Top 10 Best Business Opportunities in India

best business opportunities

India has a huge population and has a large economy, it also has many good ideas for business opportunities. Entrepreneurs have excellent ideas in the fields of technology or even staying at home and marketing and these ideas can definitely be successful. Specially, in India, there is a huge scope of different fields of IT. Investment in these business ideas can definitely make India better.

No doubt, one can run any kind of business with any ideas they have, but below are some of the best business opportunities in India. Most of the business can be done alone or by joint venture. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Online jobs
  3. Babysitting
  4. Home catering
  5. Computer training
  6. Uploading different ideas on YouTube
  7. Recruitment agencies
  8. Grocery shops
  9. Creating a blog
  10. Agriculture


  1. Establishment of a consultancy business:

Investment: 10,000 – 200,000

ROI: 6 months

As many people travel abroad, consultancies and other institutes can be established in order to inform the people of India on various nations. Those institutions can not only help to develop an individual but also maximum returns can be gained from investment. It also helps in providing knowledge and in the development of skills. Thus, it can be an effective source of business which can easily be run in India.

  1. Online Job:

Investment: 10,000 – 50,000

ROI:3 months

Today’s generation is full of innovation and technology. An individual can seek different online jobs and can easily earn through internet sources. Moreover, by staying at home jobs can be performed easily without any difficulty. Thus, it can also be taken as an income source of business through the help of an online medium.



ROI: 1 month

Women who are free during the day time, especially house wives, can start a business without investing any capital. Babysitting is one of these opportunities. Most people in India are still illiterate. Female aren’t been given education often because of gender discrimination. Thus, in such a case, women can start a business during their free time by babysitting. It not only creates employment opportunities for such women but also develops a sense of independence infemales.Women can be engaged in earning and utilize their free time doing babysitting. Thus, it is one of the effective business opportunities mainly for women.

  1. Home catering:

Investment: 10,000 – 100,000

ROI: 1 month

Without a doubt, food is an essential factor for living. Thus, a business can run from home by exporting foods to various places like: offices, institutions, etc. Those house wives who stay home doing nothing can utilize their free time engaging in catering services. They can deliver various food items for different occasions, festivals, and parties and so on. They can benefit greatly through this type of business. If they run their business in an appropriate manner, they get highly paid and more and more opportunities can be obtained if their catering services are satisfactory. Thus, it can be a great job if one can fully satisfy its customers through catering services without much capital.

  1. Computer training:

Investment: 50,000 –500,000

ROI: 3 months

best business opportunitiesDifferent students can learn computer courses and foster their skills and efficiency during their leisure time. In today’s generation, computer skills are a vital factor. In each and every department, computer knowledge and proficiency is required which means a computer training business can be successful. Courses such as graphic design, webpage design, hardware, etc. can be organized so that an individual can foster their clients in the computer sector. People who have excellent skills in the computer sector can easily get jobs. They can fit in any organization as computers are very important in each and every sector. Thus, engaging in a business with computer training can be really beneficial if one has dedication towards such work. Therefore, it can be one of the best business opportunities that can be operated.

  1. Uploading different ideas on YouTube:

Investment: 5,000 – 15000

ROI:1-6 months

Everybody has an internet connection nowadays. It can be fully utilized if an individual uploads important videos which can be useful to somebody else. If the video is really useful to a third party, views of it can be rapidly increased on YouTube creating a huge amount of likes on the uploaded video. If so, Google pays the amount as per the views and subscriptions that are made on the video. Thus, this business can be performed at home through the use of the internet. There are also different people who stay at home and upload important videos about software and other topics. They receive large amount of likes on their videos by which their efforts through YouTube has become successful.

  1. Recruitment agencies:

Investment:50,000 – 100,000

ROI: 1 month

Student’s definitely want to get good grades and enhance their knowledge. But at the end of it, their main motive is to enhance their career and get a good job in their field of study. A recruitment agency can be the opportunity for that. Such agencies help to develop the potential of the candidates and explore such individual’s careers through various recruited jobs. Candidates having good knowledge, experience and qualifications should be recruited for an appropriate job according to their skills.

One can easily open a recruitment agency and help those capable individuals to obtain certain jobs as per their requirements and capability. It can not only be the income source for opening a business but it can also develop the appropriate knowledge and explore the ability of various candidates in such sectors. Therefore, it is one of the effective business opportunities if operated smoothly.

  1. Grocery shops:

Investment: 25,000 – 500,000

ROI: 1 month

Groceries can also be a medium for a business in India. Indeed, one has to purchase various edible and essential items from it. A store that primarily sells food, i.e. groceries, can be established to provide for basic needs and help as an income generation factor as well. If it is established in an appropriate location then the business can be successfully operated and an expansion can also be made possible. If one buys the items from a wholesaler and sells them as retail, the business can be successful. One must have the capability to run such a grocery store. Customer’s satisfaction is the most important factor in this business. Thus, all the items that are to be sold, must be in favor of customer’s demand. There is a lot of competition in each and every field as in this one. If the entrepreneur analyzes its customer demands and competes with the current growing pace then they can get a good output from such work.

Also, the entrepreneur must be aware of the product’s expiry date, whether they are well packaged or not and so on.

  1. Creating a blog:

Investment: 0-20,000

ROI:1-4 months

Blogging is very common nowadays in social media. It is very helpful to provide useful information as well as in business generation.  Blogs can be created and various information can be included in it. Also, various jobs can be conducted through this means. Creating your own blog not only develops creativity but the potential of the individual can also be displayed by it. Blogging contains discussion or different kinds of information published on the web. Thus, it also helps to provide knowledge to different people. Blog hosting can cost less than $12 per month.Thus, it is effective for performing business if one creates their own blog and starts working on it rather than working for others.

  1. Agriculture:

ROI: 6 months

As we all know, India is very rich in farming and agricultural sector. Thus, the agriculture sector can be an effective medium for doing business. This is easier for people in the village areas who has no capital to invest into a business as they can easily start their own.

For instance, India ranks second in the world in the farming sector. This means that farming can be one of the great business opportunities in India. Edible items like rice, wheat, maize, potatoes etc. can be grown which would be very effective if it can be produced in an appropriate manner. Also, in many of the rural areas, animal husbandry is done which helps in the production of cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk and so on. It is one of the best business opportunities that can be carried on. If these items are exported to different destinations, good revenue can be generated from such an investment which helps in the development of a nation as a whole.