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50 Low-Cost Small Business Ideas for Bangalore (Bengaluru)

So you want to start your own business? And not just any business, but one in Bangalore (Bengaluru)? The decision is a wise one. There are so many opportunities for starting businesses in this city that it’s hard to keep track.

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Low-Cost Business Ideas for Bangalore

Low-Cost Business Ideas for Bangalore

Here are some low-cost small businesses you can consider starting without much money or space.

#1. Grocery Store with Delivery Service

You can get started with less than $10,000 by buying an old taxi, And stocking up food items like milk, bread, eggs, etc., then delivering them to nearby homes and offices at convenient hours; grocery store business will help you build a customer base while also saving people time from having to go out shopping themselves. One great way to cut down overhead costs is to approach local restaurants and caterers with a deal they buy from you instead of the grocery store. You can also contact local bakeries or milk suppliers and ask if they would like to add your service to their list of clients.

#2. Healthy Fast Food Takeaway

Healthy fast food takeaway shops are popping up all over the place. And it’s a great idea for a business as you can get your customers to pay more because of the healthy nature of what you serve. To start this business, you need not have extensive knowledge or training in nutrition or food services. All you need is some basic understanding of foods and healthy eating and some passion for the idea.

#3. Dry Cleaning Services

Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning is a service that Bangaloreans prefer and pay top dollars. If you have access to dry-cleaning equipment, you can undercut the higher prices of other providers in this field by starting up your own business. All you need is good marketing skills, good customer relations, and access to cleaning machines. You can rent out a machine or buy one you will use for your clothes, thus avoiding the high costs of dry-cleaning equipment.

#4. Pest Control Service Provider

Another low-key business that doesn’t require much investment in pest control. Everyone who has an office or home which needs a good pest controller. Reach out to the local business community and approach them with a regular pest control service quote. You can also ask building management to bid for their pest controlling contract in office complexes. Most of these buildings have one anyway, so they might be interested in trying an inexpensive service provider, saving money through your services, and gaining access to a regular supply of chemicals.

#5. Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal fitness trainer is an example of one of Bangalore’s many low-cost small business ideas in very high demand as the city continues to grow. More people here with busy lives and little time for exercise or dieting, requiring personal trainers who can help them live a healthier lifestyle. No matter your clientele’s fitness level, there’s always room for one more trainer in Bangalore especially if you come at a much lower price than the corporate gyms and trainers do.

#6. Computer Repair Service Provider

Computer repair services are an essential requirement as well. You can cater to individuals and businesses by setting up your computer repair center. It would be best to set yourself apart from the competition if you had the appropriate equipment, training, and good marketing strategies. You can even join a local networking association or offer discounts for those referred to you.

#7. Water Delivery for Offices

Water Delivery for Offices

Water delivery to offices is another low-cost small business idea that requires minimal cash outlay to get started. Plus, you don’t even need a lot of space to set things up as the main requirement is a motorbike, delivery van, or small car to transport water cans from one place to another. You can charge a slightly higher price than ordinary offices pay for a regular supply of mineral water. And if they’re large offices, you can offer a discount for bulk deliveries that will save them money and bring in more business.

#8. Caring for Pets

There are many pet owners in Bangalore today. If you have some spare time on your hands and love pets, why not set up a pet care center? You can charge a fee for boarding pets at your home or looking after them when their owners are away on vacations. If you want to be ambitious, you can even rent out pet equipment like crates and so on.

#9. Catering Services for Events

Catering Services for Events

Events are happening every other day in Bangalore—conferences, workshops, seminars, social gatherings, and the like. Catering services for events is a low-cost small business idea that can help you make money from providing food and refreshments at these events. You can also check with event management companies to see if they need outside catering service providers for their functions.

#10. A Builder in Charge of Contracting

Another good low-cost business idea that requires little to no capital is contracting. You can offer your building contracting services to individuals and organizations who need renovations or remodeling for their homes, apartments, offices, commercial spaces like shopping malls and food courts, warehouses, factories, etc. Again, this can be an ideal low-cost startup since you don’t have to buy any equipment; you can work with your existing resources and tools.

#11. A Painter

A Painter

You can offer painting services to both residential and commercial clients in Bangalore. This is because painting contractors are always required due to rapid urbanization and extensive construction work everywhere. And because this is a service that’s required, again and again, it’s a great low-cost small business idea that you can start and expand later on.

#12. Stock Trading

Stock trading is another good low-cost startup in Bangalore because it takes little money and doesn’t require much space. But make sure you’ve studied the markets and know what you’re doing before you begin. There’s nothing worse than lost money, so do proper research before you begin.

#13. A Professional Trainer for Language Courses

A Professional Trainer for Language Courses

Language training is another low-cost business idea you can start in Bangalore, where there’s always a demand for learning English or other languages. You can go about this in several ways. For example, you can either offer individual classes to people who need to learn particular languages or group-based courses that may attract more people.

#14. A Mobile Mechanic

If you have the necessary skills, setting up your own mobile mechanic business in Bangalore, Is one low-cost small business idea that’s worth trying. But first, you need to invest in the right equipment and get proper training beforehand to ensure you’ll provide quality service.

