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How to Start a Poultry Farm/Goat Farm Business in India?

Poultry does not only signify raising chickens alone, but also other birds, like pigeons, ducks, quails, geese etc. for eggs and meat. To raise a poultry farm or a goat farm, you must have your own land. To raise ten thousand chickens, you might need a land measuring thirty thousand square feet, at least. You need more capital to have a poultry farm than a goat farm. Raising goat for milk and meat is easy as they are easily tamed, breed well, and are less disease prone compared to birds. Most of the rural farmers have benefited from goat farming business as the ROI has always been good. Goat farming requires lesser capital compared to investing in any agricultural business.

Poultry Farm Business in India

Why start a poultry farm

There have been many health hazards due to consumption of red meat, therefore, white meat, which is mostly the meat of birds, is sold in the market and there is a greater demand for white meat. You could choose which birds to raise and order their stock. Whether you are starting up or if are already in the business of raising poultry or goat, you can avail a loan to construct sheds for raising poultry or goats, buying feeds for all the animals and birds, and also use the capital to buy the equipment needed to produce the feeds.

Complying With Department of Animal Husbandry

When you raise an animal or a poultry farm, you have to comply with the strict rules and regulations by the department of animal husbandry. These rules and regulations are different in each state in India. These regulations include, how to treat your poultry and animals, taking care of their medical issues; like assigning a veterinary check up regularly to ensure good health of all the live stock that you own.

Registering your poultry farm

Since, there has been the bird flu epidemic in India, the government has taken necessary measures and included it in the poultry act to minimize these occurrences. Now a system of registering a poultry farm or a unit has been implemented so that they can be inspected regularly for health and safety hazards of animals and birds. Poultry can be called a farm, if it is raising a minimum hundred birds. Before making a business plan, decide what kind of bird you want to raise, and make a business plan based on that. The next step is to decide if you want a farm for egg production or meat production. Since, India is considered one of the largest egg producing countries in the world; India produces more eggs than crop, producing eggs is a profitable business in India.

Goat farm is also a lucrative business

start a goat farming business in India

If you want to start a goat farm, you can decide if you want a goat farm for milk, or meat, or both. The capital needed to start a goat farm is very less compared to starting a poultry farm, and an availing loan for the same is also easy. There are many local money lenders available to give you a loan to start poultry or a goat farm. You can decide what kind of shed want to create for this stock. Your investment plan for starting this farm depends on the kind of stock you want to raise, the type of shed you want to build, the number of feeding machines you want to purchase, and also the amount of feed and food you want to buy every month. You have to reserve some expenses for veterinary visits and health regulation checkups.

Location is important

The location you choose to construct a poultry farm must be far from a residential area but must also have easy accessibility to busy areas. The stench from poultry or a goat farm is strong; hence, you cannot raise birds or goats within the boundaries of your homes. If you want to own a free range farm for chickens, this is an expensive option, as you need a large area for chickens to roam freely and find their own food. The other options are to construct sheds in small compartments which can domesticate birds. These cages must be cleaned mechanically, and this is considered to be one of the best options to raise poultry. This is considered to be a profitable business in India, and band loans to start this business are available in India. Many nationalized banks and institutions like NABARD provide loan facilities to raise poultry or a goat farm. You only have to produce a certificate of training in poultry farming to avail this loan to start a broiler farm, layer farming, goat farm, or hatcheries business in India.

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