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How to Start a Gym or Fitness Center Business in India?

Gym or Fitness Center Business

Starting a gym or a fitness center seems to be a profitable business nowadays. As the people in this world are becoming more health conscious, starting up such a business can deliver high return for sure. And when you want to open a gym or fitness center in a country like India, you can really stay assured about doing great! If you will look for the last few years, then you can find that many people have shown a good amount of interest in going for gym and fitness center. Opening a fitness center or a gym seems to be the best idea for those who use to have a special inclination towards maintaining a great physique or health. Well, there are a couple of facts and points that you always need to follow and keep in mind while thinking to start such a business.  It is a need of the hour that people want to be fit and keep in good health and for that they are willing to spend money and that is where this business has got the market, more and more people are becoming conscious of their health and do not mind spending on it. It is important that people keep their health good as health is wealth and that is what has become more relevant.

Business plan for the gym or fitness center

If you will look for the last decade or so, you can find that many fitness centers were started in India and they are still running great. It has happened due to the increasing health consciousness among people. Gyms are going high on demand among fitness conscious people and this has remained as the key to success for many gyms and fitness centers in India. Since the market is growing more people want to get into gym and that helps them a great deal. The market is growing by the day and there is something for all kinds, not matter how big or small your gym is. But you should do the right kind of research and find out some options.

However, opening such a business always requires proper planning as well as research.

What type of business model you will need?

The very first thing that you need to consider is the format of the business. A gym or a fitness center can be classified on this format:

  • A gym where you can install weightlifting and cardio equipments
  • You can start a fitness center where you can offer customers aerobics, zumba, martial arts as well as other classes like yoga

start a gym business in IndiaIn order to decide the format of gym or fitness center, you need to do proper research about the target population, competition, market, availability of trained staffs and your business objectives. You need to keep in mind how much is the investment required once you come to know the amount, things will be much easier and you will be able to do things in a better way. You also have an option of taking up a franchisee of an existing brand if you are not sure about doing it yourself and that will be something new. But one thing shall be noted that good gym and business franchise tend to require a hefty sum of investment as they have to maintain their brand and reputation.


Once you decide the format of the business on the basis of your research, you need to decide the location for your gym or fitness center. While looking for a proper location you need to consider some facts. Based on your research about the target population as well as market, you need to choose a proper location where your customers can easily access the fitness center or gym. Taking right decision about this aspect can deliver great outcome. Opening a gym or a fitness center at right location will help you ensure that your business can deliver good amount of profit on a long run. If you have a good setup and things are growing well, then it is very different. You will have more people coming to you, as the setup is very important and you want people to come to you and your business to grow, and for that you have to work hard. With a good setup things can become very simple. There are lots of people who are willing to get into this business but are not sure about the right way of doing it and hence, for them, going with some support like partnership or the franchisee model is a better option.

Registration of the gym or fitness center

Once the business model, format and location like aspects are decided, you need to opt for the business registration. This is an important aspect to consider when you want to open a gym or a fitness center in India. You can set up such business as the Limited Liability Partnership or as a PVT. LTD. company. In this way you can ensure transferability as well as proper protection can be availed by gym promoters. Transferability will ensure that the gym can be further sold or it can be transferred if the situation demands further. Liability protection will ensure that promoter’s liability will be remaining limited once any foreseen liability is created for the fitness center. You can take help of a consultant to take care of all these problems and sort this out. There are lots of people who are not sure of all the requirements, which are a part of the startup and they need to have the right guidance to get the job done in a very simple way without any problems.

Promoting your gym or fitness center

Business promotion is always important. There are several gyms opening every now and then. So, the competition can remain high. In order to establish your gym or fitness center as a leading one, you should promote it. For this you can take help of leaflets, brochures, local newspaper and yellow pages. You can also go the online route and promote it digitally which is bound to get you a lots of leads.

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    • It depends, a gym can be installed from an investment of 2 lakhs to as high as 2 crores. It is highly dependent on your budget and the type of gym you want. If things like, location and a few other parameters are taken into account, gym is an always profitable business.


  1. Basic gym equipements like 2.5 to 50kg dumbells, chest machines, shoulder machines…etc.. bascally the basic equipment in a gym.. how much would the cost? Are there any govt organisations which helps in starting up ones own buisness? Please do let me know..Thanks

  2. I want to know the minimum investment to open a small gym what will be the minimum cost to buy equipment and from where we should buy equipment in Mumbai ?

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