Terms of Service

If you use or access our services, you are subjected to the terms of services provided by us (all parties associated with businessdefiner.com) from time to time. Our services include the information, products, applications (if any), video, audio and others that are available in the site from time to time. We reserve the rights to add, modify, suspend or permanently discontinue a part of the service or the whole site without notice. We would not be liable to any discomfort which arises because of such an event.

  1. The services in the site are available for only those who are above the age of 18. By accessing the site you are agreeing that you are of legal age.
  2. We make sure that you get the timely and accurate information through the site. But, no party related to the site is liable for an inaccuracy or deviation from the current trend.
  3. Using the tips, strategies and other information provided in the site is up to your decision. Any loss (tangible or intangible) that arises due to your decision on using the information would not be of any concern of the site and the parties related to it. The information includes guides, content, article, postings, images and other data.
  4. The site approves you to use the information in the site for your personal use. Any commercial intended reproduction, distribution or publishing as either hardcopy or softcopy would be punishable.
  5. Our logo, slogan, service name and associated terms are our intellectual properties. No user is allowed to reproduce it in any material without prior permission from the site.
  6. You are not held obligated to provide any information through comments or ratings. On the event of sharing information, you are restricted from uploading any information that is vulgar to any group of people.
  7. We are not obligated if any of the current market condition and other changes in the environment render the information in the site invalid. You are not restricted to research and confirm the information provided in the site.
  8. You are restricted from posting any information that is restricted by the law of the land or by international law.
  9. You are restricted to impersonate, upload any harmful software (virus, worms and others) or perform any activity that would degrade the quality of the site.
  10. You are welcome to provide feedback or comment on our information. But, you void any rights you have on the information that you share with us. We reserve the rights to use it for our commercial and non-commercial needs as and when required.
  11. We reserve the rights to refuse or remove any user content from the site as per our decision without informing the user.
  12. We reserve the rights to change, delete or add any terms of services as and when required. Any major changes done to the terms of services might or might not be communicated to the users.

If you continue using our services, it is implied that you have read the terms of services and have approved to all the points stated in it.

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