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30 Best Coworking Spaces in Delhi for Startups

Coworking spaces are on a rise with the rising startup culture in India. Delhi is the hotspot of the startup scene and hence the demand for coworking spaces. Today, we are going to cover some of the best coworking spaces in Delhi that are suitable for startups.

The list includes well-known names such as WeWork and Awfis, as well as lesser-known but equally affordable spaces like Innov8 Coworking and 50 Feet. Whether you’re looking for a large or small space, with or without amenities, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Best Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Best Coworking Spaces in Delhi

As the startup culture in India grows, so does the demand for coworking spaces. Delhi is at the forefront of this movement and is home to some of the best coworking spaces in the country. Here we go with our list of the best ones, so whatever is your preference, there’s something for everyone!

#1. AltF Coworking

Every business, freelancer, or startup citizen needs a place to work that’s both stylish and upscale. With 8 locations throughout Delhi NCR you’ll find what suits your requirements at every turn!

It is calm but not too much so that it can strain creativity; it has plenty of space for everyone while still being intimate enough with its other occupants – all this makes AltF coworking spaces perfect spots where discussions between co-workers can happen easily without feeling like they’re on display (or rather making sure no one feels left out). For those big meetings, AltF offer specially built cabins that provide complete privacy during talks ensuring nothing gets lost nor forgotten.

AltF is one of the best coworking spaces in Delhi-NCR for entrepreneurs and startups. It has an industrial design with freestyle sitting. You can also book private offices here. The location is perfect for anyone looking to be close to the metro network.

#2. 91Springboard

91Springboard is an amazing place to work! You can find all the basic facilities here for free, and they organize informative events that help you grow as a professional. Additionally, there are plenty of mentors who will be glad to help train new members on how best to do their job. So if you are looking into starting up a business or just want some advice about what type would suit well within this industry then I recommend checking out 91Springboard – The space has everything one needs in order achieve success both personally & professionally.

#3. Awfis


Awfis is surely one of the fastest-growing coworking spaces in India. With 8 centers across different locations, they have made it possible for individuals and businesses alike to work from their homes with ease! Not only does this space offer high-quality amenities but also cost-effective membership plans that will suit your needs perfectly – all without compromising on quality or service; what more could you ask? Once become a member at Awfis centers nationwide (there are 2 here), accessing any location should be easy as pie: just say “Alexa request access” and voila!

#4. Skootr Coworking

Skootr is a sizeable option for those who are looking to work in an environment that’s more customized than the typical coworking space. You can choose from either fully-equipped offices or individual desks depending on what you need and how big your company has grown, all while being able to enjoy flexible amenities like 24/7 coffee machines!

Skootr is best suited for small teams and freelancers. It has separate sitting areas for large and small teams, along with a presentation area. You can book the space as per your requirement. Skootr also hosts regular workshops.

#5. Innov8 CoWorking

Innov8 CoWorking

Innov8 is a satisfying place for entrepreneurs, artists and digital nomads alike. With spaces in many major cities across India including Delhi you’re sure to find one that suits your needs whether it be studio space or meeting others while working on projects together!

The amenities here will inspire any creative soul with their beautiful design elements like wooden floors made from old English winter oak trees which give off an earthy vibe perfect during cold months when we need more warmth than light inside our lives – not to mention the fresh brewed coffee that’s always available, you’ll feel right at home in no time!

They have an easy membership plan and the space is quite affordable too. One can easily get access to a nice open work area with a good connectivity of Wi-Fi and Innov8 is one of the best coworking spaces in Delhi-NCR for startups and entrepreneurs.

It has an industrial design with freestyle sitting. You can also book private offices here. The location is near IIT Delhi and is perfect for anyone looking to be close to public transport options.

#6. InvestoPad

Investopad’s coworking space in Delhi caters to professionals from various backgrounds. They do not offer services for individuals belonging specifically within a sector, but instead invest their money into technology products so as improve problems specific only towards India – like yours! You will have access to many modern facilities which are included with your membership plan; there is no extra fee necessary here since you’re getting it all anyways–plus if anything else should ever come up I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help out any way possible.

