Telemedicine Event at Bengaluru: Launchpad


Telemedicine continues to play an upsetting part in changing the system the way a patient from a secluded area is offered monitoring amenities. Currently it is becoming an area where start-ups are fashioning the drift with modern technological novelties with the adores of Big Data, mobile health apps, cloud services, Internet of Things, wearable’s, decision support systems, analytics etc.

Launchpad provides an opportunity for all the creative start-ups to present their stratagems, business models and inventions. It is being arranged as a part of 12th International Conference TELEMEDICON 2016, which has been scheduled in Bengaluru, between November 10 and 12, 2016. The start-ups will get wonderful exposure to technocrats, CXO’s, medical fraternity and policy makers widely, at the Launchpad.


The affair has been supported by VC’s like Unitus Seed Fund, which happens to be a seed-stage project investment fund based in Seattle and Bengaluru and capitalizes in start-ups that innovate for the people of India. Another supporter is Axilor Ventures which is a platform that backs-up initial stage entrepreneurs and has been founded by  Kris Gopalakrishnan, Professor Tarun Khanna, S D Shibulal, Ganapathy Venugopal and Srinath Batni and the Founder Institute, world’s leading start-up launch program which offers ambitious and initial stage entrepreneurs with mentor guidance, inspiring procedure and global network required to start a stable company.

Angel Investor and Start-up Mentor, Naveen Lakkur says that Launchpad is a wonderful break-through for the start-ups to get access to global publicity and is the best place to display business services and strategies. It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who have trade ideas in digital health, businesses which are ready to be launched in market and those that are looking to expand and grow. Lakkur said that they were looking forward for new and innovative plans that are fascinating, to be shared in the session.

Dr. Siddhi Ghatwal from Teleradiology Solutions said that the past 50 months have seen about 345 deals through sectors with Service delivery and Pharmaceuticals accounting for over 60%. This time has also seen more than $6.78 billion of investment through sectors with Service delivery and Pharmaceuticals accounting for over 70%.”

Further analysing the trends, he added that the 345 deals divide into pre-seed and seed investments 137 investments at Series-A and B stages and 111 at Series-C and beyond. Among the IP led products and tech-led services the investors that invest most are NEA, Samara, TPG Growth, Accel, Eightroad, Sequoia, IFC, Qualcomm and Norwest.