Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas in India

small scale business ideas in India

With India being in the pathway of reaching economic dominance, it has become an immersing ground for young professionals aspiring to make their presence in the business sector, with innovative ideas and entrepreneurship. For an initial phase of the business, you can start with a small scale and investment. These type businesses are termed as Small Scale Businesses. There are various companies and businesses in India, which started low as a small-scale business, but later developed into a multinational organization. Some such small scale business ideas, which are best suited for India are listed below:

1. Real Estate Consultant

Investment Required: Rs.20,000 onward

ROI: 1 year

Real Estate Investment is getting immense popularity nowadays. From Young minds to old experienced professional, all have got any insight of potential profit that lies in Real Estate Business. Greater the number of Real Estate option, much harder is it for any investor to choose the best property. So here the importance of a Real Estate Consultant comes in the picture. To pursue your career as Real Estate Consultant, you need to have a reasonable knowledge regarding profitable real estate investment, property valuation, property valuation increment probability and so on. Regarding the operation of this business, you could either operate from an office space, or through online, telecommunication medium. In general, Real Estate Consultants charges 1% to 2% of total property value as commission.

2. Fitness Center and Spa

Investment Required: Rs.70, 000-1, 00,000

ROI: 1-2 years

The working environment of people has totally evolved due to the current technological and digital advancement. The tasks are rather tactical than physical, making individuals physically inactive. This has made a serious impact over the physical fitness and appearance of people. Hence a medium to allocate some precious time from their busy schedule and work onto their fitness has become Fitness Centers. Fitness Centers are rather approached as word of mouth, so build up a strong reputation from opening days. Introduce something new and unique that people can only find in your fitness center. Hire some trained fitness professionals for better satisfaction from your customers. In regards to the people living a stressful lifestyle, the introduction of Spa into your fitness center can be among one of the profitable small scale business ideas. 

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3. Customized Jewelry

Investment Required: Rs.10 lakh onward

ROI: 12-16 months

small scale business ideas in IndiaOne of the small scale business ideas that won`t ever out date in India is Jewelry business. India majorly habituated by Hindus, have a long history of use of jewelry in various occasions, festivals and traditions. Even though not as popular as among women, but men too have a thing for Jewelries in India. The wide use of jewelry products for religious purpose as well as a fashion statement in India makes Customized Jewelry a stable business. Before starting this business, investment must be done upon the tools and machinery required to make beautiful customized rings, bracelet and necklaces. It also requires some skilled manpower for the sole purpose of jewelry making.    

4. Rental Services

Investment Required: Rs.1, 00,000 to Rs.4, 00,000

ROI: 12-18 months

What can be more proper small scale business idea, than earning from your preexisting, self-invested property? Its main investment is only required for the purchase of property in first place, rather all is just maintenance charge. Rental service can vary from Room rental to Car rental service. This business can make you huge profit as no extra amount in invested for it and you can earn just from your car or spare room. You must be very cautious about the person before renting, and also a strong documentation and agreement must be prepared as a contract.

5. Event Planner

Investment Required: Rs.50, 000 onward

ROI: 6 months

With its rich cultural and religious diversity, there are tons of events happening on India on a daily basis. From big fat marriages to business success parties, there is a prime requirement of individual for over handling and management of the event. As there is no such day without any event in India, Event Planning can be among the best and every running small scale business ideas. From Bollywood movies like “Band Baja Barat”, you might have got a rough insight of how the business work and what are its requirement. You require an office space to operate your business and must build up a strong public relation with the people. If everything was set in place and everything goes smoothly then you will be able to achieve profit just from you first event only.

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6. Schools and Office Supplies

Investment Required: Rs.60, 000 onward

ROI: 1 year

For a country with such a huge number of population, the greater number of Schools and Office is simply inevitable. And for the increasing number of schools and offices, the requirement of resources and supplies is also much higher. Products like Pen, Pencil, Paper, and Notebook and so on are always on a high demand in the market, so not much consideration is to be given for sales and marketing of these products. You initial investment must be done for tools and machinery for the development of these products and if necessary some skilled individuals also must be hired.

7. Day Care Center

Investment Required: Rs.50, 000 onward

ROI: 8 months

In India, vast majority of the population is now shifting to rather sophisticated, urban lifestyle. With this, both husband and wife are involved in office jobs or business. This is resulting into lesser time and dedication to their children, making it a bigger problem for the parents. As there is a saying in the business sector, “Every successful business is formed during a crisis”, a solution for inadequate parental care is becoming Day Care Center. With its lesser resource and investment requirement, Day Care Center is one profitable small scale business. You only require a large space with attractive and playful objects for the children. If you have a space suitable for Day Care Center at your own property then it`s just perfect, but if you don`t have, and thinking of getting in rent, then make sure to make proper strong agreement and documentation.

8. Game Parlor

Investment Required: Rs.2 Lakh onward

ROI: 7 months

The majority of people in India are not being able to have quality entertainment time, due to lack of open space, adequate time and a partner. So a Game parlor can be one great solution for people seeking entertainment. A reasonable pricing and unique features are adequate enough for your game parlor to gain popularity. Besides Computer Gaming, you can gain more profit by including indoor games like Bowling, Snooker, Dart Board and so on. You can even include refreshment which are either complimentary or cost comprising for the players. The initial investment is to be done for setting up the parlor and including the appliances and objects required for game play.

9. Hardware Maintenance Store

Investment Required: Rs.50, 000 onward

ROI: 1 year

Every time your laptop crashes or your mobile phone stops working, you always think for an easy and convenient repair. The similar situation is with other people too. Technologies are getting advanced, but at the same time their overall lifespan is also decreasing exponentially. Market Competition, Cost maintenance has resulted in the lesser durability of electronic appliances, resulting in frequent repair and maintenance. So a convenient and easily accessible Hardware Maintenance Store would be a choice for many. Rather than marketing, word of mouth works better in these types of the store so optimum quality must be maintained from initial phase. The major part of investment goes for the purchase of required equipment and hiring skilled personals.

10. Fast Food Restaurant

Investment Required: Rs.5 lakhs onward

ROI: 12-15 months

One such small scale business idea that will never get out of business in India is Fast Food Restaurant. Indians have a great taste and crave regarding food. In order to cope up with the pace of economic development, Fast food restaurants are best suited for the current situation. A common misconception among people regarding fast food restaurant business is a requirement of large investment. Invested properly Fast Food Restaurants can be opened with a low budget too. A major part of the investment goes for rent, furniture and decoration, but if you have space to open a restaurant in your own property then a huge portion of investment can be saved. Next you need to invest in hiring staffs like cook, helpers, waiters and cleaners for your restaurant. Marketing does play a vital role in the sustainability of your business, but it`s mainly customer satisfaction and word of mouth that does the magic.

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These were some major small scale business ideas that are best suited for the market condition of India. If well planned from the initial stage, these small scale businesses have the potentiality of scaling up and turning into the large scale multinational business. Besides these, there are many other ideas like Online Book Store, Grocery Shop, and Yoga instructor and so on that can be very much profitable in India. Whichever business idea you might be feasible for you, you must always remember, “You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great”.