#15. Entrance Exam Tutor

Many working professionals in Bangalore either need to get their driving licenses or clear entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, IAS, GRE, etc. So if you’re good at teaching these subjects and have the required qualifications for it, why not start your own tutoring business?

#16. A Private Tutor for School or College Students

A Private Tutor for School or College Students

If you have a passion for teaching, you may want to consider starting a private tutor service. Private tuition is a great low-cost small business idea because you can offer lessons to just learning English, kids with Math skills, adults who need to learn basic computer skills, etc.

#17. Small Bakery and Treats

If you’re good at cooking and baking, starting a small bakery business in Bangalore is one of the best low-cost startup ideas you can try. Of course, you’ll need to invest in ovens and other equipment, but once you get your place set up, this will be a great way to earn money while doing what you love.

#18. A Catering Service for Mofussil Places

A Catering Service for Mofussil Places

If you don’t mind cooking on a stove, you can always start catering for mofussil places. You can contact large companies or organizations in Bangalore with their own campuses and offer them your services at a competitive price. There’s always a need for good food in office canteens or corporate messes.

#19. A Home Tutor for Kids

If you love teaching young children, then starting a home tutoring business in Bangalore is another low-cost startup idea you can try out. Of course, you’ll need to invest in the necessary equipment and materials, but this will be a good way to use your skills and knowledge for good.

#20. A Sewing Machine Operator

Sewing machine operators are always needed in big garment factories or shops that deal with ladies’ wear. If you’re familiar with this machine, why not go into business by catering to their demands? This is also a low-cost startup because you can first invest in the basic machine and expand later on.

#21. An Information or Sales Executive (BPO/IT Enabled Services/Call Centre)

#21. An Information or Sales Executive (BPO/IT Enabled Services/Call Centre)

There’s a constant demand for people who can act as information or sales executives for large call center companies like 24/7 Customer, Wipro, etc. And because this kind of job doesn’t require you to have much technical expertise—all it takes is good communication skills—this is a great low-cost startup idea you can try out.

#22. A Watermelon Drying or Shelling Business

People in Bangalore love their fruits, especially watermelons. So if you’re looking for new business ideas that are relatively easy to start up, why not try your hand at drying and shelling them? It’s really cheap, simple and all it takes is some time and effort before you can start earning money.

#23. An Evening Food Parlour (Snacks/Munchies)

Running an evening food parlor where you sell snacks like vada-pav, samosas, bhaji, etc., is something that anyone with zero experience can do. It takes a stove, proper ingredients, and some basic equipment. Once you’re set up, it’s all about having the right location for this business to earn maximum profits.

#24. A Children’s Community Play Center

A Children's Community Play Center

If you have kids at home, you may want to consider starting your own children’s community play center in Bangalore. All you need are some swings, roundabouts, slides, etc., along with toys and books related to your theme—you can make one with recycled material as well! This is a great low-cost startup idea because all it takes is passion and patience to make money once set up.

#25. An Exhibition Stall Operator

If you’re good at decorating venues or managing events, starting an exhibition stall operator business may be another good low-cost startup business. You can cater to exhibitions, seminars, or even religious gatherings. All you need are empty drums in which you can put up your goods and services—and if they’re looking for a prime location, well, that’s just an added advantage.

#26. A Car Wash Station

A Car Wash Station

This is one of the most easily available low-cost startup ideas in Bangalore because all it takes is some water supply and basic equipment to clean cars at homes or offices on a rent/pay-per-use basis. Make sure you learn about your local rules before starting one, though!

#27. Operating a Cleaning Services Business From Home

People in Bangalore always look for cleaning services, whether residential or commercial, and the city offers many options. You can start this business with very little investment without even owning a proper space. You need good marketing skills, and you can easily get clients from your neighborhood or office complex.

#28. An Ice-Cream Parlour

An ice-cream parlor should be fairly easy to set up; all it takes is some initial investment in equipment and ingredients to get started! Your main aim will be to find the right location for this low-cost startup idea—and once you’ve got one, then the real challenge begins: managing it well enough to earn money!

#29. A Dog Grooming Business (For Self-Employed Women)

A Dog Grooming Business (For Self-Employed Women)

If you happen to be a self-employed woman in Bangalore, then starting up a dog grooming business is something that can fetch you good returns if marketed properly. All it takes is an initial investment in basic equipment and some relevant training that will help develop your skills.

#30. A Pet Boarding and Grooming Business

This low-cost startup idea probably falls somewhere between dog grooming and pet boarding/daycare businesses because the only difference here would be offering boarding services for pets too. This way, you’ll get more customers and chances of earning better profits since your business will be located in a residential area instead of commercial spaces.  

#31. Rent-A-Room Business

Rent-A-Room Business

Renting out rooms at homes or offices either daily or monthly is a business that many people find sustainable. All you need is a small room or a big one if it’s commercial and some basic equipment. Once set up, all you have to do is connect with fellow homeowners and office managers who may be looking for such services on rent.