InvestoPad is a premium coworking space in Delhi designed for entrepreneurs and startups. It has large tables, comfy chairs, whiteboards, and plasma screens. The idea behind the design is to provide an environment that’s conducive for brainstorming sessions.

#7. Regus


The Regus Delhi center is a delightful place for working, meeting with your team and clients. You will always have access to different workspaces with beautiful set-ups besides being fully furnished! The benefits include virtual offices as well if you need them; this space has everything any modern professional needs in one location – from business lounges & conference rooms (there’s even a sushi bar) all throughout downtown DELHI which makes it easy on your wallet too since they’re just blocks away from Connaught Place Shopping Center where most shop.

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace. Regus has five centers in Delhi-NCR, including centers at Nehru Place and Connaught Place. It offers a large space for teams to work together. Regus centers are suitable for large teams and big offices.

#8. WeWork Coworking Spaces

WeWork is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Delhi. It has six locations including Cyber Hub, Nehru Place, and Connaught Place. A membership at WeWork gives you access to all their Delhi locations along with other WeWork locations across the world.

#9. UnBoxed Coworking

UnBoxed Coworking

UnBoxed is one of the largest coworking spaces in Delhi with a seating capacity of 160-plus. UnBoxed has eight locations across India including Connaught Place and Gurgaon. The member companies include SMEs, startups, and freelancers. You can book a desk at UnBoxed as per your requirement throughout the month.

#10. Stirring Minds

Stirring Minds is a dedicated co-working space for entrepreneurs and startups. It has private offices along with workstations, a telephone booth, and a lounge area. This coworking space is perfect for those who want an exclusive environment to work in.

#11. CoWork

CoWork is a new coworking space in Delhi situated at DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. It has five furnished private offices along with open desks, a conference room, and a lounge area. CoWork YPlan is suitable for small teams and freelancers.

#12. SoShare Coworking

SoShare Coworking

SoShare is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Delhi. It has seven locations including Nehru Place, Connaught Place, and Cyber City. A membership at SoShare gives you access to all their locations. The new center at DLF Tower-1, Saket is perfect for startups. You can book desks here on a monthly basis.

#13. One Co.work

One Co.work is an enjoyable coworking space in Delhi situated at DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. It has furnished private offices along with open desks and a conference room facility. You can book a desk here on a monthly basis.

#14. Social Offline

Social Offline is a coworking space situated at DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. It has three locations including Cyber City and the new location in Vasant Kunj. Social Offline caters to small teams and freelancers with charging points for each seat, along with free internet and printing facility.

#15. Spring House Delhi

Spring House Delhi

Spring House Delhi is a coworking space located in Delhi & Gurgaon. It has both private offices and open desks along with conference rooms, lounge areas, and pantry. Spring House provides facilities like free internet, 100% power back-up, and a print/scan facility.

#16. Vasant Kunj Social Coworking

Vasant Kunj Social Coworking is a new coworking space situated at Vasant Kunj, Delhi. The facilities include free internet, 100% power back-up, and printer along with other executive office amenities.

#17. Think Valley

Think Valley is a coworking space located in Delhi & Gurgaon. It has four locations including Nehru Place, DLF Cyber City, Ansal Plaza, Vasant Kunj. A membership at Think Valley gives you access to all their centers with full-time executive office amenities.

#18. ABL Workspaces

ABL Workspaces is a shared office space situated at Nehru Place, Delhi. It offers facilities like free internet, a printing/scanning facility, and executive office amenities. You can book a desk here on a monthly or daily basis.

#19. Cafe Coffee Day GK-II

Cafe Coffee Day GK-II

Café Coffee Day is always changing to meet their customers’ needs. Post-modern practitioners and Social young entrepreneurs no longer want conventional workspaces; they prefer more accessible working conditions like shared or common areas for collaboration with colleagues across various industries in an environment where people can work comfortably together over tea & coffee breaks throughout the day! The Greater Kailash Metro Station provides easy access from anywhere within Delhi city limits via metro lines 1A (blue)and 2B(orange).

