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Steps to Delete your Paytm Business Account

India’s recent internet boom and 2016’s demonetization caused almost every business to opt for online payment way. And like countless others, maybe you also opted for the famous Paytm Business payment gateway.

Paytm is India’s leading e-wallet and payment gateway service provider. Naturally, it’s very popular and highly efficient. But if you’ve found some other better method for accepting cashless payments, or if you’re looking to stop using Paytm, you should first delete your Paytm business account. It’s a bit tricky, but we’ll help you out.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to delete your Paytm Business account.

1. Transfer first

Before starting to delete your Paytm business account, transfer all your money to your bank account. Deleting a Paytm business account will remove all the links of your mobile and bank account numbers. Hence, you may not get your money back to your bank after deleting your Paytm Business account. 

2. Install Paytm for Business App

This is an obvious step. Use your phone’s app store to install the Paytm for Business app. It’s better if you already have it on your phone. Many people first uninstall Paytm for Business, try deleting their account. But this doesn’t work. You cannot delete the account without having the app installed.

3. Login to Paytm Business account

After installing the Paytm business app, you must log in to your Paytm business account. This is the same account you are trying to delete.

4. Tap on the three dots

Once you have entered the details and are logged in to your account, there are three dots on the top of your screen. Tap those three dots to open the dashboard menu.

5. Tap on Business Profile

You then need to tap your name shown on the top of the page. Clicking this name will take you to the profile details page, where you can see your profile’s complete information.

6. Tap on Deactivate Account

Scroll down the business account page. You’ll find the Deactivate my account button. Clicking on it will forward your request of deleting account to Paytm Executives. Your profile will now be deleted in 24-48 hours.

Alternative Method

If you can’t figure out the steps above, contact the Paytm Help Centre using your Paytm Business app. You can submit a request for deleting your account to the customer care executives and they will do the necessary procedure.


Following these steps will help you delete your Paytm Business account with ease. Contacting the customer care is always a good option if you’re confused about anything. Don’t hurry while doing these steps. As long as you’re careful, you won’t lose any money.

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