Laundry Aggregator PickMyLaundry Raises Funding of $200k (Rs.1.3 Crores)

New Delhi: Pick My Laundry, The Gurgaon (Delhi) based On-Demand Laundry startup has recently raised $200k (nearly ₹1.3 crore) in a fresh round of angel funding. The aggregator that offers  Quality and Affordable  Dry Cleaning and washing Services through mobile based technology has reportedly landed itself a future commitment of another funding of $300k from a couple of other angel investors.

Pick My laundry was Founded in May 2015 by graduates from BHU and IIT BOMBAY, who hold experience in Operations, Project Management & Supply-Chain. With a 6 People core team, 30 people hub operations staff and target market of Business to Consumer, it aspires to solve the laundry problem through mobile based technology. The laundry aggregator also plans to set up offline stores in future to cut down the last mile logistics cost which is currently at around Rs.100 per order.


Founder Gaurav Agarwal along with Samar Sisodia and Ankur Jain had previously secured $100k from Gaurav Kapoor (The Executive Director of the Gurgaon Based Accelerator). From June 2016, Changing gears from B2C it has also ventured in Business to Business model by providing services to Guest Houses and Hotels. They also intend to offer Overnight service and 24 hours delivery service in future.

Gaurav Agarwal, away from home when started working in Odhisa realized that if you are living on your own, purchasing a washing machine for taking care of your laundry is not an affordable choice to make and foresaw a potential business market for this demand and gap here to find the perfect solution. He did some research on the supply chain side and ultimately founded a reliable laundry service for out of town students and working professionals who are living away from their home. Soon they discovered that Senior citizens, Housewives, HNIs and working couple are also using their services and were reason behind their booming user base.

With an Initial capital of 10 Lakhs, The startup invested on marketing after clearing the rents. Fortunately they did not have to spend a lot on technology and in-house logistics. Before Pick my laundry raised $100k from Pre-Series A round and getting attention from Early stage VCs and few HNIs, They were clocking 2500 plus clothes on a daily basis after associating with more than 12 processing centers. After living up to their promise of Quality and time schedules they have received more than 7,500 app downloads in just two months.

The estimated size of this Laundry market is close to Rs. 2, 20,000 crores, with the unorganized market of maids, Dhobis etc. valued at Rs.5000 crores. This fragmented sector of 767,000 Establishments, 98% of which are nano sized laundries with less than 7 staff strength according to Euromonitor International.

Other players of these segments are Urban Dhobi , LaundryAnna, Tooler, Doormint, Dirk da Dhobi, Urban Dhobi, and Wassup (Invested by Jabong Founder Praveen Sinha).