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How to Start a Small Grocery Shop Business in India?

Small Grocery Shop Business

Starting a small grocery shop in India can be a profitable business. In this country people seems to be more food savvies. They love to cook, prepare and eat different types of food. At the same time, Indian foods have always managed to draw attention even from those who use to come here from foreign countries. Due to this reason, India cuisines have also become popular at the international level. Most of the India foods are spicy, exotic, and nutritious. This is the need of the people and every day they need things as per their needs. Hence this is a business which will give you each day some profit as you are selling daily essentials and this is the need of lots of people.

And to make these foods, grocery shops in India plays a great role. At these places you can find all the spices and the cooking supplies that can help in preparing great Indian cuisines. The demand for a grocery store in India will never fade away. These stores are considered as the ethnic market that supplies people a wide range of spices, foods as well as cooking supplies. They offer everything that is needed to make your food daily and many them also offers a home delivery. At the present time there are lots of online groceries also coming up in India and hence the local grocery store is getting competition from everywhere and hence there is something to think about and people who want to start this business need to look at ways to make it more innovative to sustain the pressure of the business. You need to offer service which other people do not. This is a very important thing and you should think about something before starting with this business.

In India, you can easily see a grocery store as this type of store is often located at a close proximity to the main market or residential area. In the towns of India, you can find several grocery stores. And most of them do a great business. If you also want to open a small grocery store in India, then you need to follow some guidelines and consider some points. Truly there are some unique ways to promote a grocery store. You can also offer your customers different services and products through your store.  This is very important you should also offer them some credit if you do that then things will be much better and that is the need of the hour. Once you start offering them credit and give them a good service things will be very good and you can be sure about having a long term work and that is the best part about it.

Target market

start a grocery store business in indiaIn your local there must be some mainstream eateries and some conservative-eating locations. All these places might be serving Indian cuisines and some of them may not be that much adventurous. So, when you are opening a grocery store in India, you need to know your target market. This will be the market which will supply you customers and your grocery items will be purchased by them. It very important that you understand what is the target market and that is something you should keep in mind. Only once you are sure about understanding the market you should go in for it. If you do not know, who will be your customers then you will get your business in serious problems.

Store location

Like other business, finding a proper place for your small grocery store is also important. Keep in mind that there will be several others into this business already and some of them may be of large budget. So, your store location will play a great part in terms of drawing more customers towards your grocery shop even though it’s a small one. Finding a good place at the middle of the town or at such a market complex where people love to shop can really deliver great outcome.  This is a very important thing, if you have something on the road then things will be much easier and you can have a very good selling store. The better the location the more the business as you need to have good amount of footfall each day and that will really help you to improve your business a great deal.

Take help of the online market

These days, taking help of the online market can deliver great result. All you need to announced an online version of the store. For this you can announce a website through which you can take the orders from customers and can complete the monetary transactions. This is what also modern days’ customers are looking for. Apart from your physical grocery store, you can also deal with customers through that website. Once you start promoting things online things will be much easier and your sales will be quite increased.

Business Expansion: Takeout services

It has now become an important service. Indian cuisines are complex enough. So, an average housewife or a novice chef may come across some kind of issues while trying to cook these food items. Now you can go for the takeout services and help your customers to take advantage of up sell items when they use to come to your grocery store for the basic spices. When it’s all about offering takeout services, you are not really needed to provide them a wide range of food items. You can also make some changes for the menu item per day.  You should offer good number of items and serve customers with various needs and once you do that things will surely be good.

Starting a small grocery store in India is a profitable business. But proper planning, business insurance and selection of the grocery items that you want to sell also plays a great role. Before you start such a business, you should consider all these points first.

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  1. This is the great guideline for starting a grocery business. I think store location is the most important part to start a grocery. Takeout service is the public demand now a days. So it is must at the starting point of this business.

    • Hi Eliza, thanks for stopping by and commenting. And yes you are right, store location is pretty much the one of the best reasons of success and failure in this business. Other added services also play a great role.



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