Health Start-up Geared Up to Prove their Verve

Health start-up

One of the early members of Unique Identification Authority of India, Tushar Vashisht was overweight and he sought help from a friend Matt Cherian who helped him to lose 18 kilos and get back in shape in the next two years.

Vashisht had Matt to help him, but he realised that looking for a friend who could be trusted as a fitness guide could be difficult. This is why Vashisht along with Cherian and Sachin Shenoy got together to establish HealthifyMe. This project not only helps its users to lose weight by following a routine diet and exercise plan but also adds many experts who help them implement these exercises and motivate them.

Vashisht says that he gained weight when he moved to India from Singapore but he altered his lifestyle and also had a coach to assist him. He adds that he wanted to do the same for more people and it has been four years since the set-up of HealthifyMe. He along with the other co-founders hunt down for more experts each day and attract more users too.


There are over a million of customers of HealthifyMe making it one of the biggest platforms of its kind in the country. They have also attracted investors such as Blume Ventures, Investus Capital, Micromax and IDG ventures who have invested with them.

By 2019 the global weigh management and weightloss market is expected to reach $206.4 billion from $148.1 billion in 2014. This is an aggregate 6.9% growth. According to Ficci, India has a market of 95,000 crores dedicated to wellness while about 60,000 to 70,000 crores worth slimming service are present.

Senior Managers of Flipkart Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal managed to raise around $15 million in July this year through their start-up CureFit which was led by Accel Partners. They invested $3 million in an equipment free training centre ‘Cult’. The duo wishes to offer fitness solutions both to the offline and online customers and added that CureFit will run in around 25 centres across the nation.

Health Enthusiasts

What initially was an entrant is now flooded with competitors. After the launch of HealthifyMe another budding entrepreneur Vishal Gondol launced GOQii, a fitness band which is much more than just a band now. It is now offered for free and there are about 1000 coaches, dieticians, doctors and diagnostic chains that are available to its users.

Amaresh Ojha has made it easy for the gym hunters to know which is the perfect gym is for them. His venture Gympik rates gyms and there are about 12,000 gyms from 19 cities that help the viewers to filter their choice. It also has about 6,000 trainers which provide home-classes.

Neha Motwani also has a venture, Fitternity, that offers trial’s to their customers and then push their customers to joining them. There are around 75,000 customers and they work in 4 cities. Motwani dreams of expanding her business to fitness at home and preventive health diagnostics.