Privacy Policy

We (all parties associated with; now and in the future) understand and respect your privacy. Below are the policies that we follow to protect your privacy upon your use of services in the site.

To provide high quality service, we request certain type of information which might include personally identifiable information and anonymous information from time to time. Anonymous information includes non-personally identifiable information (the viewers cannot identify you with that information) and this information would be used for administration requirements only. The personally identifiable information includes information unique to you and would be used for providing better services only.

  1. We provide many services that would help you to interact with the public (parties who are not connected with the site) by many ways including forums, recommendation, ratings and others. Any information that you disclose in these services would be used for promotional and commercial processes by the site. Other parties have the rights to read, reproduce or use it for their needs.
  2. Your personally identifiable information would not be used for any promotion related purposes nor would be made public.
  3. The screen ID or the profile picture that you might use in the channels to connect with us (Facebook, Twitter and others) would become public when you provide any information through comments, recommendation, rating and others.
  4. We are not responsible for the safety of any personally identifiable information that you provide to others parties through the site.
  5. We might collect information about the device that you use, your IP address and geo-location data, if needed.
  6. We might use cookies, server logs and pixel trackers for evaluating our services. The information collected through cookies and other methods would not be used for promotional purposes or be sold to any other third party.
  7. Personally identifiable information and anonymous information would not be shared with any party unless requested by the law of the land.
  8. We might use the IP addresses and other information linked to it to ban any user who violates our terms of services or other regulations.
  9. We are not responsible for the information collected by the third party ads in our site when you initiate the advertisements from them.
  10. The site reserves the rights to change, amend or delete any privacy policy as and when it feels apt. All major changes in the privacy policy would be communicated to the users through appropriate channel.
  11. We plan on developing our business from time to time and it might include merger or partnership with other companies in the future. In case of such event, all the information that we have collected would be transferred to the partner or merger and would be considered as a business asset.
  12. If you continue to use the service in our site, it is implied that you have read, understood and comply with all the privacy policies stated by the site.

If you can provide concrete proof that any of the privacy policy has been bust, feel free to communicate with us. We would take the necessary action within the shortest time possible.

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