#32. Xerox Shop

Owning a Xerox shop was once considered one of the best small business ideas. Still, now that digitalization has taken over this particular task, it leads us to wonder if there’s anything else you can do with it. Well, since all photocopiers need servicing and repairing at some point or another, you can start a low-cost startup for this business idea by hiring technicians who may fix them for you on a rent/fee basis.

#33. Book Store

Book stores are not as easy to set up in India as earlier. Then, the thought of opening one was enough for people to flock in—but now that times have changed, you’ll need more than just passion and commitment to be successful with this low-cost startup idea. Market research is key if you want your business to survive—along with the right location, of course!

#34. Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop

Whether it’s a local market or an international exhibition, people always look for souvenirs and what better way to make someone happy than by giving them something that reminds them of their ‘trip.’ You can either set up a shop or go the DIY (do-it-yourself) route by putting up some form of signage and offering your wares online.

#35. Daycare/Childcare Business

If you’re passionate about children, why not consider starting up a daycare or childcare business in Bangalore? All you need to do is spread the word and let people know that you offer professional services at affordable prices.

#36. A Cafe/Smoothie Shop

A Cafe/Smoothie Shop

A cafe might seem like an obvious choice for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, but several other options are also available. For instance, an old-time favorite among Indians has been milkshakes—so why not take this low-cost startup idea forward by opening up your very own smoothie shop!

#37. Flower Delivery Service

If you live in a metropolitan city like Bangalore, then the chances are high that people will buy your flowers from a florist rather than grow them at home. In other words, this low-cost startup idea is perfect for you if you’re passionate about flowers and happen to be located around a bustling neighborhood!

#38. A Logo/Banner/T-shirt Printing Shop

Many companies need customized banners and other types of signage because they spend so much on their branding projects. So this can be a great business opportunity for someone who knows how to do graphic design—as well as anyone who has basic equipment required for screen printing or embroidery.

#39. Consultancy Business

Consultancy Business

There’s always room for consultancy businesses in the corporate world because companies know that they can’t do everything independently. This means if you have a good track record in any industry, you can always leverage your services for a consulting firm!

#40. Fitness Training Business

In the age of technology and smartphones, people are getting lazier by the day, which means one thing—there’s more demand than ever before for high-end fitness training facilities across Bangalore! So, if you’re really passionate about this low-cost startup idea, then get yourself trained from some of the top names in the business today and start offering your expertise to novice fitness trainers.

#41. Mobile Recharge Shop

While many of us would prefer going online to recharge our mobile balance these days, there are still a large number of people who prefer physical stores for this low-cost startup idea. So if you have a PCO in your neighborhood, why not start one yourself? Believe us when we say there’s definitely money to be made!

#42. Photography Business

Photography Business

Here’s an interesting startup business idea that you can try out if you’re really passionate about photography or happen to have a good knowledge of it. How about opening up a photo-shoot agency where people can hire your services in terms of equipment/digital cameras or workforce.

#43. Software Development Business

This is yet another lucrative business idea that requires little to no investment and has the potential to make huge profits. All you need to do is leverage IT development skills that you already possess by freelancing for companies and individuals on the side.

#44. Dog Training Business

This is a low-cost startup idea that can be really profitable if you know what you’re doing when training animals. In Bangalore alone, some people would be willing to shell out good money just for basic services because everyone understands how difficult it can be to train their best friend!

#45. Waxing and Threading Parlour

Waxing and Threading Parlour

This low-cost startup idea is not just limited to women; even men in Bangalore go for waxing and threading all the time! So if you’re a professional beautician and know how to manage this business with minimal investment, then there’s nothing stopping you from starting one of your own.

#46. Yoga Studio

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money while doing what you love at the same time, yoga may be the answer. Of course, starting a yoga studio might need some initial investments, depending on where it is located. Still, if managed well, it’s definitely one of the best low-cost startup ideas that can be really profitable if done right.

#47. Herb/Spice/Tea/Coffee Supply Store

This low-cost startup idea is relatively easier to pull off because you won’t need many resources. Even if you don’t have connections with any spice company, you can always find an established company and approach them for tie-ups.

#48. Book Loan Service Provider

As far as this business idea goes, your goal would be to reach out to colleges in Bangalore and obtain the necessary licenses so that they can lend books to students. However, it’s worth mentioning here that you will require substantial capital because cartels usually control these sorts of businesses. As such, buying into one may not be easy unless you’re really confident about its success!

#49. Electronics Repair Business

Electronics Repair Business

Electronics equipment failure rates are only going up with time which means more and more people will be looking for a service center to repair their phones, computers, etc. This makes this a really good low-cost startup idea because you can easily find a suitable location, put up some advertising signs and start making money from day one!

#50. CNG Filling Station

As most people know very well by now, compressed natural gas is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative form of fuel worldwide. Over 1 lakh cars are running on CNG in India alone, so it’s definitely a viable business option in terms of this low-cost startup idea.


There are many low-cost small business ideas you can explore within Bangalore. Anyone can start these businesses with little to no money, and some don’t even require a lot of space. So if you’re looking for a new venture, above is the list of 50 great low-cost small business ideas for you to consider!

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