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Top 10 Business Ideas for Men

You may or may not be your family’s primary breadwinner. But as a man, you probably want to support them financially. Or you may just need some way to earn sufficiently for yourself. Doing either is mostly tough with just any job. So how else do you do it? With a business!

Pursuing a business can open a world of possibilities for unlimited growth. You can start it as a part-time business and later transform it into a full-time one.

Business Ideas For Men

Here we list 10 of the fastest growing business ideas for men that you can pursue.

  1. Distribution
  2.  Restaurant Business
  3.  Open a Bar
  4. Toy Store
  5.  Skincare Products
  6.  Men’s Publications
  7. Courier Business
  8.  Computer Repair and Maintenance
  9. 9. Provide IT Support
  10. Gym

1. Distribution

Investment₹0 – ₹50,000 (depending on your method)
ROI1- 2 months
Profit₹30,000- ₹40,000

This is easily one of the lowest-risk businesses you can venture into without leaving your current job. A distribution business hardly takes any investment at the start. You can just make contacts with wholesalers and start marketing.

Once you have got the shopkeepers’ orders, buy the product from the factory and sell them. After gaining some footing in the market, you can even take orders by phone. It’s an excellent way to understand the market. Plus, you can make connections before opening a manufacturing unit.

distribution business

How to Start the Business?

  • The most crucial part is making good connections with the factory owners and wholesalers whose items you want to resell.
  • Start by researching the product and the areas where they are sold. Having a good idea about it will help you find clients faster.
  • Try to sell your products at lower profits until you gain recognition in the market.
  • Set delivery channels and then register your business as a distributor.

2. Restaurant Business

Investment₹1,00,000 – ₹2,00,000 (may be more if you purchase property instead of renting)
ROI1-2 months
Profit₹50,000- ₹1,00,000

Most middle and upper-middle-class families eat out frequently these days. Moreover, the increasing number of food delivery services has only boosted the industry. This means you’re not out of business even if too many people don’t visit your restaurant physically.

Registering your business on Zomato and Swiggy can help you earn quick profits without the hassle of too much marketing. That also ensures that you don’t have to focus too much on ambience. You can make a lot by just delivering quality food. Focus on food items that sell in your area for instant success.

Restaurant business

How to Start this Business?

  • Find a particular cuisine of food that you want to sell. It might be Chinese, continental, or traditional.
  • Focus on finding an excellent chef. In the end, it’s the food that matters most in a restaurant business.
  • Find a place to open a restaurant and try building an ambience that suits your target audience.
  • Advertise your business and list it on food delivery services for quick results.

3. Open a Bar

Investment₹2,00,000 – ₹3,00,000 (may be more if you purchase property instead of renting)
ROI1-2 months
Profit₹1,00,000- ₹2,00,000

Fun weekends with friends and a glass of wine or beer are popular hangout ideas in most cities. Since weekend enjoyment is a luxury, you can earn huge profits by opening a bar.

While individual customers would come to your place regularly, it’s the parties that would make you the highest profits. You can offer a large variety of drinks and snacks. Invest in lively decor to make your bar a go-to destination for classy drinkers and newbies alike.

open a bar

How to Start the Business?

  • Get hold of a picturesque and bustling location to set up a bar.
  • Gain a license from the authorities. Make sure you serve liquor to people above the age of 25 to avoid legal trouble.
  • Pay special attention to the snacks and the dance floor.
  • Market your bar online and via magazines and billboards. Host a few parties to get things going.

4. Toy Store

Investment₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000
ROI1-2 months
Profit₹30,000- ₹80,000

A toy store doesn’t need to sell anything in particular. You should have toys for all age groups for your toy store to be up and running. You can open one without having a physical location by selling your toys online.

If you want to gain higher profits quickly, try selling premium quality branded toys in an upper-class market. While you may not sell too many of these, you’d earn a profit with lesser efforts. Try to cover both outdoor and indoor toys. Pay special attention to the kid’s section.

toy store

How to Start the Business?

  • It’s essential to understand the market, the children’s choice, and their parents before putting items in your shop.
  • A shop in a famous market has high chances of selling as people bring their kids to these places, which results in higher sales.
  • Keep options in all ranges to cater to a broader audience.
  • Market using social media. Try kids’ magazines and TV ads if you have the budget.

5. Skincare Products

Investment₹1,00,000 – ₹2,00,000
ROI1-2 months
Profit₹50,000- ₹1,00,000

The rise in pollution has been synonymous with the popularity of the skincare products industry. It’s an excellent business idea for men and will turn fruitful quickly if you do proper market research.

Visit cosmetic stores and understand the choices of regular customers. Natural products are a trend and sell at higher prices. Make separate spaces for women’s and men’s products to attract a broader range of customers.

skin care

How to Start the Business?

