Pujyaseva: How this Startup is Tapping into $30 Billion Puja and Religious Products Market

In the age of internet and smart phones, age-old customs are also getting a shot in the arm with the help of new technology. We Indians, loves to devote a lot of energy, time, and money in meticulously planning and organising Hawans & Pujas. A start-up based out of Gurgaon wants to streamline this process by availing everything somebody needs for Hindu customs and rituals on a single online marketplace called Pujyaseva.

A recent study confirmed that this particular sector market-size in India is estimated to be more than $35 billion, which confirms that an average Indian shells out an average of INR 2000 (approx. $30) to please the almighty with our devotion and puja and seek their blessings.

Two Brother Vinay and Vishal hails from a traditionally rooted Brahmin family and  have extensive experience in IT and management , founded this startup in September 2015 offering services like;



”A pandit goes through rigorous interview process with our experienced Acharya’s panel from Kashi (Varanasi) before one can be a part of Pujyaseva team to make you feel the difference from your local pandit. No reason to guess why our registered pandits have their client base within as well as outside India.” according to Vinay (Founder of Pujyaseva)

This startup is offering services all over India on a ”One Nation Single Price model” . Pujyaseva caters to the Hindu family’s request with various kinds of puja packages that can include ritual items, arrangements, pandit for the ritual and much more they also provide services for jaap and yagya which requires a proper group of pandits led by Acharya.

Their expertise lies in: Manglik dosh nivaran Puja, Wedding Puja, Akhand Ramayana Puja, Engagement puja, Astrological consultation for health issues, Janam Kundli, Online vaastu consultancy for residential or commercial property, astrological consultation for job and business and Horoscope match making.

The Seed idea to start this distinctive online startup for Hindus was a result of chain of events that occurred during the days of Co-Founder Vinay’s marriage which completely redefined the viewpoint of the complete family about the whole planning and implementation of the marriage ceremony. A lot of misunderstandings did happen at the phase of matching horoscopes, premonitions about wedding, etc. It is only once a meeting with the pandit from Varanasi that he and the additional family members got correct advice and direction in their hunt for the ideal bride. He not only assisted Vinay searching the perfect bride but assisted the family methodically in setting the date and other marriage preparations.

This Ritual Aggregator Pujyaseva actually aims to be single stop platform for all the Hindus religious services and spiritual requirements by covering varied range of facilities. You simply need  to just book their premium service and unwind. Clients would be informed on the different steps of assignment through emails and SMS similar to any other e-commerce portals.

On the other front ”Muhurtmaza” Founded by Sugosh sowale in 2014, currently have 314 pandits on their platform and a target to scale this up to 600 soon. They raised an undisclosed amount of seed fund from HNI Investor (US based).

Onlineprasad.com based out of Bangalore raised an undisclosed amount led by Hyderabad angel in a recent of angel funding which was also attended by the Chennai angels and other angel investors.Online prasad was founded in 2012 by Goonjan mall and has already received seed funding from growthstory.in

Epuja also offers remedy ritual and religious services across 3600 temples in India and has raised $3 Million in VC funding from brand capital.


Pujyaseva Founders
Pujyaseva Founders

We recently had a conversation with the founders of Pujyaseva. Here is a brief of that:

Have you received any funding? If yes, please provide some details.

No . We are currently running from our job salaries. We are in process and contacting several firms for funding

Can you share some sales data?

We have just started 2 months before. As such the sales is too small to be published.

What are the challenges that you are facing in this market?

Bring the traditional B2B suppliers and service providers such as pandits on the internet to connect with customer on e-com mode
Stock and supply of Puja Samagri ( items)
Open the cash on delivery and partial payment option for  the services.
Background verification checks for B2B

What are your growth forecast for the coming year?

There is no doubt that the religious services sells in India . So we have added a tech-touch on these services. We expect minimum turnover of Rs.3.65 crore in the first working year . Though the revenue is expected to be triple fold during festive and marriage seasons. As the competition in the market is very few and none operates at national level we expect YOY growth of 35%.