allows you to determine the price area-wise. The website is very professional and with an investment of over 100 crores, this startup has put the money to good use.


Launched in 2010, Zerodha is an online stock trading platform. Touted as India’s first discount broker, the company sees a daily turnover of over 10,000 crores. This startup in India offers the lowest rates of brokerage. The company has broken many barriers that traders used to face in the past in terms of cost, support, and technology.


PayTM or Pay Through Mobile started off in the year 2010 as a mere online recharge platform. Over the years, this startup has grown up on so many levels. From the online recharge platform, the company is now omnipresent in all the online interactions you make. In terms of mobile downloads, the Paytm app even beat Amazon’s app. Paytm is our very own bank of this age.

OYO Rooms

This startup has come a long way in the very competitive market of hotel booking business. With competitors like Goibibo, MakeMyTrip with strong roots in the market, Oyo gives you the option of booking rooms cheaply. The company has created its own brand name and people actually prefer using it more.



Padhaaro simply means arrive and this startup provides a platform to connect local experts with foreign and Indian tourists. The simple idea of seeing a city through the eyes of a local is very intriguing it itself and that’s what makes this one of the best startups in India.


Both Red Streak is credited to be the first ‘smart’ mobile-phone charger for bikes in the world. The startup offers a 2 A charger that is detachable, making it anti-theft too. Apart from charging your phone, the device will also keep a track of your ride from the total distance to the average speed. They also offer a waterproof pouch known as Bolt Pocket.


Cashkaro is a cashback and discount-couponing website that helps you in finding the best deals and offers over the Internet. Ratan Tata is one of the investors in this startup and this is a big statement in itself. With over 10 lakh users and 50 lakh page views every month, this is one of the best startups in India to look out for.



This is a startup that aims at helping global market users in sending anything anywhere. Beck Instant Delivery is an app that allows you to get something delivered within the same city on the same day. While BECKFriends.com is a peer-to-peer delivery service that offers you the opportunity to earn money while traveling.


Smart-cab booking is a thing of the past and Jugnoo now offers smart rickshaw booking too. The app offers you reliable and affordable auto rides at the click of a button. They also offer huge cash backs and other interesting features.


Splitting money among roommates is no longer an issue if you have tried the MyPoolin app. This app allows you to split payments for anything and everything. It may include movie tickets, backpacking trips, parties etc. This startup has also tied up with other startups in India like PayTM and MobiQwik.

Track N Tell

Trak N Tell enables the users to track their cars by using their mobile phones only. This comes in very handy in case of a theft. The app gives you all information like location, overspeeding limits, the pattern of usage etc. This startup recently got funded by the co-founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton.



This startup provides a really useful platform for students to take a look at the kind of courses available for them. It helps you in pursuing a course or in enrolling for a degree and will lead you all the way till the process is completed. This is a unique startup catering in the education industry.

Tesseract Imaging

Another one of the unique startups in India, Tesseract makes 360-degree Virtual Reality cameras. These cameras will help in mapping any location in the 3D model. Currently, they offer two types of cameras- Methane 360 and ViCam. These cameras will allow you to take a virtual tour of a room without having to visit it.


‘Chai’ or tea is one of the biggest weaknesses of us Indians and the idea behind Chaayos is to take full advantage of this particular weakness. Chaayos is a fast-growing chain of chai bars that offer over 25 varieties of tea. You even get to customize these teas in 12,000 different ways if you are willing to. They have even deliver tea at home and offer you ‘Chaayos’ special packaged ‘chai patti’ to enjoy at home.



POPxo has become every Indian girl’s BFF in the last few years. The website offers every sort of advice you can ask for. From fashion, beauty, make-up, dating to sex-tips, it is all in here. It even helps you in planning your marriage or your career. The website is now also catering to the needs of men.


FindMyStay is another online hotel and room booking platform but with a twist. It allows you to book rooms in a hotel at whatever prices you wish through a reverse bidding process. This is actually very helpful when it comes to finding the cheapest price of the best room. You can save up to 50 to 70 percent of your money by using this website.


In this busy world, we have barely got time to read the newspaper. While we make do with various news apps, they are still not that short. Inshorts has offered the perfect solution by presenting various news of the day in just 60 words. There are around 10 different categories of news offered. This startup has been launched in Hindi and will soon also become one of the first startups in India in other languages like Tamil, Marathi, and Bengali.


Buzzmeeh offers doorstep repair service for smartphones and tablets that are one-of-its-kind. They are very punctual when it comes to service and have come up as a great option for repair shops or service centers. They even provide with an extra device to use until your phone is repaired. The repair period is just 24 hours!



Ordering food was never this easy. Swiggy allows you to order the food you are craving, without considering the fact that it is from one of the finest restaurants or from a local vendor. The app has grown a lot since its launch; there are a lot of options available with hundreds of new restaurants adding every month. So, no doubt this is one of the best startups in India.


A headache that you get when you want a certain task to be done and you can’t find the right person to do it has been eliminated by UrbanClap. This startup helps you in finding the best service provider for whatever activity you want. They fulfill all your needs from finding a decorator or a photographer for a marriage ceremony to getting something repaired.

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