Top 10 Most Profitable business ideas in India

profitable business ideas

Many countries of the world have embarked on the globalization process. Due to globalization Indian entrepreneurs have reached each and every corner of the world. If you want to establish yourself as an entrepreneur, then India can be a great destination for you. This country will give you the best business opportunities.  You will be absolutely satisfied conducting any business in India.

In present business scenarios we find various young and dynamic graduates who are motivated to start their own business and they are always seeking profitable business ideas. They want ideas and suggestions from experts and business gurus.  They always motivate themselves by saying that it is a good time to start a business rather than just working at any white-collar job. If you have been thinking about running a business with great profits then you also have to be conscious of where you can get profitable business ideas. Many profitable business ideas are available from gurus, experts, and entrepreneur specialists.

By starting your own business, you will be your own manager and the boss of your own destiny. It can be challenging for you, however if you remain enthusiastic and devoted then success will come. You need to move through several steps and procedures outlined as follows:

  • profitable business ideasDefine your goals
  • Choose an idea
  • Establish your business name
  • Choose your team members
  • Create a business plan
  • Make an operational plan
  • Manage your finances and running costs
  • Get an accountant
  • Marketing strategy
  • Develop and launch of product

If you want to make your career in India as an entrepreneur, then you will need ideas for opportunities. Here are some options for you:

These all are popular businesses in India, however I am going to give you proper advice about which 10 businesses will fruitful, cost effective and profitable for you.

Profitable Business Ideas (Top 10)

1. Fast Food Restaurant:

Investment: 100,000 and up

ROI: 2 years

If you want to open a restaurant in India, then fast food restaurant can be profitable for you.  However, you can take profitable business ideas from an entrepreneur who already running a fast food restaurant. It provides you a good return with a small budget.  The startup cost is 100,000 and up, however it depends on you how much capital you are willing to invest.

 What you will have to do:

  • Arrange furniture and fixtures
  • Menu ( Pizzas, burger, Mo.Mo, chips, potato fries, pastries, coffee, tea, samosas etc.)
  • Hire a cook
  • Hire some staff

Opening a fast food restaurant can be a profitable business idea for you, however, you must remain conscious and concerned about the service quality of your fast food restaurant.

2. Ice-Cream Parlor:

Investment:   50,000 and up


 If you want to start a business and you only have a small budget then an ice cream parlor can be a profitable business for you in India. You can establish this type of business with a very low budget. You only need a small space and you don’t require any extra staff as you can manage by yourselves.

As we all know, India is country of festivals, we celebrate Dusshera, Diwali, Krishna janmasthami, Holi and Eid throughout the year. During festival times your business can generate great returns.

3. Coaching Center:

Investment:  100,000 and up


There are many proverbs regarding education. “Education is the light of life”.“Education is the key for success” and many others. It is a fact that we are meaningless without education and education is endless for everyone. If you are well educated and you have group of team members then opening a coaching center could be the best idea for you.

What will you have to do:

  • Recruit a group of teacher
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Books and library
  • Others


If possible, open your coaching center in a college area. If you open a coaching center or tuition classes in college area then more and more students will have the opportunity to use your coaching center.

4. Mobile Shop:

Investment: 100,000 and up

ROI: 1-2 years

If you are planning to open a mobile shop in India you will find it to be effective and fruitful for you. In India, you often find a mobile shop on every corner. The demand of mobile shops increases day by day. Therefore, starting a mobile shop is a profitable business idea for you.

Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, Micromax and IPhone are the leaders in mobile phones. If you have all of these brands in your mobile shop then you will ensure a good return of investment in a short frame of time. You can also stock accessories such as earphones, ear bugs, micro SD cards, chargers, power banks and others.

5. Card & Gift shop:

Investment: 50,000 and up

ROI: 6-12 months

Opening a card and gift shop could be the perfect idea for you. It is a unique business idea with a very low investment. If you are creative and innovative then this type of business will certainly give you a profitable result. The demand for gifts and greeting cards is always high during around Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings and festivals like Dusshera, Diwali and others.

6. Supermarket:

Investment: 200,000 and up

ROI: 2-5 years

If you take a suggestion from any expert regarding supermarkets, they will suggest that it could be a profitable business idea for you. Supermarkets are the best growing business in India.  A supermarket can offer you a wide variety of products and one can find almost anything there. You can get clothes, gadgets, mobiles, accessories, kitchen products, meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, and many other things.

What will you have to do?

  • Make a plan
  • Manage your finances
  • Rent a space
  • Recruit staff

7. Furniture business:

Investment: 200,000 and up

ROI: 1.5-2 years

The furniture business is one of the best and fastest growing business ideas in India. As we all know, in India there are an unlimited number of corporate houses and all corporate houses need superior quality furniture and fixtures. If you have a furniture company then you will really earn great results from your business.

What you have to do:

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and run a furniture business then you must open it in major trading cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune or any other.

8. Computer Shop:

Investment: 100,000and up

ROI: 1-2 years

Opening a computer shop is another profitable business idea for you. If you want to be a small and successful businessperson then a computer shop is a fine choice for you as computer shops are profitable. If you have technical skills and knowledge then you cannot only run a computer shop but also repair and maintain them.

What will you have to do?

  • Make a plan
  • Define your goals
  • Choose the best marketplace to establish your shop
  • Hire some staff as needed

9. Travel Agency:

Investment: 50,000 and up

ROI: 1-2 years

Travel and tourism is a growing industry in India. It is a great employment generator. In case you didn’t know, India’s travel and tourism industry provides 6-7 percent of the world’s total jobs.

Opening a travel agency can be a profitable business idea but it can be a challenging commitment for you.  There are countless travel agencies in India. In the capital city of Delhi you can find more than 1000 travel agencies. This means you must give quality service to your customers. Before opening a traveling agency, you must go through some legal procedures. Your organization must be certified by an international agency like ADTOI, IATO, and IATA.

10. Sweetshop:

Investment: 50,000 and up

ROI: 1-2 years

The sweets business is growing in India.If you look around you can find an unlimited number of sweets shop. Both adults and children love sweets and candies.

Planning is an essential tool for any business, you should never open your business without plan. If you have talent and make homemade sweets then this business will welcome you. You can also purchase sweets from dealers and sell them. There is high return on investment in this business. However, you need to ensure that you choose the perfect location.


  • Get a license
  • Choose the perfect location
  • Create eye-catching name that attract your customers
  • Fresh and hygienic sweets
  • Attract customers by providing attractive offers during festive seasons.
  • Quality of service