How to Start a Fast Food Business in India?

This is one of the ever-green businesses in India. However, starting a fast food business is not that easy.

Fast Food Business

About the business

It is a customer driven market. The entry to the market is very liberal and thus, there are a lot of different kinds of competitors in the market. The buying power of the customers is very high, thus the market is very profitable if you play your cards right. The switching power of the customers is very high, thus, the chances that a company can go out of business if not customer friendly is 100%. This industry is growing 40% annually and there are many global players and local players in the market trying to gather as much market share as possible.

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How to Start a Laundry Business in India?

This is one of the few business areas where the entrepreneurs can enter the market with little or no prior training. The process of running a laundry business is simple. However, if you are able to catch up the right sector of customers, the return on investment would be very high.

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Top 10 Part-Time Business Ideas in India

  1. Tuition Class
  2. Liquor store
  3. Kirana/ Grocery Shop
  4. Tea/Coffee shop
  5. Fitness Center
  6. Homemade Foods:  
  7. Ice Cream Parlor
  8. Home Decorations
  9. Foods Stall
  10. Dance class 

Part Time Business Ideas

Starting a new business, and coming up with new business ideas, is profitable for you. However, it is not as easy as you may believe; you have to go through a number of various plans and preparations. It involves lots of trial and error approaches. The best way to think of new business ideas is to research, while noting your expectations of your forthcoming business.

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How to Start Event Management Business in India?

Do you have a strong social networking and people management skill to survive in this industry? You can use your contacts and your skill to generate revenue in this industry. Event management business is an initiative where people request you to take care of all the processes in conducting an event or social gathering starting from catering services to decorations.

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How to Start a Franchise Business in India?

Franchise Business in India

Understand Franchise Business

A franchise business may seem easy because, everything is ready made. But, the onus is on the franchise to develop this business. You, as a franchise are developing an already established brand and you have to work as hard as starting your own brand. Do not assume that because you have a set business model and training material ready, you don’t have to work on marketing strategies and growing the presence of that brand you are franchising.

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How to Start a Coffee Shop Business in India?

You can start a coffee shop as a franchise business. You will need coffee making supplies, kitchen items, and cutlery. If you have started a business as a coffee franchise, you cannot even choose the color and design of a plate or a spoon. Every specialty that you serve is decided by the franchisor. However, if you want to create your own brand, you can come up with innovative coffee and cool drink recipes.

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How to Start a Detective Agency Business in India?

Detective agency or private detective business is blooming in the country in this decade than it was before. Just because it is in the blooming stage, you cannot jump into this business before learning about the market and its pros and cons. If you have some prior experience in any fields of private detective sector or intelligence collection industry, starting up a detective agency would be easier.

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