#20. Krastay Coworking

The Krastay coworking space in Delhi offers something for everyone! From large corporate offices with all the amenities, you need to smaller cabins that allow more intimate settings. They have open areas where meetings can take place or projectors if it’s just too noisy outside – no matter what type of work environment attendees prefer there’ll be an option here at checkout thanks largely due to their reasonable prices and aesthetic appeal which make this such a wonderful spot bar none other than employees from some big names like Livspace (home and interior renovation), Zomato(restaurant discovery) among others making use off these facilities!

#21. MyHQ Delhi

The advantage of working together is that you can share ideas, knowledge and experience with others. It also helps to be in an environment where colleagues are always there for each other- at myHQ coworking space! This centre offers flexible prices which will fit your budget perfectly (and it’s never too early or late), plus they provide great work spots alongside complimentary perks like free coffee during office hours; what more do professionals need? If someone feels lonely while sitting alone on their laptop all day long then this would make a fantastic alternative place because these folks don’t just offer seats but cool spaces filled up mostly by people from different backgrounds who love to engage, share and create a diverse community.

#22. 22Workspace


22 workspace is a vibrant, exciting space that stimulates productivity and nurtures creative thought. The open desk allows for collaboration while private cabins provide the perfect spot to work on your own if you want! Whether it’s meeting up with old friends or brainstorming new ideas – this location which is in the heart of Delhi has everything needed in order to complete any project from start to finish.

#23. Coco Weave

Cocoweave is the perfect place to work, meet new friends, and get some fresh air. The space has a refreshing atmosphere that will make you want to spend more hours in your day as well as an outdoor area with lush green trees just waiting to be touched! Not only does it offer great amenities like F&B options or networking opportunities but they also host training courses so everyone can learn something new every time.

#24. Co-Offiz

Co-offiz is a congenial and classy neighborhood in the heart of Janakpuri. This area has all that you need to make your life easier, whether it’s work or play! With easy access via metro rail as well as other means such as cycle rickshaws.

#25. Desker

In need of a creative space to work on your project? Head over Desker coworking in Okhla. With its cool interior and designs, this office understands the IT vibrations like no other! You will be able to create the perfect working environment for yourself with services such as virtual private offices or secure separate internet lines available at an affordable price – all while meeting others who share similar interests within your community just outside central Delhi’s bustling markets area.

#26. Go-Daftar


The Go-Daftar at Vasant Kunj is a dynamic space where you can collaborate and grow with other like-minded professionals. The open desks, dedicated workspaces for writing or meeting in private cabin space create an environment that fosters creativity while also providing privacy when needed – this workspace has everything one needs to strengthen their professional life!

#27. Hub and Oak

Hub and Oak is a fantastic space for people who work from home or have hybrid jobs. It’s located at 3 key CBDs i.e. Defence colony, Nehru Place & Bhikaji Cama Place.

The interiors are really inspiring, making this community supportive of remote workers just like you. Small teams looking to start something new with their friend’s can look forward to Hub & Oak.

It also has comfortable lounges where they serve coffee while also providing internet access throughout so there isn’t any need to worry about being disconnected during meetings

#28. Invento Coworking

Invento Coworking

Located in West Delhi i.e Dwarka, Invento Coworking Office provides the perfect space for any entrepreneur or remote team. With an open desk and 10-seater conference room available to rent out with ease; 5 seaters private cabin that can be reserved by anyone looking at working from home one day this week!

#29. MeWork Coworking

MeWork offers hot desks and it is located in the East of Kailash, dedicated workspace, and 3-to 10 seater meeting rooms. It provides a comfortable environment for creative minds that encourages networking as well as a collaborative ecosystem within the organization.

#30. Talent4Assure Coworking

Talent4Assure Coworking Space in Delhi is a great place for remote working, whether you’re just starting out or have 50 members and are looking to grow.

The space offers desks with power outlets available at all times so that your team can work collaboratively on-site as well!

It is located in Dwarka and also it’s close to Palam metro station which solves the problem of commuting.


Coworking spaces have now become an integral part of the startup ecosystem in India. They provide a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded people, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects. If you are looking for a coworking space in Delhi, we hope our compiled list of the 30 most affordable ones must help you, to make your decision. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite and get started!

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