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How to Start a Match Making/Wedding planning business in India?

Match Making/Wedding planning business

In a country like India where people from different religious backgrounds use to live, starting a match making or wedding planning business can come up with a great profit. In this country, a wedding means a lot for people. They just want to make it perfect. At present people even spend a handsome amount to make the wedding successful. In this regard, they also prefer to hire a wedding planner. However, the whole thing starts with the matchmaking like activity. In this part of the world, arranged marriages are common. So, matchmaking services are also running fine in India. There are also Indian matchmaking sites that have become so popular with time. These websites have become a platform for people to find their life partners. Matchmaking and wedding planning services have also become common in India. So, to get success in this business you need to follow some steps first. Marriage is a very sacred thing and people really would love to have something special done on marriage and hence it is a very big event attended by one and all from small to big and everyone has a good time attending it. It is full of fun and since lots of people are coming and hence it is a very important part of your family get-together. With so many people coming in things are very important and everyone wants their marriage to be the best. You would want to just enjoy the moment rather than getting into these chores and for that purpose, you need a professional who can take care of all the work and you can just enjoy the wedding of your loved one and for such a purpose you have a wedding planner, who can do the job and that is the best person you can find if your home is expecting a wedding. Hence a wedding planner is a very important person in today’s time.

Starting a career as a wedding planner or a matchmaker requires you to consider a few points. There are colleges which are also offering courses related to this subject.

Understand this business

Before you start a career as a wedding planner or matchmaker, you should analyze the fact that whether or not wedding planning fits the lifestyle you are following. There are many works that a wedding planner needs to complete and for this reason, you may need to work in the evenings and even on the weekends.start a wedding planning business From consulting with clients to organizing things properly before the wedding; all these works may appear to be tough enough before you. But again the profit is also high. Once you understand the things well then you will come to know that margins are high though it is not an easy job, the earning are very good and hence you can have a very good time.

Your presence both offline and online, is important

In order to start a matchmaking business, you can announce a website and also a physical location from where you can operate this business for the local customers. People can come just at any time to you and ask for the portfolios of the possible candidates. You need to line up these profiles accordingly. In India, people prefer to look at these portfolios on the basis of religion, culture, and community. So, you need to prepare and lineup them accordingly. It is very important that you understand different cultures well and since you do that in the right way as a wedding planner, things will be much easier for you and hence you need to adapt to this.

Value your client’s emotions

As a wedding planner, you need to stay calm towards your clients. Grooms, brides as well as parents can become really emotional during such a planning process. In this country, a wedding planner acts like their psychologist, confidant, and mediator. Well, this type of business is all about helping people, caring about their emotional values and you must be a good listener. This is a very important thing and at all times you need to be sure that the best things are done and you exceed the requirement of the client and that is the best part, if you do that then you are sure to get more business from the client and that will take you places and hence you need to keep this in your mind.

Be passionate and well informed

Before you start a matchmaking or wedding planning business, you should look for proper certification that can establish you in the market as a wedding planner. In a country like India, there are many matchmakers and wedding planners who don’t have such certification, yet they are into this business for last several years. Well, your interest for the job and experience can even establish you as a good wedding planner in this country. If you take some formal qualifications then things are very different and people can really have a very good time in this profession, also if this is something you enjoy and have a passion for then nothing can be better.

Learn from your competitors

Have a look at the most successful wedding planners. You can easily find that their passion and interest for this work has helped them to sustain in this business in a good way. They have always come up with good suggestions for parents when they are looking for a proper bride or groom. A successful wedding planner is driven by his passion about what he does, not really by the financial gain.

Easily get along with changes in the industry

Working as a wedding planner or matchmaking service provider is such a business in which you have to learn a lot of things. Wedding planning is all about working with a client who will pay you. So, the expectations are always going to remain on the top. In order to achieve client’s expectation level time and again, you need to learn a lot of things related to this business. A good and fast learner can become a successful wedding planner and matchmaker.

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