  • Develop a core message before creating a manufacturing unit. Packaging and labeling are as crucial as the product.
  • Get your business registered in a shop. You can even start your online skincare store.
  • Try adding other popular brands if you aim to open a shop.
  • Start marketing your products offline by going shop-to-shop.
  • Use local SEO techniques for marketing too. 
  • Online selling platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are great ways to reach customers countrywide.

6. Men’s Publications

Investment₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000
ROI4-5 months
Profit₹20,000- ₹50,000

Being a man, you understand what content men like to consume and the topics that aren’t typically discussed. Open a candid men’s publication curating stories that highlight men’s issues.

Work on the branding of the magazine and offer it in both eBook and offline forms. Start a social media channel too. And don’t forget to create a website. If you ever fall short of cash, you can stick to blogging on your site. Extensively share vital, opinionated pieces to make yourself a brand.

men's publication

How to Start the Business?

  • Brainstorm ideas about your passions and the issues you have strong opinions on. That will develop the character of your magazine.
  • Focus on a sub-audience like men’s sports or men’s hygiene. You should always have a central theme.
  • Build a competent team that has a similar vision as you.
  • Market the publication aggressively at the start. Use both digital and physical methods for this. Social media works best for arousing cultural sentiments.

7. Courier Business

Investment₹2,00,000 – ₹10,00,000 (Depending on your choice of a franchisee or own business)
ROI5-7 months
Profit₹1,00,000 – ₹5,00,000

This is another highly profitable business idea for men in India that is bound to last. It requires a considerably high investment if you want to open your own courier service. Otherwise, you can get a franchisee of a brand like DHL, First Flight, or DTDC.

You can get complete returns on investment in a couple of years. Packaging and timelines are things you need to focus a lot on.


How to Start the Business?

  • Analyze the market and understand the location.
  • Build an intra-city network using a registered delivery service.
  • Create a delivery app that helps book and track orders and make online payments.
  • Focus on feedback apart from running an aggressive digital marketing campaign to build a brand image.

8. Computer Repair and Maintenance

Investment₹20,000 – ₹1,00,000
ROI5-7 months
Profit₹10,000 – ₹50,000

If you have a technical degree and a passion for computers, open a computer repair and maintenance center. You can bring up a team of software professionals, hardware repairers, or both.

Getting yourself registered on listing websites is an excellent idea. Also, create your own website. Offer on-site computer repair services to make it easier for people to reach out. Most people don’t want to go to the effort of carrying a computer to the repair center. So, you can quickly convert leads through on-site repairing help.

computer repair

How to Start the Business?

  • Connect with a service center and buy a franchise if you have funds. You can start opening a little repair shop alone too.
  • Apart from hiring technicians, sell computer products like headphones, mouse, and keyboard.
  • Create a website or app to provide online services. Be transparent with your services. Provide a warranty for quick growth.

9. Provide IT Support

Investment₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000
ROI5-7 months
Profit₹30,000 – ₹80,000

A lot of businesses don’t have enough time or resources to have an in-house IT support team. They need to outsource IT services like software installation, OS operation, network maintenance, software management, and data backup.

That makes IT support a lucrative business idea. You can start it from your home too. Extend your service to mobile app making, app management, and more for better growth.

IT support

How to Start the Business?

  • Train yourself to be updated with all the modern software and technology popular around you.
  • Keep standard pricing for different services.
  • Don’t take up opportunities that you don’t have expertise in.
  • Partner with experts in the field. Leverage their expertise and work for each other’s benefit.
  • Market through email, social media, and website.

10. Gym

Investment₹2,00,000 – ₹5,00,000
ROI5-7 months
Profit₹1,00,000 – ₹3,00,000

Easily one of the most popular business ideas for men, India’s demand for gyms has risen exponentially in recent years. The trend of becoming fit and having sculpted bodies has made a gym business profitable.

You can start a gym business by owning a place or even renting it. But you need to be passionate about fitness and work on your body too. It’s your passion that would attract people to your gym.


How to Start the Business?

  • Look for a prominent location and work on the ambience. It should be well-ventilated to provide optimum comfort.
  • Get modern equipment and machines. You can rent machines or buy new ones, depending on your budget. 
  • Hire a trainer. You can also perform personal training to earn extra income.
  • Offer inaugural discounts on subscription packages to make long-term customers.
  • Market using local newspapers, billboards, and local SEO strategies.


You will find both small and large investment ideas here. Either way, you should avoid investing too much without the experience of having worked in the industry. Start small and minimize your expenses.

These were some of the most profitable business ideas for men. You can explore many fields, depending on your passion. But you should be consistent once you have finalized one. Do good background research. And never step back from taking calculated risks to have maximum growth chances.

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