Starting a Business – I: Decide Whether You Want to be an Entrepreneur or an Employee?

Starting a Business in India

Entrepreneurship is a big decision for anyone. If you are willing to live in the comfortable idea of living from paycheck to paycheck, then entrepreneurship is not for you. If you want to build an idea into a fully fledged business, because it is your true calling, and you are willing to take all the risk, then you are cut out for entrepreneurship. Before you want to start any business in India, you must evaluate the reasons why you want to start something on your own. Is money alone the factor that is motivating you to take this plunge?

You could earn well even as an employee if money is the only thing that is motivating you to be an entrepreneur. You could get a huge salary package as you grow in a company. But, you need to figure out, before taking this plunge, how far you are willing to go and take the risk when you start this journey of being self employed and making it on your own. Do, you have an idea and a burning desires to implement it? How intense and passionate are your about your ideas and how far will you take them is something you should question yourself sincerely. The road of entrepreneurship is tipsy curvy. Nothing about starting your own business is simple. So, think hard how much you are ready to invest in terms of time, money, and efforts when you want to learn how to start a business in India.Starting a Business in India

Who is better with a job?

If you are not a self starter, a risk taker, a visionary, or someone who lets their fear of security and comfort override zeal, passion, and ambition, then entrepreneurship is not for you.

If you are someone who is more comfortable with a nine to five job, and cannot work beyond these hours, then do not think of how to start a business in India, as it requires many hours of dedication and there will be no time limit, when it comes to working. You have to forget your weekends and all the fun activities when you are starting out as a business.

If you are not willing to give up these fun times and are more comfortable in the security of your job, then definitely entrepreneurship is not for you. You need to be a very audacious person who can face his/her challenges boldly and knows how to handle every aspect of their business, in order to be able to be a business owner. Job is for people who like to maintain their status quo and will not question this at any stage. They are only busy saving for their retirement plans and are not directed towards making any great waves by executing their ideas.

Why should you become an entrepreneur?

There is no hard and fast rule that relate the ratio of your success and strengths only if you take up entrepreneurship. You can be an entrepreneur only if you want to, only if you are passionate about some idea, product, service etc. If you have an idea that can change the world and if you want to attain the real essence of having financial independence, then you can nose dive into starting your own business.

There are many advantages to being an entrepreneur. You will get tax benefits, get to network with very successful people, develop a better sense of living, and most importantly, you will get freedom to do whatever you want, implement any idea you want without having to wait for someone else’s permission to give a green light on your idea. Not just that, you can also choose your time and location for work, how you work, how many hours you work, without the need of anybody’s supervision. Being your own boss is a thrilling experience

So, if all these sounds interesting, starting a business in India could be great choice for you.