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How to Start Hair Salon Business in India?

Salon Business in India

You have to be passionate about hair and make up to be able to start this business. Most of the trained hairstylists who have a few years of experience take this business online and offline. There are many franchiser brands like Lakme, Aalim Hakim, etc. available in India. If you want to be their franchisee, you must take training to be a stylist and also be able to train your staff to be able to start a franchisee hair salon business. This is a safest option of starting a franchisee hair salon business, as you can run this business based on the successful business model and maximize your profits.

The following are the basic requirements to start a salon:

  • Store space
  • Interiors, salon furniture like salon chairs, warmers, aprons, wash basins, pedicure, manicure sets, styling equipment, such as, scissors, a variety of hair combs, hair colors, gloves, hair dryers, tongs, hair irons, curlers, hair steamers, etc.
  • You always have to go for equipment that are salon compliant and are not home based styling equipment.
  • You also need a good stock of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair sprays, etc.
  • If you are starting you own brand, you need the trademark/copyright registration for the same, apart from other business licenses that are needed to start a store or a franchise.
  • You can offer any additional parlor service along with hair styling services.
  • You can also retail products of the franchise brands at your store.

start a hair salon business in IndiaWhen you come up with a plan that chalks out what services you want to provide and the products you want to sell, you have to follow the same standard procedure of procuring licenses and the registration process that are needed to start a store

The next budget planning goes in how you will market your salon. It is important to spend in the interiors of your salon in order to attract customers. You need air conditioning, property styling ideas, and also a well planned water supply facility for your hair salon. Whether you are starting this salon in a mall or a standalone store, you have to check for water facility and customize this facility as per your needs.

You need the following supplies to start a hair salon.

  • Different type of manual and electric combs
  • Cotton and woolen swabs
  • A variety of scissors
  • Tool sharpeners and sterilizers to clean the tools like scissors, combs, after using them
  • Disposable strips, towels, and gloves
  • Wax strips for eyebrows. These are special strips where you can shape the eyebrows using these strips instead of a thread.
  • An automated cleaner to remove all the hair and other trash from the floor. Else, you have to assign housekeeping personnel to clean the floor after you are done styling and cutting for every customer. You need equipment cleaner apart from floor cleaner.
  • Aprons for staff as well as customers. There are a variety of aprons you need for styling, cutting hair, and providing other hair and beauty treatments.
  • First aid box, acetone, creams, and gels for skin and hair.
  • Other equipment, such as, cash machines, billing machines, drawers, chairs, computer peripherals, printer to print invoice and billing software specific to your business.

There are wholesale suppliers who supply salon products alone. You can find a list of wholesale suppliers for the salon products in your city. If you are starting a salon franchise and are appointing more than ten employees, then you have to register for health insurance and Employee Insurance registration.

Customer satisfaction is the key

You will be running this salon like any other mid size company when you start this franchise with at least ten employees. You must follow the health and safety regulations and train your staff with the same while providing styling services to your customers. You must know how to keep your customers happy. Unless you have well trained stylists and beauticians, it is not possible to provide a proper customer service. They must also be trained to handle the customers’ mood swings, and placate unsatisfied customers.

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